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  1. Tongue in cheek for the MOD thread ie.Model Output Thread.Some of the posters in there get a bit 'agitated' about each model run and go a bit MAD !
  2. Shhhhh... don't tempt fate ! But yes it's so nice to see the sun again and no wind either.
  3. Well, just seen the Countryside weather forecast for the week. Didn't show much hope for any snow down south 😔. Noticed that the graphics on the forecast were all new too.
  4. Looks like that area of wintry precipitation on the radar is going to skim by me to the north east,as per usual.Going to visit my daughter soon in Sturminster Marshall so might get to see a few flakes/grains there.
  5. I am also one that hardly ever posts but am always following the forum,especially when snow or storms are a possibility.Have been here since the end of the BBC Snowwatch times! Obviously my hope is for snow but so many times it either goes to the North or South,turns into rain or simply fizzles out before it gets here! By the way 'Where's Bill Farkin these days'? Lol
  6. Me too.The pink/green,on the radar, has been edging closer though.Not sure if it is worth hoping that temps drop enough for some white stuff.No doubt the Poole snow shield will stay intact
  7. Yes I am sometimes.It seems slow to choose 'precipitation type'
  8. Yellow skies here too ! At least we have something to talk about if we are to miss out on Ophelia passing through our area.
  9. Hurricane Ophelia

    I am feeling a little bit jealous that we are not in the firing line on the south coast,not that I want to experience destruction or see others experience it.It is quite exciting to watch though.Unless of course there is a last minute change of direction!
  10. Hurricane Ophelia

    BBC radio weather forecast seem to be playing down the effects of this ‘storm’. Just listened to the forecast on Radio 4 and he mentioned possible disruption tomorrow with gusts of 70 miles per hour. Maybe this is because they only cover Northern Ireland in their forecast?
  11. Exactly ! I was expecting it to be a dreadful day weatherwise.It is grey and damp so far here, and looking at the radar nothing substantial on the way.
  12. Feeling chilly here today.After expecting today to be sunny and bright,according to the forecast, it is cloudy and autumnal. Temp was 13C at 10am and now only about 15C
  13. Rain just started and a few rumbles of thunder. Doesn't look like it will stay for long according to the radar
  14. Radar app beta test feedback

    The app is now working for me. Maybe restarting the tablet helped.Thanks for the help.