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  1. Yes the West get homegrown decent storms, the SE usually get the imports. (Elevated) Although sometimes the SW, Bath, Bristol, East Wales has a good knack of developing Elevated lightning shows.
  2. Brighton is always a good spot. Like snow though, no one will know the exact location or time.
  3. Ouch that's the dreaded "thundery rain/claggy greyness"
  4. Models struggling with the plume I think, temps of 6C in Wales but 30C just over channel in France are unlikely If I was a betting man I would say plume of hot air wednesday/thursday with quite severe thunderstorms in places giving a cool down to 15, 17C
  5. Thursday it could go bang in a big way with that dividing line between moist atlantic air and heat from the South. knife edge stuff
  6. Well unless I can live in 3 places 50 miles or so apart at the same time then no
  7. Look for cells firing off around Worcester, Ludlow, Bridgenorth, West Midlands area over next 2 hours.
  8. Could the cold be overplayed by the models? I find it hard to believe it will be the coldest and warmest March all in one week.
  9. My guess for lightning activity this afternoon evening will be red box, with not much activity or indeed cloud, rain blue box.
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