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  1. Always! They call it even though posters at the time are correct to highlight cold charts/potential etc. They then go very quiet when the cold does verify. Not that it does these days!
  2. Another low diving SE with snow over northern hills and cold rain elsewhere? Rinse and repeat. Cool zonality the form horse at the moment.
  3. To be fair that last part isn't that unlikely. Seasonal models in winter are largely useless. But yes, the GFS op is wild and wonderful and probably on the sherry a little bit. Lovely to see what our synoptics down the line *could* achieve though!
  4. It'll be different tomorrow, don't worry Not every twist and turn on a rollercoaster is a pleasant experience.
  5. So we're past the record for wettest autumn now PIT, according to your data?
  6. I would agree it is further north as well. It's still very wet here but signs it'll clear in the next couple of hours as it continues to lift slowly north and thin out. A fair amount of sleet in the rain even at just 100m elevation.
  7. Indeed it does. WRF-NMM and ICON bring the rain this far north, but ARPEGE keeps it south. GFS somewhere in between but beefs it up more later on Thursday afternoon - it looks quite different to the other three models mentioned.
  8. A few photos on my walk around Ecclesfield this evening. Several road closures and a lot of surface water flooding. Still more to come looking at the radar before it slips south later tonight.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. 4:55pm is woefully late to cancel. The right decision yes but what did they expect to happen this afternoon? It has been in every forecast, every warning that this rain was set in for the day (and much of the night).
  10. Stay safe everyone. I only have to make a short journey from work thankfully but seeing the live reports it is an increasingly serious situation for many commuters and home/business owners.
  11. I reported it too, and their associated twitter account but I doubt anything will be done. I have zero faith in social media policing, especially given the founder of Twitter got his own account hacked recently. Off-topic, so I apologise.
  12. Can't tell you how much that angers me when sites try to profit off a major disaster with clickbait and fakery
  13. Think that's true for all of Sheffield tbh. The only area of interest is due south and the southern edge is developing well enough but has an easterly movement to it so perhaps parts of western Lincs a better shout on that one.
  14. Fairly sure this isn't the cold front? I think today's storms have initiated from a trough ahead of the front (which is draped over Ireland at the moment).
  15. If I was in Lincolnshire it would be those cells on the southern tip of that area I'd be watching closely. I agree with PIT for here at least. Everything looks like skirting east of us.
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