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  1. It feels a bit like deja vu here at the moment.Just like it often is when hoping for snow in the winter.The much needed rain is too far West, or too far East, leaving us in the gap in between.Hoping for something later on tonight!
  2. I'm a little confused after seeing a brief BBC forecast before Countryfile. The forecaster said just a few snow flurries overnight for Southern England. Has she not looked at the radar or does she know something we don't?
  3. That last bird is probably not a thrush but a Fieldfare. We have had a few in our garden the last couple of days
  4. Temperature seems to be dropping below freezing again here.I wonder if there is a chance of anymore snow for us?
  5. We have a covering of ice on everything here too. Like an ice rink outside. Poor dog went skidding out the door when I let him out to do his business this morning and had a panic!
  6. I hope ours stays as snow too,but looking at the radar precipitation type we are precariously on the edge of the green colour!
  7. Yes please I'll have the red blobs! Great to finally have snow here on the South Coast.Pleased that the forum has kept going too.Well done Netweather.
  8. Pleased to say the atmospheric pressure is dropping here and for the first time that I can remember my weather station has 'snow symbols' flashing!
  9. Looking at that precipitation on the radar,it looks like it is coming to an end after being there constantly out at sea for the last couple of days.Would be nice if we caught something from it but probably not knowing our luck.
  10. Out of interest I have noticed the Met office and other media are now calling it 'The beast from the east'. I know on this forum over the years this sort of potential set up has always been called by that phrase too.Do you think they have copied it from here,or is it the other way round?
  11. Well I live 3 miles north of Poole approx and believe it or not we have had spells of snow over the years that I have lived here( all my life ).I haven't a clue what the set up is for them to happen I'm afraid.I think the best ones are when you don't expect it to happen.Then at least you don't get disappointed at the last moment.Probably best when you are a child and wake up to a covering of snow without even following any forecasts.
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