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  1. We've had hardly any rain in this spell (barring a couple of hours late Saturday night) but also hardly any sun either. Its unreal how any kind of NW/SE or W/E split just gives us cloudy boring dross; it happens when the SE gets the heat now its happening when the NW has the sunshine. We get the same weather from opposite setups. But, is it just round here that this month has felt decidedly reminiscent of June 2006? That started with a lot of fine warm weather until the football started, then we had a good 10-12 days of tedious cloudy crud though not very wet, before it started warming up
  2. Its nowhere near full moon so my guess is a Spanish plume probably won't work properly here. It'll just be cloud and cloud while Londonland bakes and lights up, or London bakes and Yorkshire lights up, or Holland gets everything.
  3. BBC forecast keeps saying "East Wales" will get the hot and humid and thundery weather. They think that means Berkshire

    1. Weather-history


      Saw a local ITV Wales weather forecast in the 1990s and the weather presenter mentioned the east coast of Wales....hmmm....

  4. Lancashire gets the best weather when North Sea Muck spreads across to eastern Wales but is blocked by the Pennines everywhere north of Crewe. Herefordshire southwards doesn't get cloud from the Cheshire Gap. In summer the Welsh mountain rain/cloud shadow takes effect somewhere around Coventry (in winter it's Welshpool, about 75 miles further west) SE/the rest setups for days/weeks/months is the Gloucester-Hull divide (I used to say Hereford-Lincoln but I think it's moved south on one side and north on the other in the last 15 years...) . Whichever way, Shropshire gets cloud. T
  5. Yes the infill started appearing before the murk had properly burnt off! Struggling to see how that can happen tbh, infill needs sunshine before it can develop. Finally was largely sunny about 5 but now clouded over again. Yesterday was much sunnier here.
  6. Fully cloudy till 1pm, infill cloud started appearing before the morning gunk had completely gone (how the..?), finally was mostly sunny about 5 but now cloudy again. Agree with others it was a very poor forecast (was not supposed to be any cloud till late afternoon)
  7. Yep completely cloudy here, just seems to have appeared from nowhere since it was clear at 2am. And its just Shropshire and Cheshire and NE Wales by the look of the satellite. Not the first time I've seen this!
  8. Raining again, all week the forecast has been dry for today until last night. 19C and plenty of sun yesterday thought that was set in for the weekend...
  9. Cant help thinking this isn't normal for mid May. It's the same all around here, oaks have leaves but they don't seem fully developed, others are either almost bare or stuck at the small green leaf stage that you normally see for a week or two in April. But the daffodils were out at the normal time (late Feb/early Mar)
  10. Last time Arsenal finished this low in the league was 1995. Which was the lowest since 1976. Just saying....
  11. Just passed through, still hearing thunder 20210511_145551.mp4
  12. That last one definitely had sleet in it, the one at lunchtime was quite big hail, must have been 6 or 7 of heavy rain today. And some sunshine, luckily all the showers missed me on the dog walk!
  13. May Days have never really stuck in my mind most of the time, probably because I went to schools that ignored it being a holiday from the age of 11, and then worked most of them in my 20s and 30s, so for a long time it was just a random Monday. I do remember the switcharounds in 1995 and 1997 but not much else. Also the one in 2013 for being warm and sunny (on the Monday at least) in an otherwise cold spring. The worst bank holiday for weather I remember was the Jubilee one in 2012, weather like today's over the whole weekend (it was June), and the fact that the week before when it shoul
  14. It's snowing again, even though it feels milder than the last few nights (it started as drizzle) Not heavy enough to stick at the moment but probably would if we got some heavier stuff
  15. Quite wet snow shower here, no sticking yet but feels like it could if the heavier stuff north of here manages to move south
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