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  1. One to watch but thankfully the ensembles don't fully support the low pressure fest from the 12z op...
  2. Rumbles of thunder reported just NE of here as the shower cleared. edit: confirmed with a lone strike close to Rotherham.
  3. Dark skies to the SW with big convective raindrops beginning to fall. Chance of an isolated lightning strike but unlikely I'd say. The pic is looking at a small developing cell to the ESE.
  4. Can see a shower to the north but it remains dry and warm here. We've done very well to miss the really big stuff today but seems like showers are popping up very quickly almost anywhere now.
  5. Definitely concerned about flooding potential. Much of that intense line looks like passing through Sheffield and we're already at 30mm.
  6. Yes someone else I know who lives in Chezzie confirmed they heard a rumble, too. I'm more interested in that stuff leaving Lincs.
  7. Think we had a rumble in Dronfield just now? Hard to tell as we're chatting in the kitchen 😅
  8. You should have an excellent view! Call me crazy but I'd prefer your location - none of the rain and still close lightning ⚡👍
  9. It's been a really poor day and it is ridiculous that this North Sea crud has persisted all day. Similar problems likely at times this weekend. It's been the only real negative to this hot spell of weather - the easterly muck element!
  10. The Gloucestershire cells look the best at the moment from the main MCS. Then there's the storm exiting SW England and heading for SE Ireland which looks very strong on radar.
  11. Good on you! I used to be terrified of storms as well - I pretty much hid away from the best overnight storms the 90s had to offer. Over the years my fear/fascination ratio has tipped in the balance of fascination, to the point when I'm actively seeking them out. I hope it gradually does for you as well.
  12. An OCS (Octopus Convective System) rather than an MCS? 🐙 The resemblance is uncanny. It's those arms you want to stay away from, judging by the activity in them.
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