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  1. You should know what the Daily Fail is like Nick, anything to sell a paper, or slag someone off who aint flavour of the month!
  2. There probbably isn't I can see us selling him on now though, I vaguely remember last time, the Liverpool brass gave him his last warning.
  3. Silly punishing Liverpool, he should be banned from playing any international games for life, 2 years whatever. This will have a big effect on Liverpool, who are innocent in this instance. If he did it again in a ELP game, then its different, but this is a World Cup matter. I think hes an amazing player, but I think he has a screw loose.
  4. Time for us to get rid of Suarez, enough is enough. He has a great season, well behaved, and now hes done this. Love the guy, but hes a basket case, He shouldn't be playing football with these issues.
  5. Ahh cheers Paul, thought it was something I had done wrong
  6. Hi guys, any reason why the site refuses to let me change my avatar? I keep trying to upload and or link to the new one, but it keeps reverting to the old one. Driving me cuckoo! lol. Kain
  7. Jose is a complete and utter (bleep) Hes moaned about spurs parking the bus 10 years ago, he moaned about West Ham parking the bus 2 months ago, and what did he yesterday? Hmm. Then he said its better football! Lol. The man is a complete and utter ham sandwich. Dont get me wrong, I didn't really expect us to win the league, but the way we threw that game away yesterday was a terrible. Aspas ain't fit the the shirt, and why Sakho? Agger everyday over that usless idiot. At least we have champs league garanteed. We need defenders in the summer, not more strikers. I'm hoping we throw Aspas out the door and welcome Borini back.
  8. Shame hes been sacked, I dont think its all him. I think some of the players should have been sacked quite frankly. Half of them look like they dont even want to play. Since SAF retired, they act more like someone who has lost there beloved grandad on the field. Partly the blame lies with Moyes, but alot with the players.
  9. Chelsea wen't that convincing today, or have they been these past few games really. So we could protentially rip them apart. We just need to stop with the silly little defence errors. However I agree with AWD, we aint even got a finger on the title yet, its all to play for. As for chanting in the minutes silence, the fans need to get banned, its classless and tasteless.
  10. Well its was an OG so maybe not a comeback lol
  11. Kain

    horse racing

    Whos whos having what in the national today?
  12. RvP is blaming his teamates this morning, saying they get in his way. Adds fuel to the fire that RvP wants out.
  13. I somehow managed to catch the last flight of the DC10 into Brum. There was me thinking the silly sod was just lost! Pretty chuffed now Kain
  14. Refs had a shocker today, should have been 2-2..hell should have been 2-1 if it wern't for Mingolet's turkey impression. Still at least we wern't steam rolled like Spurs and Arsenal were.
  15. Not very often we agree with each other Nick, but I'm with you on that one.
  16. Agreed, but I wouldn't be surprised if Suarez adds to his goal tally today. I do think we may get smashed though
  17. Hull has flew out the starting gates today!
  18. These directors of football are becomming abit of a plague in the league.. On the plus side, it's the best Christmas No1 for year..well it will lst until boxing day anyway, I bet we get smashed by Man City
  19. Who knows, but it seems like comman knowledge he didn't get a say.. Mental really.
  20. Another silly sacking, especially when if rumours are believed, AVB don't have a say in what players are bought and sold. Maybe its time Levy shuts that gob of his and takes up the mantle? After all no one seems to live up to his expectation?
  21. Agreed, Spurs playerd today looked tired and lazy. Soldardo probably worked hardest out there for spurs.
  22. Im has happy as a pig in ... Feel sorry for AVB though..
  23. Even as a reds fan its painfull to watch Spurs falling apart, I suppose its painfull as it happened to us so many times last season. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving how were playing, and running rings around the spurs defence, but sad, esepcially as I like AVB and wouldn't want another good manager sacked. More of the same in the second half please, but I do sympathise with the spurs fans!
  24. Pretty much the same way I think how the league will pan out. It will be nice for us to finally be in the top 4. Talk about us winning the league though is a tad ambitious.
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