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  1. All that tells me is the ridiculous amount of uncertainty for next week's weather, low pressure track.... We're still looking at colder weather becoming established by the end of the month and into February as a longer term trend. Next week doesn't look as snowy as it could have been but the output is still encouraging in broader terms, blocking, etc.
  2. I’ve been reading sobering reports of a serious multi-vehicle accident between J33-34 on the M1 earlier this evening- during the hazardous weather @sausage the warnings highlight the risk and are not a guarantee that you’ll see the conditions described. They are there so people are aware and can take appropriate precautions should the risk materialise. Given the clear justification and evidence for an Amber warning, I think this was far from a fail. What if it had been underestimated? Imagine the backlash then! They have to factor in the worst-case scenario based on the available data. A bit of thought and maturity goes a long way in these situations
  3. We’re in a milder sector of air now so temperatures should hold up above freezing tonight, the same goes for dewpoints too.
  4. I don't think they're expected to increase much from current speeds. Winds should ease later in the night.
  5. Freezing rain here as well. Only raining lightly but patio table and car roof freezing over.
  6. whereabouts in Sheffield are you?
  7. Think the uppers is why the Met have been concerned about the freezing rain risk. It has never looked likely that snow would be the problem, away from high elevations/ prone routes over the hills, etc. # I think some folks aren't reading warning text in any real detail, see the word snow and just presume it's a guarantee for them.
  8. Couldn't disagree more. We have reports of freezing rain in places, deteriorating conditions, significant windchill, snow in some places, too. Oh, and it's 2pm as well.
  9. Assume that was car thermometer though? It's actually 0C in Sheffield currently. ps, wise decision not going. Over on TWO, Tim A is reporting freezing rain in his part of Leeds. -0.4C.
  10. Different location though, conditions different east of Pennines later this afternoon.
  11. Yep the freezing rain risk is what's concerning me now. IMBY I'm thinking higher parts of Sheffield could see accumulating snow for a time later tomorrow but I'm not liking the idea of Sheffield city centre in freezing rain conditions!
  12. lol that's oddly specific! What model are you using ;) :P Cold rain here today, pretty awful weather! Daresay it'll turn sleety over the higher parts of Sheffield tonight but not expecting anything more than a slushy mess on a few cars, lawns above 200-250m etc etc. Snake Pass looks fun to drive on
  13. Heavy shower with a few rumbles of thunder heard just skirted by to the east. Looked good in the not-so-distant distance, definite little shelf/ gust front on its leading edge A smattering of raindrops as it brushed by here.
  14. I think we simply need to avoid using dramatic phrases - it leads to a lot of misunderstanding. From your description @matty007 it's not at all an Atlantic onslaught, as @Djdazzle points out. No-one can deny the jet has returned south and is helping aid a more mobile pattern of weather over the British Isles in the coming week, but the jet doesn't seem that strong and the Atlantic isn't all that active either. As you rightly point out, Matty, there will be spells of pleasant weather from transient ridges of high pressure - this pattern often favours a N/S split and I expect some southern (more likely SE'ern) areas to wonder what this unsettled talk is all about. It's all relative though. The NW has been unsettled and mediocre for some time, whilst mediocre for the SE will be 24C with sunshine and the odd shower = perfectly pleasant for others! Some indications of more prolonged high pressure longer-term, but as we head ever closer to autumn 30C will be harder to reach. Anyone's guess,and I stress the word 'guess', whether we see it achieved again after midweek