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  1. Well the rain has finally turned to proper big fat flakes of snow. Lovely stuff!
  2. Seeing as I'm 'very' North Notts, for the purposes of the upcoming spell, I'm designating meself as an honourary Yorkshireman. TBF I generally use this regional thread anyway! Midlands thread tends to be a bit west-heavy. Probably due to Brummie population density.... 😀
  3. Looking incredibly good for these here parts! Just had a browse through the model thread for a nationwide overview - but it seems to be ermmmmm, region locked..... 😆
  4. After lots of silent lightning during the week, the sound has finally been fixed Lots of deep rumbles to accompany the flashes here....hell of a lot of rain too!
  5. Lots of lightning flashes off to the west, and a couple to the north. That must be one hell of a storm yonder 🙂
  6. You're doing some mileage lately! Maybe you need a Tesla. With a lightning conductor on it...
  7. A request please. Maybe its the humidity but... The constant moaning and calls of 'bust' is getting quite tiresome now. OK so you've missed out - possibly for this summer. Whilst the West & North has had all the 'fun' Makes a change from most years, so take one for the team this time please. I know its frustrating but some of you guys are like bleeding toddlers now. Can I suggest either being pleased for the LARGE amount of members who are experiencing something rare, or alternatively sitting in your hands. You are NOT the centre of the universe. And no, I've
  8. Not seen as much constant lightning for years. Silent and distant but at least i could sit in the garden and just fully enjoy it, whilst watching for the meteor shower at the same time! Brilliant:)
  9. Lovin it! Sat in garden, seen a few perseids meteors to the left, and constant distant lightning yo the right 🙂
  10. Something forming directly overhead here. Couple of loud rumbles so far 🙂
  11. Got a couple decent shots early hours Sunday..
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