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  1. I bet you saw the one I did - stunning CC forks splaying across the sky. Honestly one of the most beautiful lightning strikes I’ve probably ever seen actually - just I shame I wasn’t recording it.
  2. Nice bright flash and second rumble just now - not as frequent as it was, but won’t complain. Sitting in the garden, lightning flashes, thunder, glass of wine, warm evening - what can top that??
  3. High humidity here too in NW Kent/SE London. Very thundery looking skies here at the moment. Pic below when I left my gym class 20 mins ago. Saw lightning way off to the south too, yay!!
  4. Some mackerel skies appearing now to my W and SW, with what looks like some robust Ac (possibly AcCas) further off in the distance between the trees.
  5. Awesome aren’t they!?!?!? Your excitement is infectious I have to say. Blistering sunshine and heat here - slim chance I might get some action later
  6. The line that’s produced a few strikes in SW London looks tasty as it goes past. No thunder heard though sadly.
  7. Second torrential downpour in about 30 mins just easing here. No thunder alas, but a proper downpour all the same
  8. Some of the cells over N/E Kent are chucking out some biblical rainfall rates. The cell north of Dover is particularly potent and, as it approached the coastline, temporarily took on what appeared to be a hook on the southern flank (at least as far as you could discern from the NetW radar)...I saw two meaty looking funnels on the Kent coast during storms in the early noughties, but sadly too young to have had a phone with a camera on it.
  9. Just heard an impressive peel of thunder from an intense looking cell running to my South. Just another rumble then too! Woohoo - shame it’s not nearer, but more downpours heading this way from London
  10. Sadly I missed the thunder and lightning from the line that just went through London as I was in a gym class. I drove through it though on the way home and the sky was awesome! Was the fifth biblical downpour of the day and the roads are now covered by flash flooding/huge puddles!
  11. We’ve had two really torrential downpours today. Third incoming - thunder and lightning unlikely but expecting another thumping downpour
  12. Sounded like a positive strike there @Weather-history - nice one
  13. Very exciting day for areas north of London today! Good luck all and stay safe. Proverbial a**e just fallen out of the sky here but alas no thunder or lightning (accepting the risk here is low at best). The squally line approaching Salisbury currently should make its way here later today so that might be interesting for more southern areas later.
  14. Just back from gym class and had to go outside to run for a bit. Saw two gorgeous pulse type Cbs over N London - one has completed decayed and the other is decaying now.
  15. Weather app now showing thunder risk from 0100 for my neck of the woods - this marrying with @staplehurst and @Nick F convective forecasts. WRF-NMM modelling not insignificant MUCAPE through the night here too, so hopefully might be interesting
  16. Hi Dave, at around 1830 there was storm situated just west and south of Chelmsford - according to the detectors it did produce some thunder and lightning. Looks to be losing its electricity now sadly although still quite heavy on radar
  17. While unlikely, if the Chelmsford storm can hold together it’ll come very close to here…outside chance it will however
  18. Have seen a couple of awesome CGs. This has turned out to be a pretty good storm and much closer than the earlier CZ line had me believing
  19. This might sound like hyperbole but the cell I can see off to my North is looking potentially severe to me. There has been quite a bit of scud at times and there is far more lightning than the detectors would have you believe. I would keep my out for a possible funnel!
  20. Saw my first flash of lightning way off to the NNW. Sky there is jet black and what looks like a VERY low cloud base.
  21. Thunder heard here That CZ has definitely edged closer - another rumble!! And another…seems more frequent than lightning detection would suggest
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