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  1. Decent covering at Keele now. Temperature drop 2.6 to 0.1C in an hour..http://www.esci.keele.ac.uk/weather/temperature.html Ian
  2. At least 2 papers (not just the usual suspect) have carried this `coldest for 100 years, -20c' story today. What is the source(s)? Ian
  3. If people require further reading the journal Weather, April 1982, Volume 37 no 4 has a not too scientific (thankfully for me) and very informative article `Heavy rainfall and Snowstorms 23-26 April 1981' by S.D. Burt pages 108-115. Sometimes it is useful to be a librarian! Re 8 December 1990 - I was living in Stoke on Trent then, and was prevented from coming to work because the buses stopped running up the hill to Keele, apparently the University was cut off most of the weekend. I guess it was comparable. Ian
  4. On Sunday April 26th 1981 my father and myself spent the morning shovelling (not sweeping) snow off our front drive in Coseley West Midlands c.600 ft amsl. which had fallen overnight. I was absolutely gobsmacked at the time, and it remains the latest time in the year I can remember deep disruptive snow falling, although snow did fall and stick here at Keele in May 1997. It did melt quickly once it had stopped and was all gone, sadly, by school on Monday morning. This snowfall was widespread and well documented and I guess other people remember it too.. Ian
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