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  1. 5 days in a row without sunshine now, still waiting for first snowflake of the meteorological winter. This can't get any worse can it?
  2. 24 years? Depends what you define as "mid-winter" but Jan 2013 and early Feb 2009 fit most definitions of it. If you take it to mean near the solstice there was Dec 2010 and the brief one at the end of Dec 2005 (plus the easterlies, though they weren't cold, in Dec 2002). I know they have been scarce in the 2000s but not that scarce
  3. Mine is showing 1040 at 95m asl; looking at adjustment tables that seems to be about 1050 sea level
  4. The one setup when NW England does do well is when the dreaded "North Sea Muck" arrives in spring and summer, spreads all the way across eastern England, often to Birmingham, sometimes even to the eastern part of Wales; and just sits there for hours refusing to burn off until well after midday despite the high sun, if it does at all. The Pennines keep it out of Lancashire, Cumbria and usually north Cheshire, somewhere like Blackpool can be 23C and sunny when most places are 14C and overcast. Perhaps small consolation for the rubbish they get in westerly setups, but it does make that the favoured area.
  5. Wind picking up all day, now hail and howling gusts. Not really midwinter but at least some weather....
  6. Best: 2010- as others have said, no snow fell but a deep covering from earlier calls 2004- a few flakes through the day on 25th then a sustained period of snow about 8pm that left a covering 1995- no snow but very cold and frosty 1992- less remembered but similarly frosty with freezing fog. Near misses 1993 (snow falling but not lying) 2009 (the only snow cover that December fell overnight 23-4th, as said above it had almost all gone by the 25th), 1999 (sleety showers but no covering), 2001, 2014 (snow on 26th both times). Worst: 2002: hideously mild 2011: as above but also damp and windy. So different from the previous year 2015: mild muck all month 1987 and 1988: a pair of mild stinkers as I recall
  7. That setup in summer would mean 30C all over France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and 15C in the UK. Saw a sign in the local co-op warning that they might not have enough of some fruit and get "she to bad weather, last time I remember seeing that was "summer" 2012
  8. Just driven back from Barmouth/Dolgellau through the middle of Wales and seen no snow at all, cold rain by the coast and dry inland. East of Newtown the skies cleared and stayed that way all the way home. Yet I'm seeing reports of snow around Knighton/Clun area? Strange
  9. Best months, two I have split in half to get the best weather January 2013 February 2019 (there hasn't been even a moderately snowy one here since 2007 and 2009, so I'll go with that for the extraordinary weather at the end) March 2018 April 2015 (this month gets forgotten: It was very similar here to April 2007 except it lacked any really warm days, however it was certainly better than the overrated April 2011 which was often cloudy) May 2016 (also gets forgotten: sunniest May since 2001 and a couple of decent thunderstorms) June 2014 July 2018 August 2019 (not brilliant but acceptable, last decent one was years ago) September 2016/2011 October 2018 (nice return to seeing frosts in October) November 2010 December 2017/2010 Worst: January 2016 February 2011 March 2017 (can't remember a damn thing about it so must have been boring. Was thinking about splitting it with 2015 but suddenly remembered it was clear for that eclipse in March 2015) April 2014 May 2015 June 2012 July 2012/2010 (how dull would that be!) August 2010 September 2017 October 2013 November 2015 December 2018 (2015 was just too extroardinary. This was the same but a couple of degrees cooler) Best 12 months: Dec 2017-Nov 2018 Worst 12 months: May 2015-April 2016
  10. Irschenberg - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Autobahn built up there in 1930s. Much higher and older than the M62
  11. Couldn't get past what it said at 1:50: The highest section of motorway in Europe? That's utter nonsense, even in 1979.
  12. 90s winters as far as snow was concerned seemed to be either quite respectable (95/6, 90/1, early 96/7, Feb 94, Mar 95) or virtually snowless (91/2, 92/3, post-Feb 97). While in the Noughties most of them seemed to give a few cms on a few days every winter, never having any proper lengthy cold snaps, seldom had snow cover for more than 2 or 3 days at a time, but rarely totally snowless either. The 2010s have been like the 90s again, only if anything more spectacularly contrasting the snowy (10/11, 12/13, 17/18) and not snowy (13/14 and 15/16 especially, also for the most part 11/12, 14/15, 16/17 and 18/19). The 70s seemed to do this as well from what I can see. Perhaps the 2020s will be like the 80s (and judging by the stats, 60s too) when winters were either like the "snowy" 90s and 10s ones or like the normal 00s ones.
  13. Thought we might just catch the northern edge for a few hours and then dry up, but no, it's still there and spinning round the other way. Started raining about midnight and got heavier in last hour. Temp 4.1C with a bitter NE wind; yet again if it was January could have been a dump of snow
  14. Started to rain according to the radar but nothing falling yet
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