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  1. lol


    Hi Daniel, 


    Those are pebbled beaches that bank moves up along with the waves, the waves create the bank in fact.


    As far as I know, and I might be wrong, but there's not any sandy beaches in Bognor


    They were sandy beaches in Bognor and are sandy below the pebbles that were put there at least 20 years ago as sea defence. Having said that my kids, were there 2 days ago and said under the pier the sand had been stripped down to the underlying clay. Not seen that for many years. Also they saw a lot of stranded starfish. Didn't even know we had starfish in the UK.

  2. Still watching the Bognor webcam




    The waves are getting to the top of the sandbank now & with over an hour until high-tide I wouldn't be surprised to see waves hitting the shops Posted Image


    I live here and would be surprised to see the waves hitting the shops. Wouldn't be surprised if the fishermen come down to move their boat soon though. Sea water not been on to the road in Bognor seafront since '87 but tonight seems to be the worst since then in my view. Especially seeing we haven't reached the peak of the storm yet. My house is starting to creak in some of the more severe gusts and I can hear the tiles lifting. Hope they stay on!

  3. Nice webcam! Can't help wishing it was day time but it's clear enough. I used to go down to Bognor a lot as a kid, looks like there could be some flooding there tonight

    Pagham is the area most at risk tonight. The last severe storm the defences were breached and a couple of roads were flooded. What is most worrying is that the beach is disappearing at a rate of knots and the houses are now perilously close to the edge! If I lived there I would sleep elsewhere tonight.

  4. Southampton now gusting Force 11. 59.3 knots or 69mph


    And CHIMET not far behind with Force 11 58.2 knots or 67mph



    Please! I don't want it to get worse than a force 11. Not when we have 4 hours until the worst is supposed to be here anyway. Perhaps it is coming through earlier? Hopefully.

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