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  1. Lovely and snowy in Saddleworth, just having a heavy hail shower. Picture taken at lunchtime
  2. Interesting weather contrasts around these parts. I took these pictures yesterday of life in Oldham (very snowy) and then on a commute to Blackley in North Manchester.
  3. Storm Animal

    Saddleworth snow Jan 2015

    Pictures taken from 18th - 21st January in the Southern Pennines/ Peak District border
  4. Had non stop snow all morning here and it really intensified about 45 mins ago. Just taken these pictures now at my house. I went to North Manchester Hospital this morning and was completely snow free when you got to Hollinwood....its a different world. Temp currently 0.6oC
  5. Light snow falling here atm, but the band from the North seems to be decaying. Hope for some better stuff on Tues/ Weds.
  6. Join The Snake Inn page on Facebook, some new owners are putting some nice pictures on and keeping you updated on road conditions. Some1 even suggested they get a live webcam which would be ace. I know its not exactly the summit of The Snake Pass, but it's always nice to have a nosey
  7. Snow this morning in Saddleworth.......will there be more on Tue/ Weds??
  8. Thanks, at least it's rain.....We have plenty of that normally
  9. What causes the rain to skip around Manchester area? I remember a similar scenario when Wales had that red warning for snow about 2 yr ago and the band of snow coming up from the South broke up around Manchester...It was so frustrating. Luckily this time we appear to be missing out on boring old rain
  10. Just started raining (lightly) in Oldham 1000ft asl and temp is 3oC
  11. Had a light dusting of snow this morning, still lying in the shaded spots @ present
  12. Storm Animal

    Saddleworth March 2013

    Some pictures of the drifts
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