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  1. Rain now turning to big sleet in north Bournemouth. Thank heavens - my nerves are shredded!!!
  2. Please can you provide a link to the dedicated cold spell thread? TIA.
  3. If memory serves that was a polar low that dropped down and stalled in the English Channel. Bournemouth was under a Met O Red Warning but the low tracked a little too far east before stalling and we ended up getting naff all snow whilst the A3 corridor took a pasting.
  4. Mother Of All Storms going off right now in the North Adriatic, off the coast of Venice.
  5. And that's a 20% chance of the all-time UK record being broken!!! 30% chance of the July record being broken, according to the Met O's Chief Forecaster.
  6. High pressure is becoming so dominant it's now taking over the Icelandic low pressure! 😮😁
  7. Torrential downpour just west of Poole. Thunder heard.
  8. Thor's just put 50p in the meter! ⚡⚡⚡⚡
  9. I'm on Bournemouth's West Cliff and there's loooaaads more lightning out in the Channel than is being picked up by the lightning apps.
  10. I'm torn. Champion's League or out chasing the storms. I've git a feeling they could be a bit special this evening.
  11. Yes, thing happening all of a sudden here in Bournemouth. Looking very good!
  12. Blitzortung WAAAAY off the mark. The lightning is non stop. Continental style!
  13. On Bournemouth clifftop. CONSTANT lightning. It's April. Bloody insane!!
  14. Walking back from the shop earlier this evening and big (positive?) CG came out of the back of the cloud/blue right down 100-200m in front of me. MASSIVE thunderclap - loudest I've heard for many years. Can't believe BFTE2 was only a few weeks ago!