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  1. Am watching the NW London storm from the Kent coast. Incredible
  2. The thunderstorms NW of London look amazing from here. Gorgeous Cb! Storms firing other side of the channel firing - hoping they drift this way
  3. Those are the cells I’m seeing from here on the Kent praires (the marshlands here are our equivalent of the US plains to my mind). Convection is very robust and I agree that caution should be kept in mind
  4. Text book convection visible from my location - CBs detonated to my NW (London way) and SE (near continent)
  5. Atmosphere fully capped here in Kent. Will do the Home Counties/Midlands a lot of favours I’m sure. Hoping we might get a detonation later or failing that a flirtatious import
  6. Got to go to sleep now, even though it’s still continuously flashing outside. And guess what...might get the same again tomorrow. Keep pinching myself really. Night all, enjoy!!
  7. Sorry if this has been posted already - Estofex Lvl 2 and 1 for UK tomorrow
  8. Hitting the sack now - hands down this is the most electrified series of storms I’ve ever seen in the UK - flashes at least twice a second from different parts of the sky. My videos however amazing don’t do it justice. Was saying to my sister in law who watched with me that tonight is something I’ll never probably see again here and rivals everything I saw in the US for lightning frequency. Best part about it is that’s so many others are seeing it too. Yay!
  9. Lightning is continuous, literally! Got some videos. This is a first, definitely.
  10. It’s an immense cell, John! Was flashing every 1-2 seconds. Moving off now but I’m hoping the line behind it will come closer. Lots of awesome looking AcCas lit up in the moonlight. 1 downside - got a whopping bite on my foot!!!
  11. Continuous lightning from the Ashford cell - every 2 seconds. Blitzortung not doing it justice!!! Amazing!!