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  1. Melting because ground temps are not cold enough. Wind chill is fine but unless you have precipitation that’s heavy and prolonged it’s pointless at the moment.
  2. This is absolutely brilliant. It’s been years since it’s been this good. Wow
  3. Honestly the intensity of the lightning now is nothing like being in this country. Proper electrical storm
  4. Let’s hope so. When you have such a hot sultry day and you’re left clinging on to a few strikes around you it makes you think what do you actually need for decent storm around here.
  5. The air outside is so ridiculously humid I just don’t understand why things are not exploding.
  6. Nothing worse than getting a notification off the Met Office saying your Thunderstorm warning has been cancelled.
  7. You just don’t get the storms like we used to in this country anymore. I remember as a kid in the 90s early 00s you would get storms that lasted all night and I would still hear them rumbling away as I went to school in the morning.
  8. Really surprised how quickly the sky has cleared after the small storm we had this morning. It’s all about radar watching now. Wouldn’t be surprised to see another storm later.
  9. We have lift off. Lightning detected just north of Oswestry. I wonder if we’ll see some surprises today .
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