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  1. Wow!! Hasnt time flown...not been on here like forever!!! Well a few things have happened...my estate agents job ended in feb of this year and now iam an administrator for jewsons.... I have a puppy Bailey....hes gorgeous...11 months now... My dad got married last July...and my nephew arrived last august...called ollie!! So quite abit really..... Still not done my test but hoping to start lessons again....i had my 23rd birthday in may....so times really flying!! love to all xxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. wow its been ages since i last wrote an entry!! I have been busy working and stuff and my laptop broke so not been online as much as i would of liked! This weekend was fairly quiet on sat but on sun i completed the race for life for cancer research in torbay,it was a great event and me and 2000 other women took part and gemini fm radio was there live!! (me on the left) A great atmosphere and very emotional but to have entered and raised money i feel so proud and im up for next year!! Its my day off today so i was hoping to get things done but so far i have been so lazy!! plus havent been able to get into town as its raining so much at mo!! im off to sheffield this weekend so that should be an experience! never been up that far,im looking forward to it!! apart from that no news to report,its nearly time for my new neice/nephew to arrive,due in july so im soooo excited about that!! catch you all later and hope everyone is well!! B :unsure:
  3. bethpink


    Wow!!!! thats a great foto! well done steve!
  4. bethpink


    Hello all! I had a great week in st ives last week and the weather was lovely, we only had one afternoon of rain! The lodge was beautiful,we were in a woodland it was secluded and there was a river running by,it was just so relaxing,apart from the odd HUGE spider coming inside!!!aah!!!! I had some good news this week,after all these interviews,finally i have a new job!!! apart from this isnt from an interview,its the estate agents i worked for temp two weeks ago,i went in to see them today and they are going to employ me 3 days a week, 9 till 6pm so thats pretty good really,the money is enough so luckily im ok,there may be more hours available depending on how much work there is! So i start tomorrow!! Watched a prog on sky one last nite,inside a lightning bolt,it was really interesting actually apart from the annoying women presenter! :unsure: Cant believe its nearly may already,the year is flying by! ill be 22 soon!!! :unsure: Love Beth xxx
  5. Well i have had an interesting week so far, i was asked by a friend to come and help out in an estate agents in town as they are so short staffed,just temp for this week. It has been a very enjoyable experience and very interesting,learnt lots of new skills and improved alot on my admin,mind you i must say estate agents are rather rude/arrogant,thank god im just an administrator!! Im looking forwad to easter week as on monday me and my fiance are off to st ives for the week,staying in a wooden lodge,it is a well deserved break,as we dont often go away! so should be good!! knowing my luck it will pi** it down!! I have not been on here very much as i have been busy,it seems odd not logging on everyday! Umm not much else to report really,im still trying to get sponsers for my race for life in june,but im not getting very far!! Hope all is well with everyone that is reading this! Love B xx
  6. bethpink

    Lovely Day...

    Oh mini Roo looks gorgeous!!! a lovely picture Roo!
  7. Yes that happened to me Emma,as well as the embarrassment of friends seeing you,thats a killer! I thought i was going really well and then have a bad lesson and everything seems to go wrong and it knocks your confidence but dont worry it will become second nature!! It does take time but hang in there!!
  8. bethpink

    Hectic Weekend!!

    Yeh they do!!its such fun,good exercise!!haha!
  9. Hi all!! Well what a hectic weekend,i had my brother and sister in law down and my 2 neices for the weekend! They came friday night and went back sunday afternoon. On friday was the usual drunkeness!! and saturday we all took the girls to crealy park,it was great,a really sunny day too which was lucky. There was loads to do and we spent the whole day there.then we came back to have fish and chips and more drink..................and more.,......and more food!! :unsure: Then we decieded on sunday to go and see our grandparents so we went there for the morning,and at lunchtime went to a lovely pub for lunch and there was a kids play area inside so that kept the girls quiet!!! Then we got back to ours and off they went,lots of driving about so we were all tired,especially me and the o/h as the girls hardly slept so we were up at an unheard of hour both days,so we went to bed at 8 last night!!!! So this morning i have been cleaning up the house,its so quiet now they have gone its weird!! I was really chuffed to come online to a pm from paul telling me my photo was one of the ones chosen for the homepage! i still cant believe it!!so that put me in a good mood! We are trying to sell out car at the moment so fingers crossed,we keep getting stupid tyre kickers on the phone and coming round!!cant stand them, <_< .hopefully a genuine buyer wil appear this weekend! Apart from that nothing else to report,still applying for work whenever a job appears!! And my diet is still failing!!and the months are ticking by,its march already so i better get a move on! Hope your all ok Beth xx
  10. bethpink

    Moving #2

    Its great living here!! i live in devon and its the best placed ive lived!! Hope all goes well for you xx
  11. Hey guys!! Hope your all having a good weekend,its nearly midnight and im up writing a blog entry!!hmmmmm??!! <_< :unsure: Anyway,its cos i cant sleep,something im not too good at recently,ive no idea why. Had a very boring week,not heard anything about any jobs,im beginning to think im unemployable! Diets going pants!! not really been bothering,im so rubbish,but i cant resist bad food!!! Ummmm boring weekend so far really,been looking at tents yet again,the o/h still cant decide,i expect we will miss this summer at this rate! Been down to see my brother alot lately and sister in law and her ever growing bump!! ahh its so exciting,i saw the scan photos last weekend,they were lovely,it was also rather funny watching my beloved o/h sat for ages trying to work out where the head was etc!! he hasnt seen a scan before!!Bless!! Valentines day went well,had a great day and had a couple of lovely gifts,was very impressed and i didnt have to cook!yey! :blink: Having a problem with the rubbish ebay too,bought a new phone and it has yet to arrive,im not getting anywhere contacting the seller!seems a bit dodgy,if only other sellers where as good as me at selling!!lol! :blink: Anyway thats it for now,i should be getting some sleep but we'll see!?i think ill be counting sheep all night.........3450,3451..................6789.6790......!!!!!!!! :blink: (attached are my 2 neices sasha and chloe!!) Night everyone, Beth xx
  12. Ah thanks Evo!! Ive just noticed that my photo wasnt taken in Feb and it was the one i wanted to use!! nevermind! Thanks again Bx
  13. Hi How do i post my photo for the feb photo comp??? i dont know how to add a pic! thanks!
  14. bethpink

    Fingers Crossed

    Hi all!! Well i had a good weekend,me and the o/h went to stay with my mum this weekend,it was a laugh!! <_< alot of drink and surprise surprise some monopoly!!haha That was such fun,not played it for yrs and i actually won!!!! :unsure: We spent alot of the weekend out walking as mum has a puppy well its 5mth old and a black lab so nearly full grown!and has alot of energy,so that was fun,cos i love walking. I am doing well on my diet and have nearly lost a stone,so im pleased,i know i can do well as i have until july so im going to keep going. We finally after a long wait have broadband!! yeh its so much better than dial up and its great not to get so frustrated waiting for pages to load etc!!haha I had a interview on thursday in a jewellers in town and they are looking for a someone to serve, as well as jewellery repairs so its going to be a very interesting job,they said they would let me know the end of this week, but i have already heard from them and they have asked me to come in tomorrow to have a trial day to see if i like it and they like me and then i will hear from them if i get it,its kind of like a second interview! So im quite excited as the money really is needed!! Anyway apart from that there is nothing else really to report!! Hope u all had a great weekend! :blink: Love B xxx
  15. bethpink


    Hello 2 u all!! Well what lovely weather!! its been so nice lately,i love this cold weather and sunshine! Had a pretty quiet weekend,i was stuck inside with not much to do on sat,the o/h was playing with his car!!I did go out to see it once it was finished thou,its back on the road as from weds so i better had get my crash helmet out!!!! Went out on sun and did some shopping!! yey! made up 4 the boring saturday,and then we went to stover park which is a gorgeous woodland with ponds etc,had a nice walk,my diet was kind of put on hold over the weekend,i ate and drunk far 2 much! oh well im back on it today!! :blink: My o/h was thinking alot yest,erday he wants us to go on alot of cheap hols this year so instead of spending a fortune he was looking at caravans,then trailer tents and now hes narrowed it down to a lovely big tent!! Im not going anywhere unless its a big tent and its warm weather!! lol!! So we have been looking for one with a few compartments and a living area,they look nice so maybe ill be in for a fun summer!!! :unsure: I still am jobless,been applying like mad still,had a few interviews and not heard anything yet so fingers crossed!! the applying thing really is doing my head in lately! the same details over and over again! My dad is coming over tomo so were going to spend some time together and i cant wait,cos dont see him that much without the dog around!! :blink: <_< Anyway thats about it 4 now. Take care all, B xx :blink:
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