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  1. Sunshine! Loads of it after days of depressing gloom. Why could we not have had this since the heatwave broke down, it's basically the same airmass. Can August redeem itself?
  2. Thundery shower here now
  3. Summer of 95

    Was summer 2009 a bad summer?

    June was for the most part just OK, some nice days in the low 20s, some rain, there was one unseasonably windy night (think it was a weekend, think it was June 09)- the big let down was that forecast heatwave at the end of June into the very start of July. We were promised the first real heat since 2006, 28-32C and sunshine, and we got- cloudy humid crap, that horrid mid-level muck that kept turning up in seemingly any kind of warm air mass in the late 2000s and early 2010s. It just refused to clear and kept the days down to 25C at most, but the nights warm. You can see it on those forecasts, plaguing everywhere west of Birmingham. July was an absolute stinker, I've mentioned it many times. Wetter than not only 2007 and 2012 but also 1988. Constant heavy downpours, but very little thunder. August was very frustrating, it wasn't awful (lots of partly cloudy 20-22C stuff) but all the time the southeast (yawn) was getting 25 and sunshine. It was better than Aug 08, 10, 11, 12, 14 but should have been better still. I honestly can't remember anything of the May or September, April I just remember for being extremely boring (every day had a max between 10 and 18C), the year was also notable for having no air frost in autumn (first one on Dec 1st) which even 2015 didn't manage.
  4. Summer of 95

    August 2008: horrific

    Ah, August 2008- most of that month I was working nights and had no trouble sleeping in the mornings, because there was no more sunlight than at night. Add persistent drizzly rain and constant 16-19C temps round the clock. July 2010 was appalling too- even duller than Aug 2008, not as rainy which in some ways made it worse as it was hard to understand why the cloud just wouldn't clear. The telling stat about summer 2010 here was that June had more sunshine than July and August. Combined.
  5. August 9th 2003 here. 1st August 2013 came close with 29.5C Today's maximum of 27C was hotter than any August day between 2007 and 2013.
  6. Cleared well this afternoon, 26C and lots of sun
  7. Not a drop, in the end was mostly sunny till about 4pm.
  8. Shawbury made it! 30.4 given as the max on both Ogimet and Roger Brugge's page. Seems to have happened quite late in the day (between 5-6pm). Met office had 29.2 three hours running, I wondered if it had sneaked above in between as it certainly felt 30C+ here. Well done 2018!
  9. The latter part of June was in a league of its own when it came to sunshine, can't remember so many blue skies in summer for years. Since about 12-13 July the sunshine amount has dropped noticeably, having said that today wasn't short on it. I think some NE facing coasts had some issues with fog/murk earlier on in the summer, so understandable if they find this spell better.
  10. Yes, that's three consecutive months which has not happened since the 90s. While 1995 was two months of superb weather, 2018 so far has been three months of very good weather. Just missing that 30C (tomorrow or Fri?), and if we can avoid setups where the SE is 10-15C warmer than everywhere else all the better. Don't begrudge them anything, but too often they don't share it enough......
  11. Still no 30C here this summer! Had it in Scotland, Ireland, west Wales and the east coast but very few places in the west Midlands have made it. How on earth does that happen, we are nowhere near the sea compared to them. This summer has been so good apart from that. It's only happened once here since 2006 (19 July 2016), it used to be quite easy in a hot spell. No August 2003 repeats please. Very mediocre month here, one hot day on the 9th and lots of dry cloudy borefest weather. Give us August 1990, August 1995 or July 2006!
  12. Raining! And I'd thought the "rain band" had died out before getting here when I went out to sunshine at 7.30 this morning.....
  13. Still not made 30C here this summer, it is literally the only thing missing this wonderful year. It seems so hard to achieve these days, compared to the 90s. So many 27-28s this summer but can't make 30, this week surely? Sunny again now, was a bit cloudy from 12-3 but we just stayed out of that mass of cloud sat over Wales most of the day.
  14. Beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky
  15. Gave about 20 minutes of light to moderate rain here (5 miles north of Shrewsbury)- the bright echoes seemed to pass south of here