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  1. Looks great from Gresford, it's over to the east, no real thunder though.
  2. The light show is starting here again tonight, no real thunder but the sky looks fantastic over to the east of here.
  3. I was just reading back through the thread, this was the cloud that passed over Gresford just before the wind, rain, and hail hit on Sunday afternoon. As usual the Gresford storm defenses were in position so we didn't get the full force of the thunder and lightning, but it did rumble on for ages.
  4. I think this is what I can see of the weather that is brewing over the Clwydian Range
  5. Netweather Radar showing a small cell just about to pass over me now; west of Wrexham, going for a look outside.
  6. Currently working in Llay, the rain has stopped here. Fingers crossed for something after 5 when I get home.
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