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  1. Similar to summer thunderstorms, we have a developing in situ process. Don't lose heart.
  2. All starting to destablise now, a strike of SW Wales, and Lyme Regis. As that front pushes in.
  3. Looks likes a similar pattern cools down bit in the week then hot weekends.
  4. Looks like a very warm/hot Wimbledon & British Grand Prix
  5. Finally I think we have reached the tipping point where enough ingredients are there.. cell sw of Hereford is getting going now
  6. The storms last week had the heat over France/Germany to power them, that heat has now shifted further east https://en.sat24.com/en
  7. I think a lot of the clag is surpressing the ability of lightning to get going.
  8. That's my area, so will keep an eye on it through this afternoon. Will live stream if anything occurs.
  9. If lightning is 100% required battery charge, we are at about 85-90% charge at the moment. nearly there
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