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  1. I’m surprised you say that. I thought 2012-13 was a really good winter with snowfalls in Jan, Feb and March. January and March especially were really good. and then the 2017-18 winter was really good too. Overall, I think this has been a good winter with potentially more to come
  2. This is spot on. It happens every year that when you get into February, people are like winter’s done but I have found that March is far more wintry than December. Still a lot of potential for snow over the next 6-7 weeks On April 16 2016, I woke up to a small covering of snow for example. So there is still lots of potential
  3. Very heavy snow shower. Short and sharp. A dusting everywhere
  4. This has potential to be another March 12 2006 event. The front stalled about 20-25 miles west of here where they had big snowfalls and Birmingham nothing
  5. Yes I totally agree. Should just appreciate that we’ve had falling snow and small coverings in this cold spell given the rubbish we had in the last 2 winters.
  6. You may get lucky later as I think it will only shift north today
  7. Wind direction change again. Stream looks like going to hit North of Birmingham- Aldridge, Stafford etc
  8. Snowing quite moderately at the moment. Some good looking showers coming this way
  9. Just over an inch has fallen here in Harborne. Looks like more to come
  10. Just woke up to check the cricket and it’s snowing. A good dusting everywhere
  11. Anyone in Solihull/South Birmingham? Looks like a heavy snow shower over you
  12. Those in Birmingham fear not. Wikipedia is never wrong and it says this: Birmingham is a snowy city relative to other large UK conurbations, due to its inland location and comparatively high elevation.[125]Between 1961 and 1990 Birmingham Airportaveraged 13.0 days of snow lying annually,[126]compared to 5.33 at London Heathrow.[127]Snow showers often pass through the city via the Cheshire gap on north westerly airstreams, but can also come off the North Sea from north easterly airstreams There has to be something coming
  13. I can see a line of heavyish showers heading for Birmingham. Should be here in an hour or so
  14. If these charts come off, you’re looking at February 2021 being talked in the same breath as December 2010. The Atlantic has nowhere to go
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