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  1. Lovely downpour here just now, and constant rumbles of thunder. Lovin it
  2. Just driven home - 1/2 day at work Chaos out there! Had been snowing nonstop for a couple hours and in the wind it was proper blizzard conditions with visability really low. The minor prangs out there just about outweighed the amount of numpties driving like it was a summers day! Was great fun had my current car exactly 3 years and this is the 1st proper snow-drive. Handled great for a little punto Snow stopped the precise moment I pulled into the drive! I don't envy my colleagues trying to get home this evening if these showers carry on...
  3. Seeing a few if them flashes to the east from here now
  4. Constant rumbles of thunder here..
  5. Well I'll be at the dentist tomorrow early afternoon having a tooth pulled out. Could be rather 'atmospheric' while he's probing my cavity......
  6. Ruddy brill here. Thunder, lightning, biblical rain and periods of intense hail
  7. Little bit of mammatus that passed through about an hour ago.....
  8. By far the best storm I've seen in the UK for as long as I remember...
  9. sconetone


  10. Ohhhh boy was that a fun drive out Although it seemed that every single lay-by I stopped in had either a tree or a telegraph pole beside it - and at certain times ie constant strobing - I felt it was best if I moved, just in case Brilliant couple of hours - am home and 'safe' now and it's still going on! Love it
  11. OK am starting to see flickering over the rooftops - think I'll be having a drive out soon into the surrounding countryside.....
  12. Live stream from Arnhem, Netherlands - right in the thick of that huge storm Good grief - that is a hell of a lot of lightning! https://webcam.nl/a325_gelredome/