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  1. Hi guys Not sure where to put this post, so apologies if in the wrong place. Does anyone know where I could find the cape chart for the 2012 June 28th supercells? Cheers Kain
  2. Im from Bridgnorth, yet always get called a brumie by my pompey mates!
  3. Anyone know of any streaming webcams on the SE coast rarther than the timelapse ones?
  4. I have no idea why people are so upset. this happens 95% of the time. It's very rare over here when the forecasters predict storms they actually happen. MetO are notoriously bad for forcasting 'storm days' Just keep watching the radar, and if something happens - great, if it doesn't, there always the next hyped up day to look forward too ^^ K
  5. He did, but at the time wasn't nothing to do with Liverpool while on international duty. While playing in a Liverpool top, he was well behaved for the season.
  6. If we get Mario, it will be a shrewd bit of business on our part. Rodgers seems to have the knack of managering troublesome players, look what he did for Suarez last season. If the right Balotelli turns up, he could be a brilliant addition.
  7. I hate Man Utd being a LIFC fan, but don't blame Van Gaal. When hes managing a bunch of no hopers, what do you expect. He needs to rebuild the team from the ground up. Its what BR is doing for us. It will take time however. It was quite a good start to the season so far, I'm hoping we do over scummers tomorrow, but its a funny team for us lol.
  8. You should know what the Daily Fail is like Nick, anything to sell a paper, or slag someone off who aint flavour of the month!
  9. There probbably isn't I can see us selling him on now though, I vaguely remember last time, the Liverpool brass gave him his last warning.
  10. Silly punishing Liverpool, he should be banned from playing any international games for life, 2 years whatever. This will have a big effect on Liverpool, who are innocent in this instance. If he did it again in a ELP game, then its different, but this is a World Cup matter. I think hes an amazing player, but I think he has a screw loose.
  11. Time for us to get rid of Suarez, enough is enough. He has a great season, well behaved, and now hes done this. Love the guy, but hes a basket case, He shouldn't be playing football with these issues.
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