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  1. The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (TORRO) WWW.TORRO.ORG.UK TORRO is a privately-supported research body specialising in severe convective weather in Britain and Ireland Interesting
  2. Glad I brought my hoody, it's quite a chilly breeze on the clifftop!
  3. Yeah, a few distant flashes since, mostly to the SW but one to the south also.
  4. I'm heading home now - I was expecting nothing and I got nothing, so at least the disappointment is minimal. Congrats to those who caught a corker!
  5. And that's my big concern right now. Every plume event I can remember that started out a bit drizzly ended up a damp squib. Others where skies remained clear or Ac-y have gone bang very quickly after nightfall.
  6. It's certainly warm and muggy. If no electrical activity kicks in shortly after nightfall I'm going to call it a day.
  7. Bournemouth beach. The drizzle has intensified into steady, light rain.
  8. Oh, bugger it. Despite my major reservations I'm off to the clifftop. Just in case....
  9. Was worth coming down for all those forks earlier in the evening and the massive gust of wind from the downdraft. Not sure it's worth staying any longer though? Edge of the rain band is here and the developing cells ahead of the rainband that just got swallowed up by it. Disappointed to be fair..
  10. Massive fork due south of me. No way was this what Blitzortung is showing. Too close.
  11. Relocated to Southbourne. Forks coming down sporadically over a large distance on the horizon. These are NOT being picked up by Blitzortung!
  12. I'm on the seafront near Bournemouth and I'm VERY confident it's going to go off. High level humidity veil incoming with cumulus growing to the south of me in the Channel. Might move from the West Cliff to the Southbourne area or maybe Christchurch though. Looks primed to kick off just off the coast around just as it's getting dark. Fingers crossed.
  13. Yeah, I agree. It just feels right. We've had one of 'those' evenings once a year for the last few years now. You off to Mudeford?
  14. After much deliberation I decided to stay in Bournemouth and headed for Southbourne clifftop. Was treated to a spectacular light show, largely from IC lightning, and then got pummelled by torrential rain and reasonably large hail (sounded like really big hail from inside the car)! Then went up to Picket Post just off the A31 near Burley and saw lots of CGs, mainly from the cells pushing inland to the east of me. All in all, a great night, but the sparsity of CGs in the Channel and the quietness of the thunder, even when lightning was overhead and constant, left me a little unfulfilled, which I realise is nuts considering the lack of storms here for what seems like an age. From a personal perspective, I much preferred the storms of 2014 & 2015, but last night was pretty amazing nonetheless!
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