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  1. Blitzortung WAAAAY off the mark. The lightning is non stop. Continental style!
  2. On Bournemouth clifftop. CONSTANT lightning. It's April. Bloody insane!!
  3. Walking back from the shop earlier this evening and big (positive?) CG came out of the back of the cloud/blue right down 100-200m in front of me. MASSIVE thunderclap - loudest I've heard for many years. Can't believe BFTE2 was only a few weeks ago!
  4. I'm still very hopeful for this weekend but from an IMBY point of view (and yours I suspect), my fear is that the frontal snow will be more prevalent in the far SW, with most of the convection in the NE, leaving us in a drier middle section.
  5. Here's an interesting excerpt: "We have not seen such an absence of deep cold pool events since the 1970s, and therefore, in spite of global warming, who is to say that, following 1956 and 1987, the next extremely deep cold pool event will not visit us in January or February 2018?" Considering that was written in Jan 2011, that's not a bad call!
  6. Although in fairness, the CFS showed an easterly and very cold start to March a long, long way back if memory serves me right.
  7. Also worth bumping is yesterday's excellent blog by Nick Finnis, which I found extremely informative and helped demystify the MJO. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/8716-analysis-of-whats-behind-the-pattern-change-bringing-deep-cold-to-uk-next-week
  8. It would be interesting to repeat this exercise next Wednesday, when we compare these charts with the T0 charts.
  9. GFS spawns a Super Typhoon in the northern Atlantic. Er, no! (Edit - I've deleted phil nw's text to shorten my post. For the record, I'm laughing at the GFS' output - not phil nw's excellent post. Apologies if my post reads wrong & out of context...)
  10. Our snowman from earlier - the posh Surrey variety with strawberries for eyes! 😂
  11. Last one from me. As Blue says, altitude is key. Anyone thinking of travelling in the search of snow would do well to go somewhere well above sea level - Portadown Hill,Butsor Hill got to be a good shout. Living in Bournemouth, we're truly snow starved. I'll never forget as a small kid when my Dad drove me up to Shaftesbury one winter. (1981?). Bournemouth had nothing, there was a dusting 10 miles inland and by the time we'd got to the hills of Shaftesbury, there were snow drifts several foot deep by the sides of the road. I was wonderstruck and that has never left me!
  12. Yes, top of a hill! Edit: Snowing very heavily - huge flakes coming down hard. Easily 2-3 inches has settled.
  13. I've struck lucky! Travelled to Haslemere yesterday evening and have woken up to a whiteout!
  14. I was working then enf of 2012 - early 2013. I remember there was a lot of snow in Swindon then that settled.
  15. Personally interested in any snow reports linked to model verification.