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  1. That one is done, maybe another chance tonight for one of the 2/10. Could see the rain from those cells falling either side of me, one 10-15 miles N, one the same distance S. Never heard any rumbles at all
  2. Absolute perfect demonstration of the Shrewsbury storm shield in action. They get 10 miles from here, then at least 8/10 times either die or veer off to Birmingham/Staffs/Wales/anywhere else. Never used to, just since 2007.
  3. It had better not- it came from Oswestry direction, if it gets 10 miles away and then effs off in that direction it'll prove most storms are allergic to this area
  4. Out last Sunday afternoon 9th, so no waiting till August this year (2017 and 2013) or going all year without an overhead storm (2010 and 2012). 2014 and 2016 the only years of the 2010s to even approach long term average for thunder days.
  5. Actually had full sunshine at times this afternoon, maybe 2 or 3 hours in total, though it rained this morning. Nothing but a few spots coming over the Welsh hills now despite some black clouds, now of all times the storms need to stay the hell away from Lincolnshire. They get enough of them when they are not already under water...
  6. 10 minutes or so of sun late yesterday, rain again overnight, heavy an hour ago just beginning to move away now.
  7. Heavier stuff is here, may be in for a while if it keeps on as slow moving as it has been. As well as wondering how much rain we will get, there's the question of when will we next see the sun? Not seen it since early Monday morning, less than 30 hours so far this month.
  8. Severn has really come up today, must have risen 5-6ft since this morning. We're still getting drizzle left over from yesterday, it hasn't totally stopped since Monday afternoon. Just starting to get the first spots from that big area of rain, which has behaved strangely. It belted across East Anglia into the E Mids, then took several hours to get to Birmingham, 3 hours after getting there hasn't really reached here properly. Looks like we will get the deluge late night/tomorrow morning at this rate. With the wind seemingly backing more N we could get Cheshire Gap showers at some point which can be pretty heavy.
  9. Barely stopped raining since about 2pm yesterday, initially showery/drizzly but now constant heavy stuff. By the end of today we will have exceeded the average for June...
  10. They're here now, bright band of them only about 5 degrees high in the north
  11. Thunderstorm in Shrewsbury now, came out of nowhere, gone very dark with lightning
  12. It's only one week into summer so too early to make 2012 comparisons for the whole season, but what makes it feel bad here is the fact that the warmest day this year is still April 22nd with 22C. May didn't top 21, neither has June so far despite that "heatwave" last weekend (for London only). May 2012 had that lovely spell at the end, the first half of June 2007 wasn't too bad. First half of June 1995 though...
  13. I've been searching, it seems hard to find the answer. Can't even find what it is for the UK but here are some countries mentioned on forums: http://www.city-data.com/forum/weather/2112708-your-countrys-highest-recorded-dewpoint.html https://forums.infoclimat.fr/f/topic/11816-record-absolue-de-la-température-du-point-de-rosée-dans-le-monde/ France 26-28C Ireland (and British Isles) 23.8C Sweden 23.8C Germany ~24C I'm sure somewhere in southern or eastern Europe could beat that. Anapa, Russia (on the Black Sea) looks like it can get pretty steamy in summer; seems to get 23C dewpoints quite regularly, 25 or 26 occasionally, looking through a few years on Ogimet records it has recorded 34C air temperature with a 26C dewpoint (44C heat index).
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