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  1. Looks as if we will get rain in the next 15 minutes or so,looking at the radar. I thought we were in for a hot,sunny day!
  2. Has this summer been more breezy than usual? I'm sure we have had many more days of wind than usual in my area but perhaps it's just my imagination.
  3. Looks like the rain is here to stay now. At least the garden is happy. Temp 18.9C.
  4. Sadly no thunderstorms here last night.Don't think we had any rain either. Temp 22C presently and feeling a bit fresher so far.
  5. snowdog

    Pileus cloud

    We saw this type of cloud yesterday too.Was wondering what it was called.
  6. Overcast this morning.Temp 16.5C, slight breeze. Can still smell smoke in the air from the fire at Wareham which is at least 7 miles away from here.
  7. Really hoping you have a quick recovery. Sounds pretty scary the shortness of breath symptoms. Take care.
  8. I don't really understand the business world much,but could all the world financial markets be put on hold with no trading? Sorry for my ignorance.
  9. We are Neighbours fans here.I understand from the BBC live updates they are also suspending filming! For one week at the moment, someone tested positive for C-19 on set
  10. Is there any chart showing how many people are needing intensive care each day in the UK due to Covid19 ?
  11. This does not only affect the vulnerable though.It has a knock on effect to the whole society. Even if it is only the most vulnerable that are at risk from serious complications/death from the virus they will fill up the NHS capacity, and consequently there is not enough treatment for the usual patients, so they then become at risk and cannot get treatment.What about the A &E departments that already struggle and hospitals that do not have spare beds?
  12. This all feels so surreal at the moment. Looking out the window the sun is shining and all appears normal, but apart from the weather that’s where ‘normal’ life ends at the moment. Hubby has a cold. 99.9% sure that is all, but he has had to stay off work. He works at the local leisure centre/ gym. Time will tell whether the work place will close anyway? I wonder when life will return to normal! No doubt in a couple of years a film will be released. It will be the Americans that save the day. Specially 2 or 3 lead characters (good looking) that manage to fix everything!
  13. I guess one of the best places to be is on the International Space Station at the moment!
  14. That's a good tracker.Unfortunately the UK will probably drop off now surely, due to the fact that only cases in hospital will be tested for the virus?
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