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  1. Getting closer......more frequent, much brighter elevated lightning. We’ve had light to moderate fat raindrops for the last 2 hours. After our non stop 5 hour pyrotechnics on Monday I’m happy if this is all we get!
  2. Much brighter distinct flashes to my E now. Light convective rain. Distant flickers to the W, over the sea.
  3. After our 5 hour extravaganza last night it’s all quiet here. but I can see frequent, very elevated distant flashes to the East. Presume from Leigh/Manchester way?
  4. Over 5 hours of lightning, thunder and some hours of torrential rain. Fantastic!
  5. This is truly extraordinary for this location. I'm 60 years old and I’ve never known such a prolonged storm as this. Still ongoing! 4.5 hours now.
  6. Strikes are visible on lightning maps, plenty of them! Fantastic night.
  7. Still seeing strikes to my West and I’m on the West coast. 3 hours and counting.
  8. Just never ending, cell after cell. early June 1983 was the last time I remember anything similar here. Posted that on a local,FB page and had quite a few (who are old enough!) agreeing!
  9. Shotgun thunder from the cell over the sea. V bright lightning. Rain overhead easing now.
  10. We’ve got cell after cell coming over, as one passes another comes along from the South.
  11. Torrential rain now as of 2/ mins ago. Still fantastic T and L best storm here that I remember since the 80s!
  12. Amazing near constant strobe lightning. Seems v elevated from sound of thunder.
  13. Frequent flashes now.,getting closer.No thunder yet. To my South. Now v faint thunder..
  14. Maybe that’s the one we heard over here. Was a good distance away but wow! Very bright flash for daytime and extremely loud thunder.
  15. In Ainsdale we saw a very bright flash and 10 seconds later incredibly loud booming thunder. Must have been frightening if you were close to it!
  16. Still incredibly hot, isn’t it? Skies look very dark and stormy.
  17. Seeing a few bright flashes to my West. Out at sea, I think. No thunder heard.
  18. Just had a few deep rumbles of thunder a few minutes apart, rapidly darkening skies from the N and now torrential fat raindrops.
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