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  1. One weekend of the year I don't want significant rainfall is this coming weekend. Sods law.
  2. Going from these model outputs, could anyone tell me if it will be particularly wet or just cloudy ?
  3. These storms coming off the continent are killing our sunshine, and by the time they move into western areas will contain little if any electrical activity anyway. East is best at the moment
  4. Got a decent storm risk for here later when this morning there was 0%. Makes the day a bit more interesting.
  5. Can definitely feel the humidity here in Somerset, just waiting for this pesky low cloud to burn back. Hoping for a storm today, but netweather forecast giving nothing, yet met office have a warning out. Still looking good for sun and heat regardless .
  6. Severe weather Europe (Facebook page) mentions good conditions for storms in the south and south West today but no mention of it here or anywhere else. Is anything expected down south today ?
  7. Still waiting for the sun here in Somerset. A nice sunny day, small chance of a homegrown and a load of Thatchers is a perfect way to spend the day before relaxing in front of a massive storm this evening/tonight..... Or too drunk and sleep through it.
  8. Met office going with the settled theme from mid next week for the south at least, more changeable for the northern half of the country. Signs are there, just hope this remains so
  9. Festival that weekend, so I'll take those charts. Met office also hint at a more settled period during this time, let's hope it materialises
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