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  1. Yes a slight icy covering here from a shower a couple of hours ago. I know pessimism is your bag PIT but we've got all day to go
  2. Hoping so! Perhaps these streamers will make a better go of it without the Pennies in the way
  3. What's the difference between genuine cold and just cold? I mean, we've only had a dusting in higher parts of Sheffield today, but it is genuinely cold
  4. A slushy dusting in Grenoside but that’s about it.
  5. I seem to recall them favouring cool to cold conditions developing during January and here we are. Nothing is being pushed back - they've been very bullish about the cold potential into February, with the potential for brief milder interludes in between the general cold pattern. Time will tell whether they end up being correct. They will mention March when the 30-dayer reaches March. Time works that way
  6. Madden would still claim his snowmageddon forecast was correct though
  7. Intensity could help for Thursday. It's got much more pop to it than tomorrow's system.
  8. Yes in the mid-term it isn't nearly as good as it could be. Short-term I'min love though!
  9. Ah, another incorrect sweeping statement. They most certainly do not look poor 'across the board'.
  10. Was last year that bad for your location? Anyway, it's quite marginal for the south next week. For all our moaning up here about whether we catch a flake or two, at least we'll have the cold to do so. Longer term of course it is uncertain but you can't ignore the trend for HLB and as you say the Met Office long-ranger still looks good. I wouldn't write any forecast that hasn't verified off.
  11. You never know, we could have a potent easterly by May ICON has consistently been decaying Thursday's feature as it tracks east. We will see I guess. At this point I'd happily take 2-5cms given the slim pickings so far this winter.
  12. No offence but you cannot be surprised you're ruffling feathers when your basis for a lack of northern blocking is to ignore 500mb anomalies and clusters, etc and go on pure hunch because 'they've been wrong before'
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