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  1. Storm to my north east,. lightning visible in the clouds every so often, heading towards cleavdon
  2. Yes mate. Lots of different forecasts and models. Like you, I'm not that confident, best chance this week so far though.
  3. Cool. I'm in bridgwater. I've had a couple thundery showers this year, not storms but definately thunder.
  4. Where about are you ? The south west definately has had storms this year
  5. Ahh, got ya. Used to be a regular on here, but not so much now. Thanks mate.
  6. One weekend of the year I don't want significant rainfall is this coming weekend. Sods law.
  7. Going from these model outputs, could anyone tell me if it will be particularly wet or just cloudy ?
  8. These storms coming off the continent are killing our sunshine, and by the time they move into western areas will contain little if any electrical activity anyway. East is best at the moment
  9. Got a decent storm risk for here later when this morning there was 0%. Makes the day a bit more interesting.
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