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  1. Hurricane Maria

    BBC already reporting she's back to Cat 5
  2. Hurricane Maria

    Totally agree @Fiona Robertson. I tend to feel (and operate) in the same way and the first time I saw Maria as a mere yellow X on the NHC forecast map, I felt the same as Irma. I would anticipate westward adjustments but not perhaps to the same extent as Irma. I think the Carolinas st the very least should keep a close eye on Maria in the longer term. Got my eye on a robust looking storm cluster on the African W coast too although NHC not too fussed at this stage.
  3. Hurricane Irma

    I watched a CNN (I think) video a few days ago during which time their weatherman said that Irma getting close to 900mb was "not going to happen", putting it down to GFS recalibrations which were clearly wrong (im paraphrasing to be fair). Bet he's regretting those bold statements now.
  4. Hurricane Irma

    Yes but gusts over 100mph, including a full on sting jet which felled 15,000,000 trees. You are spot on however in putting it into perspective the distinction between that and a phenomenal Irma. I will be surprised if Irma doesn't end up becoming the strongest Atlantic basin hurricane of all time
  5. Yes some CGs observed here. Still lighting up the bedroom here as it slides past with nice distant grumbles of thunder! Just watched the latest Beeb and MetO video forecasts - just about mentioned odd showers across the east, nothing vaguely heavy or thundery. Appears to have caught most by surprise
  6. They are very active storms. I can see distant flashes from the EA/Essex cells, while this Kent cell is flashing like a beast, with crackling/rolling thunder and very bright flashes. Some very impressive IC crawler type lightning flashes too. Impressive call from CWUK - paid no attention to forecasts today as didn't expect anything remotely thundery today, let alone what's going on now
  7. Lightning is very frequent - every 5 seconds or so. This is plume style frequency and conditions don't feel vaguely impressive at all. Funny ole thing the weather!!
  8. Very active thunderstorm moving in here with surprisingly very frequent lightning and thunder. Can't believe it!!
  9. Just lit up outside (I'm sitting it bed). Blitzortung suggests it was well NW of London - blimey!!! And again, this time Blitzortung pinging down near Brighton. It is literally lighting up the road from so far away. Pretty incredible really.
  10. Bright flashes visible from here from the S coast cells
  11. Nothing vaguely impressive looking on radar either. Talk about a bolt from the blue.
  12. Exactly the same here - can't believe how bright it was. Very powerful distant continuous peel of thunder too. Wasn't expecting it at all, even though it has been insanely humid today
  13. Also can confirm we have greenage and the heavens have opened
  14. This is rumbling away nicely - not seen any CGs yet though just he odd flicker. About half a dozen rumbles now and a couple of loud peels
  15. Same here @VillagePlank Hopefully I've got a few good video clips to share tomorrow!
  16. Just woken back up after a snooze - very frequent lightning here all across the southern sky, including what looks a bit anvil crawleriez. Thunder audible too!! Yay
  17. Yup, blitzortung suggesting storms forming ahead of the main band just south of London
  18. Running the blitzortung loop for the last hour, it seems the very earliest (if at all) it will get close to here will be around 2:00-2:30. Going to try and catch 40 winks, setting alarm for 2:00
  19. Almost hardly surprising when you have that lot kicking about
  20. It is not an exaggeration to say the clear sky above me is constantly flashing and flickering. I just can't make out if it's from the N storms, S storms or both
  21. The once linear formation of storms almost looks as if it's coalescing again...perhaps switching to an MCS mode??
  22. Love how so many people are seeing lightning/hearing thunder!!
  23. Flashes from the south getting closer now as my garden still flicks from the N London storm