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  1. Are you at home and did you definitely hear thunder? To quote Independence Day, “it ain’t on the map” ?
  2. Driven to Medway for first proper social in 15 weeks and the skies here look interesting. Saw some absolutely text book AcCas wafting in from the S/SW en route and there’s still a huge rash of Ac and AcCas ?
  3. 30C here too. Skies looking firm to my south but much more agitated to my north over Essex/London. In fact the tower in the foreground in my pic below looks as if it COULD go in the near future. Edit - looks as if it might well be going. There was a momentary Pileus cap too. Second and third pics taken about a minute apart
  4. ? A lovely rumble coincided with my alarm going off seven mins ago. Just had another distant flash/grumble now. But, as with the storms last week, I’m on the crappy light to moderate rainfall side ? Edit - Just a saw what looked like a nice CG off to the E.
  5. Might need to head off for some shut eye. Will set a 03:00 and 05:00 alarm. We’ll probably get one storm at 04:00 which won’t wake me ? nighty night all, good luck!!!
  6. Have to say the models have nailed that mass running up the Irish sea
  7. Phone app back in favour of storms around 07:00 to 08:00 whereas earlier it has backed away entirely...uncertainty indeed
  8. Just walking down the road - it’s like being in Spain ? just hope for some overnight storms!
  9. Are we thinking the N France storms is the nose of highly unstable air detonating? If so, suggests good omens for tonight.
  10. The storms near Jersey I suspect are elevated. Some of them initiated (or appeared to) over the Channel, hence my suspicion they are elevated. HOWEVER, the waft of high instability is not due to arrive until much later tonight. Therefore even if these storms are elevated, if they drift into more stable air, which seems inevitable, they’ll quickly die
  11. Mixed news from WRF-NMM 12z. Good news is CAPE arrives earlier and is pretty much as robust. Bad news is it gives absolutely not one drop of rain across most C/S/E England at this time ?
  12. The cluster of storms over N France is more extensive than I was expecting ?
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