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  1. Same here @VillagePlank Hopefully I've got a few good video clips to share tomorrow!
  2. Just woken back up after a snooze - very frequent lightning here all across the southern sky, including what looks a bit anvil crawleriez. Thunder audible too!! Yay
  3. Yup, blitzortung suggesting storms forming ahead of the main band just south of London
  4. Running the blitzortung loop for the last hour, it seems the very earliest (if at all) it will get close to here will be around 2:00-2:30. Going to try and catch 40 winks, setting alarm for 2:00
  5. Almost hardly surprising when you have that lot kicking about
  6. It is not an exaggeration to say the clear sky above me is constantly flashing and flickering. I just can't make out if it's from the N storms, S storms or both
  7. The once linear formation of storms almost looks as if it's coalescing again...perhaps switching to an MCS mode??
  8. Love how so many people are seeing lightning/hearing thunder!!
  9. Flashes from the south getting closer now as my garden still flicks from the N London storm
  10. Saw my first flash way off to my S. Still getting bright frequent flashes from my north making the task much harder
  11. Lightning in the channel seems to be getting more and more frequent
  12. At this rate I may need to go to bed for a few hours and set an alarm for 2am. My luck though the trough will speed up and nip through by 1:30
  13. It's orientation makes you think that but if you run the loop it's all moving pretty much due N, maybe a fraction NNE