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  1. Started lovely and sunny here today, which will hopefully aid those lapse rates. Only down side is there is no CAPE, surface based or elevated to speak of. I think will be extremely lucky to get any thunder/lightning today
  2. Nice to see some excitement building on these pages after what seems like a long storm free period. Will be monitoring activity across Midlands/N England with interest. Was notably more humid this morning across my neck of the woods, all trundling northwards. Alas is now cloudy and miserable. We were always towards the bottom end of low risk anyway so won’t even pretend to be disappointed. My garden is crying for some of the wet stuff which could come tonight, otherwise better prospects tomorrow/Friday for some decent rainfall and potentially some sparks.
  3. Hi all Happy new year and storm season to you all. Just had my first thunder of 2019, immense blue flash followed by gorgeous peel of thunder in C London - been soft hail/snowing on and off for the past hour, now absolutely chucking it down with the white stuff. Still only the solitary flash/bang though thus far! Fingers crossed for an active storm season this year. Update: Been torrential snow/hail in the past 15 mins so much so it’s settling Further update: Had a further flash and bang just now - the bang was almost instantaneous so would love to know where it hit!
  4. Join the club! This evening has been like finding a £20 note in jeans you haven’t worn for 6 months
  5. Kudos to you Nick - definitely paid off. She’s going a bit quieter now but I can hardly say I’m surprised. Giving the occasional flash and grumble still though!
  6. Just arriving here @Nick F Surprised to see a storm today, especially one this active!!!! Yay!!!
  7. Pleasant surprise waking up to thunder and lightning - of course it was forecast by some and by some models, but it’s always nice when it happens as forecast
  8. Just had a look at NetWx model and the NMM and they are having none of it. BBC, UKMO and Euro4 thinking yes. We’ll see.
  9. Proper mackerel sky here with some Ac visible earlier. Maybe there’ll be enough instability for some isolated thunder and heavy downpours. Will keep windows open just in case (and it’s meant to be a fairly warm night)
  10. E Kent now. Pics I posted earlier were as we were approaching M20 J10. Through the rear side of the storm now - was a peach. Definitely some severe elements in there, including very strong wind gusts on the leading edge.
  11. Just about to move into the proper storm after an intense gust front. Sky is black, frequently lightning and could see hail curtains. Now moving into the torrential rain.
  12. This is one stunning looking storm (MCS in Kent). Definitely looks severe and very green. Some lowerings too!! And we are just about to drive into it...wish us luck!!!
  13. Biblical rain here and only what I can describe as a lightning barrage akin with what you see in the States (if maybe not quite as frequent). Am a passenger in a car at the moment and a CG (multiple flashes) landed close enough to make the car shake and a phenomenal bang. Roads are flash flooding in minutes. Awesome!
  14. Stunning clouds from this latest cell and some emerging greenage too! Not in my photos though which should an elevated mini gust front type formation followed by undulatus asperatus
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