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  1. Well estofex don't always issue forecasts if there isn't anybody to do it. There is plenty of activity over Spain to justify one if there were.
  2. There was a post a while back about how the automated apps completely miss elevated storms and the Met Office website doesn't deal with anything other than surface based storms very well at all - as in it just shows rain
  3. That just came over and gave us a few nice claps of thunder and about 5 minutes of torrential rain - could hear the rain approaching as we sat outside which resulted in a rapid moving inside !
  4. The Cat1 refers to visibility not winds, but yes sea fog would make it impossible. In fact sea fog would make it impossible for all but Cat3 and none of the planes into Ronaldsway have that I suspect, even if the airport did. Cloud bases should be high anyway - certainly above 200ft - so I don't imagine visibility will be a problem.
  5. Tough little planes the Q400, but they can't go above a thunderstorm so I suppose they have to be !
  6. That is 09z which is 10.00am BST - still pretty toasty mind !
  7. Really ? There isn't a huge difference between the two frames you posted - certainly not a bonkers difference.
  8. There have been no ups and downs through the week. Saturday is the exception where the NE wind finally drops but the rest of the week has struggled to exceed 20C even in the south despite the uppers being higher. The 'discussion' and 'confusion' about uppers not translating into surface temperatures has gone on for the last 10 days !
  9. There has been nothing confusing. At no point have surface temperatures ever been predicted to be extreme, only in the minds of some on here whose enthusiasm exceeds what is put in front of them. There has been no will it or won't it - it never has been predicted to be anything other than pleasant at the surface - the explanation has been posted numerous times.
  10. I can't help thinking if we had an exact repeat of this week in late July or August it would be much the same as it will be this week. The surface temperature 'I can't believe it's not hotter, the GFS is broken' type stuff really has been done to death now. Can we move on ?
  11. The heat peaks in France on Wednesday transferring north to UK on Thursday which looks like being the hottest day. Very much depends on amounts of cloud about. Note also the onshore breeze keeping the East coast cooler by then.
  12. Read the posts above - all explained. Look at the 12z fax for Monday - plenty of fronts and features into the SW of the UK. Hot - yes, Settled - no
  13. A breakdown from the dry settled ridge of high pressure this weekend. There will be plenty of unsettled weather next week with several fronts and troughs encroaching from the SW. It isn't going to be hot sunny and blue sky. It is going to be hot humid with milky skies and risk of showers and storms. All this combined explains why surface temperatures are not going to be as extreme as many of the hype induced posts on here suggest. France however will be very hot as has been showing on the models consistently for over a week now.
  14. Whether we benefit from the plume or not next week it looks pretty nailed on that France is going to endure some extreme heat next week with 40C a real likelihood in some places. There is a possibility of breaking the June record (43C) but almost certainly will manage the second hottest June day as it doesn't look like 40C has been breached in June other than that one record day in 1968
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