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  1. Reached 30C xcweather report. Wonder if 32C will be squeezed out somewhere, yesterday in Wales |(west coast) showers popped off even with a capping in place, but only due to 30+ being reached.
  2. I can see lightning over Brecon which is a good 40 miles or so from here, but only from the nearest hill.
  3. ouch cornwall 13C, SW Wales 15C currently big drop, the fresher air is now rushing in from the SW. So any storms that do form will need to in that warm air east of it otherwise chances are 0%
  4. Yes running the radar there is a definite eastwards shift now rather than the south to north of yesterday.
  5. Hmm all the heat is down south at moment though, I'd be looking at places like Worcester, Oxford to build up storms rather than 18C temps up north, unless I'm wrong. I know if I was a thunderstorm i'd much prefer 28C to 17C or 18C
  6. So you think the areas that do have that solar heating this morning (east wales, west midlands, central england, southern england) will have storms this afternoon?
  7. It is always a bad sign for the Midlands, CS England is Western Scotland has storms previous day, it means the storms will skip across during 24 hour period of following day that unstable airmass ends up over the North sea.
  8. Destabilising has just started to occur Barnstaple, up to Swansea , almost popcorn like rash of activity. Night cooling now coming to play.
  9. Excellent, sounds like mid level to me. They are difficult to pickup on lightning detectors they don't always pick it up.
  10. Perfect time for it, humidity has risen from 40% to 55% here in last hour. now things are starting to cool aloft the atmosphere should get more juicy.
  11. That's more like it, people are getting too over excited with the current homegrown showers. The frequent lightning from mid levels needs the cooling night air to pop off.
  12. Looks like a classic case of SW England, Bath Somerset, then Swansea/Cardiff north 11pm-4am medium level cloud lightning. My favourite type
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