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  1. Unconfirmed report that 4 possible amateur storm chasers were found dead in a car in Tuscaloosa

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    2. dogs32


      DEATH toll 300 rising

    3. sammie


      *eyerolls* oh for Lettuce sake its no ones fault but their own. I'm sorry but blaming other people for their deaths is moronic. They got in the car. They made the choice. Tradgic yes but thats the horrible truth of it. People need to be acountable for their own choices.

    4. Gorky


      Please avoid visiting that site. It's run by a conman with lots of personal and political agendas and is a complete sham. Sadly, I've heard other independent reports of this so it might be true but the way Kevin uses the news to take digs at others makes my skin crawl... gah... The less advertising revenue that guy gets, the better