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  1. The radar is looking more interesting now for the West Midlands. Fingers crossed.
  2. Lights flickering here,really hope we don’t lose power. We’ve done so well off this.
  3. Still fairly heavy here. Roads terrible. Just took the dog on a walk and saw lots of cars struggling and police dealing with an accident.
  4. I’m also off to the Villa game tomorrow but got a feeling it will be off. The pitch will be fine it’s the surrounding areas that’s the problem. UTV
  5. I think the met office staff are probably trying to get home for the weekend haha. Still can’t believe we haven’t seen an amber warning for this.
  6. Coming down nicely in Telford and settling. The radar is looking very good. I’d say better than anything we had yesterday
  7. The radar is looking excellent. Surely the Met Office will issue and amber warning.
  8. Potentially looking good later. Hopefully we get some heavier stuff this afternoon,
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