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  1. Beefy shower passing through Sheffield now. Roads turning to rivers as the core passes directly over here.
  2. Thanks for that - stunning video and one of the best I've seen! Would have been amazing - and terrifying - to have experienced that live Do we have a thread for storm videos found on YouTube? Could be worth resurrecting one/creating one during these quieter times for the UK.
  3. Check out this swirl as the rain approached x8 speed timelapse040821-2.mp4
  4. Heavy downpour now here. Fingers crossed for a rumble to add to the thunder days. Potential rotation as it approached, too. Just checking footage.
  5. Skies filling in nicely here. Some dark bases as cumulus tries to develop further. That being said, wouldn't be at all surprised if we avoided the precipitation today and it stayed out west. Want the garden watering though.
  6. Looking at the radar for Sheffield, it's the S20 area, particularly Eckington and Killamarsh, that have copped the most rain so far.
  7. That's my thinking as well. It has all the ingredients to cause major localised flooding with the arc of the low and associated precip plus the intensity Given downtown Ecclesfield is really prone to flooding it is a blessing we are currently missing the worst of this band.
  8. We're just avoiding the heaviest of rain by a few miles here but our luck won't last forever. Hoping for a crack of thunder later to liven up the day.
  9. Ominous skies near Stocksbridge earlier - a couple of bolts from this before I headed back to Grenoside and got some distant shots of the cells east of the city. Again, a few distant CGs seen and low rolling thunder. Fun day, but bloody hard work with these storms!
  10. Not really, it just takes a lot to get a really direct hit. You've had thunder around you today, at a distance. So have we in Sheffield. Had I stayed put today I'd have heard a couple of rumbles. Instead, I've pretty much done a lap of the outskirts today and caught four separate thunderstorms and seen some CGs, too. None particularly close, mind! Back in May we got a true direct hit here with intense lightning and severe hail, and it was the first time in years that we'd copped it like that.
  11. Yeah, close to my house... But I've left there to catch the bigger stuff near Stocksbridge In layby now, with one bolt spotted so far.
  12. Smaller cells developing ahead of the big stuff close to Manchester. Looking increasingly turbulent to the WSW now.
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