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  1. Some thunder here from the squall line. Heavy showery rain now and strong winds. Southern Sheffield not yet hit by this kinky feature!
  2. Yes some quite heavy and prolonged showers being modeled for many areas at some point during the day. Western areas notably cool as well. As you say plenty planned for the day no doubt; a couple of friends at work have been asking me about the weather and I've told them to keep a brolly handy!
  3. Yes we had a solitary rumble here earlier from a rather epic downpour
  4. They’re not strong enough to electrify at the moment. Short lived pulse showers.
  5. Humidity is through the roof here. Dodged all the showers in S35 so far but doesn’t look like staying that way. Hope we can break out of the no storms club!
  6. Reverse Zonality

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Can already see something building out to the west over the hills.
  7. Showers south of Edinburgh now electrified. Some large rainfall totals there this afternoon!
  8. Only just started spotting here in Ecclesfield despite the southern half of the city being wet for a while now. Very slow moving!
  9. Can comfortably see the cells close to Manchester. Nice pileus cap Not much lightning associated with them though, certainly none that I can see this far away but it looks an impressive size and a definite rainmaker for those underneath!
  10. Signs of something developing between Oxford, MK and Peterborough. A few discreet cells popping up now. A messy evening is right!
  11. As IMBY a post as you will see. Looking at various convective outlooks today and the hi-res models things seem to be going to plan with what is developing out there now. Some expect a storm guaranteed in their back yard it would seem. It doesn't work that way, it never has. I was going to say the storms don't look as severe as forecast but given most are intensifying/growing and we are still in the early stages of the forecast period, I think we'll see some severe weather before the day is out. I wonder if those thinking of early storms are confusing the forecasts with what was left from overnight? All the forecasts I've seen, including the Met Office, have shown storms developing during the afternoon, as they are doing
  12. The hi res models I looked at had nothing until after 3pm. Depends on what data you’re looking at I guess. There’s always those who take great joy in declaring a bust before 2pm though and it’s always a fantastic source of comedy to read those dramatic posts
  13. Yes the realist in me says no storms. I'd rather it stay dry anyway as any natty little showers are spoilers. It's a different story if a proper storm were to be heading this way but we're too far north for that today.
  14. One of the better performing models during this thundery spell has been AROME. Looking at it today it has the first storms firing close to the London area mid afternoon then a more widespread outbreak develops across much of central southern England with storms moving WNW towards M4 corridor, West Midlands and Wales later on.
  15. Might get lucky and catch a thundery shower here later. If I were living somewhere in a line from London westwards to the M4 corridor I'd be very excited about today. Some severe storms are likely to develop in Cent & Southern Eng oday and due to the highly unstable atmosphere we aren't looking for crazy temps to get things going either. 22-23C should do it by the mid/late afternoon. Inland areas seeing low cloud thinning somewhat over the next hour. Sun beginning to peek through at times here in Sheffield