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  1. yep watching it now thugs trying to smash windows at a local ladbrokes

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      Sorry. THUGS!!!

    3. Harry


      Agreed!! I would LOVE more than anything else, for police to charge the streets shooting each of the scumbags in the kneecaps! While they're at it, stick a label on their head saying "you thought you had a difficult life before!!"....perhaps now a government will finally give police PROPER powers back, teachers the ability to PROPERLY administer discipline! Deal properly with the "parents" who cry innocence!



      Agreed Harry, perhaps the bullet through the head is a bit extreme,but it makes me sso angry that they can wreck peoples lives/communities and they are likely to get something of a sentence. Just on the Radio saying they will pay for what they have done, In the society we live today, that probably means a slap on the wrist and told not to do this again. The whole criminal law needs to be stepped up dramatically, otherwise this is more likely to happen more widely...