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  1. I reported it too, and their associated twitter account but I doubt anything will be done. I have zero faith in social media policing, especially given the founder of Twitter got his own account hacked recently. Off-topic, so I apologise.
  2. Can't tell you how much that angers me when sites try to profit off a major disaster with clickbait and fakery
  3. Think that's true for all of Sheffield tbh. The only area of interest is due south and the southern edge is developing well enough but has an easterly movement to it so perhaps parts of western Lincs a better shout on that one.
  4. Fairly sure this isn't the cold front? I think today's storms have initiated from a trough ahead of the front (which is draped over Ireland at the moment).
  5. If I was in Lincolnshire it would be those cells on the southern tip of that area I'd be watching closely. I agree with PIT for here at least. Everything looks like skirting east of us.
  6. I was just wondering how many thunder days we've had this year, definitely higher than usual! I think six, too As you say a thundery shower scraped by recently. We missed the worst of the rain here.
  7. Torrential downpour here but after hearing distant thunder 5 minutes ago this cell seems to have lost electrification. Impressive rainfall rates though.
  8. I've been at Whiteley Woods (western Sheffield) and Grindleford (Peak District) today doing Forest Schools training and had several thunderstorms pass close by. Had a great view driving back from Grindleford of several cells - observed some lightning as well. Good day! Cell north of Stoke has our name on it - hoping for one last round before the showers/storms fade!
  9. Thundering to the NW again from a new cell over Stocksbridge.
  10. It’s like a mother duck taking her little ducklings across the road
  11. Plenty of CC lightning to the NW now as the cell has intensified over Penistone. Hope @Supacell stayed there! Got a nice view here as it crackles away. Some backbuilding going on.
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