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  1. Record here is 34.3C back on the 3rd August 1990. Decent chance we break this on Thursday. Exciting times!
  2. Storms you mean? I'll be doing some radar watching this time tomorrow and getting to a good vantage point should the storms be firing out to the west or southwest
  3. I have no evidence to back this up, other than that remarkable GEFS set above, but I can't help but feel like we're on the cusp of something truly historic. There must be a chance, albeit a slim one, that we are on the verge of an extended spell of heat. Even if it peaks this Thursday we could see a continuation of well above average temperatures for some time. Think I'm just getting giddy
  4. I'm not too fussed with the westwards corrections here. I'd happily have a decent view of a nighttime thunderstorm the other side of the Pennines if I can go and get to a nice viewpoint looking west. If we cop a storm here, all the better
  5. ICON is far from the be all and end all. From what I can see in the output this evening, we are STILL (amusingly and frustratingly!) some way away from firm agreement on the longevity of this hot spell. It'd take a brave soul to definitively call the end of the heat confidently, timewise.
  6. I'd call high 20s very warm, perhaps even hot (though I think 30C needs to be touched for that). Certainly away from the far SE anyway, which the vast majority of the country is People were quite entitled to comment on the incredible ECM outlier last night though. It was a run for the archives and I don't think for a moment any one seriously believed it'd verify that way The chances of it doing so are low, but not impossible. It's not a one day wonder like @NApplewhite is pushing for
  7. ? GFS has four consecutive very warm/hot days for many central, southern and eastern areas next week? @knocker's charts show mid to high 20s widely on Thursday afternoon. I'd say this is far from being similar to the June hot spell.
  8. Well worth saving! One of the hottest operationals I've seen, if not the hottest Like others say, it'll be gone by the 00z, though the heat is coming in some form
  9. It's wonderfully close out here! Close to 27C still and really sultry after that convective shower.
  10. Yeah the skies are nice and textured though you wouldn't have thought this line would be capable of producing any T+L but hey it's a nice surprise and ending to the heat!
  11. Yes I can confirm a long deep rumble of thunder here. Some big drops of rain falling, but not heavy.
  12. Looking at the radar it seems Edinburgh has had at least 4 separate thunderstorms pass over/next to this afternoon. Impressive stuff!
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