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  1. Disappointing here last night. Fair bit of lightning during the night. Heard a couple of rumbles of thunder. It rained, but no where near the amount I was expecting from the forecast.Now we are left with drizzle and dreary skies.
  2. Hope you are right. Although we had that heavy rain a couple of weeks ago, we haven't had any significant thunderstorms for a long time. Feeling pleasant outside (and inside) at the moment with a light breeze and sunshine.
  3. Rain eased off a bit here now. Terrible flooding on some roads, in places where you don't expect it usually. Looking at the radar a drier spell coming up. Not sure if that lot over France will come later. Forecast is for more heavy rain later.
  4. Good view at the moment on this live video feed Í beinni - Sjónvarp - Vísir WWW.VISIR.IS Visir.is - Í beinni - Sjónvarp
  5. Great photos and what an experience. My husband has always wanted to move somewhere like that. We nearly moved to the Isle of Mull back in 1993, but I felt I would be too homesick away from family etc
  6. There is a new webcam on this link, showing all 3 eruptions. In Icelandic though. Þriðja sprungan opnaðist á miðnætti WWW.MBL.IS Þriðja sprungan opnaðist á miðnætti á milli hinna tveggja eldanna á Reykjanesi að sögn Einars Hjörleifssonar, náttúruvársérfræðings á Veðurstofu Íslands. Nýja sprungan opnaðist beint fyrir framan vefmyndavél...
  7. This is a video feed of the eruption from the other side K100 K100STREYMI.MBL.IS I have read it might be classed as a shield volcano, and could carry on erupting for a long time
  8. The cold weather seemed to dry the garden out well, but it was an illusion. After todays rain it has returned to swampy grass. Doesn't look as if it will be drying out again anytime soon. Really looking forward to some dry, warm, springlike weather now.
  9. 11.2C here in Corfe Mullen at the moment with sunny spells in between some rain showers
  10. Yay, it's snowing here. Ok it's very fine dandruff snow, but a good start to the New Year!
  11. Thank you. Was trying to find the link for ages. Merry Christmas.
  12. Perfect Autumn morning here. Blue skies and hardly any breeze. First morning with frost on the car this season. Temp now 7.7C.
  13. I hope not.I have had enough windy days already this year!
  14. Same here.Had the fan going all night but the upstairs temp was already at 28C at 7.30am. Heres hoping for a storm later to cool things down, although the last lot were too far West for us which might happen again
  15. Looks as if we will get rain in the next 15 minutes or so,looking at the radar. I thought we were in for a hot,sunny day!
  16. Has this summer been more breezy than usual? I'm sure we have had many more days of wind than usual in my area but perhaps it's just my imagination.
  17. Looks like the rain is here to stay now. At least the garden is happy. Temp 18.9C.
  18. Sadly no thunderstorms here last night.Don't think we had any rain either. Temp 22C presently and feeling a bit fresher so far.
  19. snowdog

    Pileus cloud

    We saw this type of cloud yesterday too.Was wondering what it was called.
  20. Overcast this morning.Temp 16.5C, slight breeze. Can still smell smoke in the air from the fire at Wareham which is at least 7 miles away from here.
  21. Really hoping you have a quick recovery. Sounds pretty scary the shortness of breath symptoms. Take care.
  22. I don't really understand the business world much,but could all the world financial markets be put on hold with no trading? Sorry for my ignorance.
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