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  1. Netweather Radar showing a small cell just about to pass over me now; west of Wrexham, going for a look outside.
  2. Currently working in Llay, the rain has stopped here. Fingers crossed for something after 5 when I get home.
  3. Growing increasingly darker here (Llay Industrial Estate) with a few distant rumbles, I hope it holds off for 5 mins to give me chance to get to the car.
  4. I was stuck in work in Llay, nothing to speak of there just a couple of rumbles. I saw a video of the river on New Road. Just goes to show how localised some of this weather is.
  5. It's nice to see the Wrexham storm shield firmly fixed in place :-( Grrrr!
  6. Well based on that, I'm not seeing anything this evening :-(
  7. Looking on blitzortung.org there seems to be small storm around the Shrewsbury area, what's the chance of this drifting a bit further north? It just feels too cool for any storm activity in Gresford (NE Wales) now, although the sun is out nicely thank you very much.
  8. Here we go, heavy rain and a wind has blown up from know where. A couple of flashes and distant thunder. Oh hang on, that was closer....
  9. The sky is going nice and dark here in Gresford, nr Wrexham, with a couple of spots of rain starting to fall
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