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  1. A proper little thundery shower lol Thunder every minute or two, moderate to heavy rain, and really gloomy.
  2. That was an unexpected rumble of thunder here in Colchester.
  3. Lightning in Colchester, Bounstead Road area, quite close. Heavy rain.
  4. Thundery shower in Colchester, heavy rain, lightning about every minute or two.
  5. Reports of serious flooding in Barnstaple.. Image 1 - Dan Shallis-Knight, Facebook Image 2 - Will Jay, Facebook Image 3 - Sarah Newell/Chaz, Facebook I know these areas and that's some serious flooding, also across at Roundswell, Barnstaple Station, Bear St.
  6. For those who ever wondered if storm chasing on a bicycle is a good idea.. Ouch ouch ouch! https://www.cyclingnews.com/amp/news/huge-hail-storm-hits-criterium-du-dauphine-riders-and-spectators/
  7. Lightning in Colchester, big bang with it fairly close, Layer Road/Bounstead Road area.
  8. A few sparks in Chelmsford, will Colchester get a storm today?
  9. 'Serious injuries' after train derails during storms WWW.BBC.CO.UK Smoke can be seen as about 30 emergency vehicles are called to the scene, near Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire.
  10. Its caused flooding in Aberystwyth on its way up the coast. Power cuts and flash flooding after thunder WWW.BBC.CO.UK Streets have been flooded in Aberystwyth and New Quay sees over 100 lightning strikes in an hour.
  11. Paul, perhaps a bit of reverse psychology may work, you don't want to see anything, no lightning, or hear even a distant rumble.. Not a blinking thing, not a peep! You want to see that 383 days last another 383 days...put the cameras away (ish), you've really got to mean it, even if forecast... No storms. Its really the only option left now? Then watch it go boom within the week out of spite. Lol
  12. No it wasn't, it's was a forecast made on probabilities and potential. Forecasting thunderstorms is not easy and has a huge amount of uncertainty.
  13. While we await for it all to go pop, a few more photos taken yesterday from folks in North Devon. I love the first one taken by Leasa Allen. Image 1 - Leasa Allen, Torrington, North Devon Image 2 and 3 - Bob Cowlard, nr Ashford, North Devon Image 3 - Kev Lyford, Combe Martin, North Devon
  14. Great shot here from a photographer in North Devon a few hours ago of lightning over Instow.
  15. Can't remember the last time we had a good storm over Colchester, used to be guaranteed every year, now they seem to either crawl up the coast and hit Mersea Island or Clacton area and into Suffolk, or further west by about 10 miles and run away from us in short order.
  16. FOLKS, NEW THREAD HERE.... This one has only been left open for quotes to the new thread. You are missing the party if you post here. ?
  17. Well, all these storms about and not a sniff of one in Colchester. Carry on and keep watering ?
  18. My work involves me restoring heritage narrow gauge Victorian railway carriages for a little line in North Devon. But last year saw the return to the rails in the USA something a little bigger, a huge steam engine, the biggest ever made, the 'Big Boy' Union Pacific 4014. Below is a clip of a 'chase', within the clip you see UP 4014 and UP 844. The combined length of the two engines is roughly 230ft (91m), a combined weight of 2,625,550lb, or 980 metric tonnes. They both together produce 11,500hp at the drawbar and produce 201,040lbft tractive effort. Sheer power of a bygone age
  19. A little ray of promising light in these dark times. I hope all goes well with this. ?
  20. I think the 'Silver Hour' being introduced led by Iceland and now Sainsburys is an excellent idea and should in my view be made law in emergency legislation to include all essential shops whereby from say 7.30am to 9.00am all shops only serve those over 65. Eventually this could become a click and collect service as things get more strict and to limit contact within the shops themselves, the elderly can then either order online for delivery or collection and for those who cannot access online a list given to the shop one morning and collected/delivered the next.
  21. That's crazy. Unfortunately I feel some are now doing it out of anxiety, they cannot control what's happening with the virus but buying things even when they don't really need becomes a coping mechanism. Retail therapy gone wrong.
  22. Let's hope we don't see too much of it Matt.
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