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  1. Can confirm that the band that passed over Gloucester produced some enormous flakes for about 15 mins. Nice to see
  2. Couple of rumbles but mainly very heavy rain here. Calmed down now
  3. That was mental right! I'm in coopers edge. Parasol destroyed, just got the gazebo down in time. Constant thunder now. Get in
  4. On the outskirts of Gloucester and the wind has gone from nothing to destroying a parasol within minutes. Mental! Really warm wind and all
  5. Can see the lightning from Gloucester looking north. Constant flickering, very jealous right now
  6. Sat outside between Gloucester and Cheltenham and it's the most oppressive it's been all day. Sky pretty much clouded over and feels very stormy. Keeping everything crossed but not sure what my chances are 🤞
  7. A cell went from nothing to dropping a bolt a mile from me in 15 mins! Rain getting heavier but no more thunder heard. Loving this weather right now!
  8. Best storm in ages rattled through Gloucester about an hour back. Loads of thunder and epic rain! Me and my youngest lad are well happy now ??
  9. I don't post in here often albeit I have been a member for the longest time. Please dont apologise for being aspergic ever, my youngest lad is on the spectrum and he loves the weather! Give it 6 years and he'll be here doing exactly the same (you've all been warned ?). Enjoy the coming days mate ?
  10. Had a couple of cracks of thunder here in Gloucester. Sun still out at the moment
  11. Big spots of rain here in Gloucester, really hoping we get something of note later on!
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