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  1. This weather is soooo boring.

  2. How wonderful. Heavy rain. Never thought I would ever say that. I can smeel wet earth for the first time in 5 months!

  3. Hi Shotski. Just saw in your comment on Storm discussion thread that you have marsh frogs. Are they normal wild British frogs, i don't suppose so, and where do you get them from as we are considering starting a wildlife pond and the normal frogs don't seem to want to come to our goldfish pond for the last 6 years.

  4. One clap of thunder and heavy rain. Does that count as a storm? ;-)

  5. Eyja steaming well today.

  6. WOW Chili 2,500 times hotter than tabasco. Ouch.

  7. says "the sky is hungry, it's belly is rumbling!"

  8. Who's whinging? Not me! A max of 25.7C here today but some sunshine. Who could ask for me? Me, I want some of the rain from this "wettest ever July" that was a drought here!

  9. I want SNOW!!!! Now would be good.

  10. Autumn here now. Have to keep fishing falling leaves out of the pond and many trees now changing colour. Not true autumn, just drought.

  11. why is losing weight so hard?

    1. Dorsetbred


      Because gaining weight is so easy, everything has to balance in nature!

    2. coldfingers


      What a superb answer. I will try to remember that the next time someone offers me wedding cake.

  12. hot and humid here, 26C max with 76% humidity. Unpleasant!

  13. weather is soo boring here. sunny temp 21.6C

  14. WOW 24 now. Quarter of a century next time.

  15. 21 quakes under Katla in last 48 hours, 28 in total in the area. Tremor rate rising steeply too.

  16. to Thundery wintry showers ,... Reckon you have a chance. max here was 23.9C and temp now dropping as wind increases to F5

  17. Lots of steam from Eyja tonight

  18. max gust overnight near Bognor 52 mph. wheelie bins just been emptied and are blowing around a bit.

  19. Awesome! It's raining in Bognor. Real rain that doesn't evaporate before it hits the ground!!

  20. Oh it's so unfair. STILL no rain!

  21. Well done Spain, new winners of the World Cup

  22. how lucky to live close to the sea on a hot day. *smirk*

  23. Any bets on a new fussire on Eyja? seems could be so on Thorolfsfelli cam. Check out thread.

  24. forgotten what rain feels like.

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