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  1. Poole Live Weather says max gust so far of 51.3 mph. Pretty windy out there.
  2. Happy New Year Netweather and followers. Best firework display at 11.30pm here. Just a few flashes and bangs but they were of the natural sort!!! Happy New Year Snowkissed. And yes, I heard it ……… better than the fireworks in my opinion!!!!
  3. So typical - just watched the lightning overlay on the NW extra radar. Over the last four hours there was one hell of a lot of lightning to the east of me about four hours again and then and hour later one hell of a lot of lightning to the west of me!!!! What did I do so wrong that I just got the torrential rain? Not even a distant rumble. Huff. Not fair!
  4. Is really hoping for some snow on the ground tomorrow so she can wimp out of taking her dog in to the vets for an op!

  5. A more recent piccie of myself, with my dear daughter and wonderful hubby. We were having the best Chinese meal I've ever had in .... the South of France This is the holiday where I saw my first ever funnel cloud, yet missed an 8hr long thunderstorm as we had to go further afield for the day The darling hubby will be 50 tomorrow....not too bad for an old guy (I'm 37 so I can call him 'the old git' just for the sake of it).
  6. As a child I experienced a hay and frog shower. I believe it was in the mega hot summer of '76 but I could be a year or two out. I was only a little one then but can remember it very clearly. It was a hot dry day, we were playing in the road at the front of our house, the wind picked up and a whirlwind was clearly visible to the west of us. A few moments later hay and small clods of earth began falling, shortly followed by a few spots of rain and the odd frog thrown in for good measure. It's documented in a book somewhere (don't ask me which one as I've read so many books over that year
  7. Welcome Spottycat. I don't get on here as much as I'd like to but will guarantee that this is the best weather forum for info, help and friendliness, ever. The Lounge is a cool place too.
  8. I too remember this day very well. I've mentioned this on the forum somewhere before. I was at work watching the roof of the building over the road literally lift off and take off! Next there was a crash bang wallop from behind my collegue and I. We leap frogged our desks (must have been quite a sight as we both had short skirts on) and pegged it to the other end of the room. After plucking up the courage to take a look in the store cupboard behind our desks, we found that there was no longer a roof or back wall to it! 1/2 hour later we were all sent home as the building was too unstable
  9. Karen Ann


    McTavish is just so cute. The best Westie pic I've seen in ages. Looks just like my little Mac the Mutt on the day I brought him home. Ahhh. All of your pics are fantastic.
  10. The scariest ever for me was in Jan '88. I was at work and the winds were howling and debris was being thrown everywhere. We watched the whole roof of the Eddie Stobbart warehouse lift off and fly towards a local housing estate! A collegue and I were sat at our desks and the internal wall behind us was of brick and behind that was a store cupboard. Suddenly, there was an almightly crash, we both leapfrogged our desks with lightning speed and stood looking at the wall with a great deal of confusion. It seemed fine. However, when we plucked up the courage to look in the store cupboard, it
  11. I remember that one Kelly. I went walkabouts in it and got drenched through to my undies! I was supposed to be playing Netball that evening and the matches were called off .... something to do with lightning not being a good mix with the metal poles on the end of each court. I'd love to see one like that again. Can't remember much about the storms in 1981 only the golf ball sized hail we had with a minor thunderstorm. Everyones conservatories got trashed. The other good one I remember was in the early 90's, it was a purely electrical storm that went on for 5 hours. It was amazing.
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