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  1. Heavy shower with a few rumbles of thunder heard just skirted by to the east. Looked good in the not-so-distant distance, definite little shelf/ gust front on its leading edge A smattering of raindrops as it brushed by here.
  2. I think we simply need to avoid using dramatic phrases - it leads to a lot of misunderstanding. From your description @matty007 it's not at all an Atlantic onslaught, as @Djdazzle points out. No-one can deny the jet has returned south and is helping aid a more mobile pattern of weather over the British Isles in the coming week, but the jet doesn't seem that strong and the Atlantic isn't all that active either. As you rightly point out, Matty, there will be spells of pleasant weather from transient ridges of high pressure - this pattern often favours a N/S split and I expect some southern (more likely SE'ern) areas to wonder what this unsettled talk is all about. It's all relative though. The NW has been unsettled and mediocre for some time, whilst mediocre for the SE will be 24C with sunshine and the odd shower = perfectly pleasant for others! Some indications of more prolonged high pressure longer-term, but as we head ever closer to autumn 30C will be harder to reach. Anyone's guess,and I stress the word 'guess', whether we see it achieved again after midweek
  3. Great fun this model-watching business isn't it? This time the GFS has the high moving eastwards, temporarily drawing up hot air for the beginning of next week. This gets ushered away quickly as the high sinks SE allowing a flabby low in from the NW introducing much cooler and fresher air with showers. A secondary low provides more general rain for the following weekend. Thereafter the Azores high finally ridges in from the SW but it all looks rather tenuous. Fun to see the different scenarios offered by the models at the moment. No real consensus forming at all beyond this weekend - just where will our high go? Will it 'go' that easily, too? This has a long way to go before we can really know what'll happen. For what it's worth I can see our high moving eastwards but perhaps not as swiftly as the GFS 12z wants to do it. I can also see the Azores high do a better and quicker job of re-ridging in long-term as well as we cycle in a more familiar '3 fine days and a thunderstorm' -style scenario.
  4. Yes experienced that one just north of Louth. Epic wasn’t it! 🌩 Now at A18 services eating my body weight in chocolate and crisps
  5. Watching flashes of lightning to the north and east - what @reef is enjoying no doubt. Light rain here now, hoping for some dusk/ night lightning later like a greedy sod. In the meantime, I’ve got a service station cheesestring to eat
  6. Lightning every few seconds here , just south of Immingham DN37. Some very bright flashes too with long rolls of thunder. The rain and wind speeds are immense at times. Proper straight-line gusts rocking the car. One if the best I’ve successfully chased ️ edit: beginning to calm down now (the storm not me)
  7. The heavens have opened! Shortly after this photo ️ Absolutely incredible right now. The wind speeds!!!
  8. Frequent lightning and rumbles to the south here (dn37)
  9. Sat at a services just south of Immingham. Escaped some large hail at Saltfleetby earlier and retreated. Raining and rumbling gently here away from the main core. Main aim now after getting close to some severe storms is to get some nighttime lightning later. Difficult to see what the picture will look like in 3 hours but hopefully still some strong storms not too far away 🌩
  10. In Saltfleetby, E Lincs with thunder crackling just to the south ️
  11. Yep I’m in Louth right now and encouraged by the skies
  12. Yep I’m in Louth right now and encouraged by the skies
  13. Bloody hope so! I was stupid enough to wear a yellow and white striped t-shirt and they seemed to love it. Changed to a dark grey one I had in the car and it seems to have warned them away from me! Just having a stroll around Louth at the moment. Very hot and sunny. Thanks to Glenn I’ve identified a nice lay-by with excellent southerly views on the A157 ️ Hoping for some explosive storms later!
  14. Just at services on a18. What are these little black gnatty flies that are bloody everywhere? Can’t sit outside without them landing on me! They’re about 3mm long and very thin.