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    Weather (specifically thunderstorms), golf, squash and football...quite into astronomy and swimming also. Went on my first US storm chase in late April/early May 2010 - had an amazing time!! :D

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  1. Now now young man (Christ I’m getting old) I had to endure storms during most of my exam years, either night time displays or on at least one occasion booming thunder reverberating around the sports hall. You’ll do just fine (and good luck!!). Sat here at my bedroom window watching a gorgeous display. Combination of cloud illuminations and clear air electric blue flashes. Not expecting it to hold together for too long so wont stay up - keeping the window open though on the off chance. Hope everyone who can see this enjoys it!
  2. Watching a re-run of GoT and I swear I just saw the SE sky light up. Cool
  3. Thunderstorms just off the Kent coast. Let’s see how they get on.
  4. Looking increasingly pessimistic for my neck of the woods. Not being a doom-sayer, just observing the stubbornness of this dross and the lack of any apparent activity
  5. Every source I’ve seen suggests storm development from 11-12z onwards. Therefore I’d be inclined to ignore charts and models, sit tight and see what occurs. Also I’m not too alarmed by the encroaching MCS remains; the hours of storms here on Tuesday developed in misty/cloudy conditions - if anything it’s more humid now compared to then
  6. Really @Flash bang flash bang etc? Feels much more humid here again this evening compared with the last couple of days. That could just be from all the rain recently, but either way fresh it is not.
  7. Not sure radar watching or forecast studying is going to prove overly helpful tonight. My advice for anyone who lives anywhere in the SE (broadly a line east of London), sleep with the curtains and window ajar. Seems like sferics are popping up all over the place.
  8. IN London? Won’t be many Sussex folk happy with that lol.
  9. Agreed @TJS1998Tom. It’s not unusual for May to deliver storms particularly on the odd plume set up. But given every storm I’ve witnessed in the past few days been home grown and among the most electrically active ever, that’s the most unreal thing (and day after day). Here is hoping, let’s see what the next few hours bring. Agreed @Lauren the 90s were amazing. But I struggle to think of anything that compares with the past few years (days even). The one thing the 90s had for me was the ground rattling thunder - these days thunder seems more tame. That could just be me getting older haha
  10. Just taking stock of what I’ve seen over the past week or so. Since last Monday, I’ve seen thunderstorms on 5 days. Last Monday, a discreet and nippy little cell fired off over SE London. Few close CGs kept me stuck on a sweltering train for 30 mins longer than I should. Saturday night was simply the most frequent lightning I’ve ever seen the UK and competed well against supercells I witnessed in the US. 2-3 hours of heaven. Sunday night was just an awe-inspiring display from 80+ miles away. I stood watching the Aylesbury cell from the Kent coast, just continual orange IC bolts within a perfectly formed, huge Cb framed in front of the setting sun. Yesterday I sat and watched the Thames/London cell explode from my back garden. Gorgeous and rapid Cb development, with frequent IC lightning and lots of thunder booming/crackling in clear air. Today almost feels like it shouldn’t have happened. Not thundery feeling in the slightest, but 3-4 hours of thunder, lightning and at times torrential rain. Again largely IC but a few CGs and a small number of positive boomers. Into tonight and the next few days and potential remains for further storms. May 2018 will go down in the annals for sure. And it’s not even Summer!!! I have my fingers crossed for other folk. Models keep instability across EA/SE but Thursday in particular looks awesome for a much broader swathe of England. 497BFC05-2580-402B-84C3-6BFF022B068A.MOV
  11. Hasn’t rained here for a while now but I’m still hearing thunder every minute or two. Nothing is showing on Blitzortung though, yet it is detecting strikes over Benelux. Very strange
  12. There’s been thunder much more recently than Blitzortung would suggest. 99% sure I heard a rumble just a few minutes ago. And again just now - but then it is bin day too....nope! Floor rattled, definitely thunder
  13. Really quite bad here at home. Roads at times have been rivers during the more torrential downpours (there have been a few). Quite a bit of ligtning too and lots of rolling thunder.
  14. Friend of mine in Medway saying the thunder is the loudest he’s ever heard. Lightning flashes here getting brighter but as far as I can make out it’s all been IC so far. Not complaining though just to be clear.
  15. Thunder getting louder here and rain steadily heavier. Edit - just seen my first flash too.