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  1. Update: last year we were desperately worried about our newly born great grandson. He had a brain hemorrhage, his heart stopped twice and there were accurate problems with his bowel.

    He had a stoma fitted and has now been reversed, he needs special milk as he is lactose intolerant, hernia has been sorted and he is a very lively, determined one year old today. Not quite walking yet but he can go round the chairs and pull himself up. He has a loving smile, a yell that can break glass and he knows exactly what he wants. As we left he was busy crawling up the stairs after climbing in the washing machine and getting stuck.

    He still has a hole in the heart which will be another big hurdle for him ( next week) but the heart team are quite confident he is strong enough to sail through it. Still a worry for us all but we trust their judgement.

    To have come though everything is a tribute to his determination and the exceptional care he has received from docs, nurses and health care professionals in our magnificent SNHS.

    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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    2. Daniel*


      Already been a year wow! Happy to hear the little one is in good shape. :) 

    3. lassie23


      all the best to you

    4. frogesque


      Thanks for all your good wishes. The wee man had a blast yesterday!!

  2. Update on G. Grandson.

    Doing brilliant! Two weeks old now and Mum is getting one on one cuddles and feeds. Off morphine and ventilator and stoma looking good and will hopefully be removed in due course.

    Been for a wee op myself today ( local anasthetic, no probs) so having a chilled relaxing night with a couple of beers.

    Life is good!

    1. Dami


      That is great news xx:)

    2. Beverley Lass

      Beverley Lass

      Excellent news.  Onwards and upwards !

  3. G. Grandson, update.

    The wee fella has made it through his first week despite some bad frights.

    Heart stopped twice, bad infection, two lumber punctures and an operation for a perforated bowel. He also managed to fit in a temper tantrum! What a bonny wee fighter!

    So, another heartfelt thanks to everyone at the Royal Ed. Simpsons Memorial, the Sick Kids and the Ambulance Service who transferred a very ill little boy backwards and forwards across Edinburgh for an emergency op.

    Still a very long haul ahead especially after his op but every day is a bonus. 




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    2. Nouska


      That's an awful lot of trauma for a wee mite to go through ... he's obviously a bonnie fechter :)

    3. Beverley Lass

      Beverley Lass

      Aww, bless him. Wishing him well. X

    4. frogesque


      Thanks to all, been over to End. today and saw mum and dad again. Wee man is still doing ok and fighting on.

      Unless there are major changes I'll do an update at the weekend again. All your messages and good wishes etc. are really appreciated.

      Froggy and The Boss.

  4. G. Grandson No. 2 was born yesterday lunchtime. 12 weeks premature and despite complications he is rallying. Very early days and still critical although now stable. Thank to everyone for their thoughts and support.

    Also huge thanks to the wonderful midwives, doctors and all staff at the Royal Edinburgh Simpson Memorial Hospital.

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      cool, hope okay, think of this, one of my favourite songs, 


    2. weirpig


      brilliant  glad everything is ok.   Another scot though?.. :closedeyes:

  5. Fairly strong aurora visible at the moment from here ( Fife). Worth a look out if you have clear dark sky to the North

  6. Wishing everyone a  great Hogmanay and a guid New Year!

    1. lassie23


      and here's to many more failed cold spells in the new year:drunk-emoji:

  7. Heads up for possible aurora for Scotland and far north England and N Ireland. Clouded out any misty grot in Fife at the mo. 

  8. Weather was really kind for Fife today, Brilliant view from the car park at East Lomond hill - standing room only! Quote of the day (from 3yr. old gg grandson) 'Mummy, the sun's broken!'

    1. Daniel*


      I'm glad someone had a good time

  9. Changing the clocks is a pest, the dog thinks it's time for her dinner!

    1. Dancerwithwings


      Even better the kids think its time for bed..... :D

    2. frogesque


      lol, poor dog though, thinks her throat's been cut.

  10. Display of NLC to just a smiggen East of North. Not fantastic but may develop a bit more as the night progresses.h

  11. All this eciting weather and T/Ss. Waht does East Central Scotland get? A dreech morning with haar and and an afternoon of even more dreech boring rain from a featureless grey sky!

    1. lassie23


      Dreech? Is that another word for crappy!

    2. frogesque


      Something like that lol!

  12. A few flashes and rumbles - I could almost get excited!

    1. frogesque


      In the thick of it now with some decent flashes overhead and hail bouncing off the ground!

  13. Yey! It's snowing! Thin covering on the ground too.

  14. Quite early in the season but there apears to be some noctilucent clouds in the twighligt. Should show better in 30 mins or so as it gets darker. Worth a look out to the north if you have clear skies'

    1. shuggee


      They're looking very pretty indeed :)

    2. karyo


      It is not early in the season

  15. We have at last got rid of our cold and grey easterly wind. We now have a cold and grey westerly. Sigh!

  16. Another cold and wet snowy day, think I'll go back to bed until June!

    1. CongletonHeat


      Wish I had the money to emigrate, never be cold again.

  17. Woke up to an inch of fresh white stuff this morning. Sun's been out a bit but it's just started snowing again

  18. Ok, that's enough snow!

    1. Fortune's Fool

      Fortune's Fool

      Such a thing does not exist.

  19. A few bands of noctlilucent cloud visible now. NNE and roughly at the elevation of Spica the brightests star low down in the North. Not a great show but early in the year. Could be a very promising start for the season as last year was not great.

    1. frogesque


      Ooops, that should have been Capella, not Spica. lol

  20. Just got back from walking the dog, few flashes and rumbles of thunder. Sky very dark, rain should arrive any second!

    1. frogesque


      Correction! Tipping down and hailstones!

  21. Cold and miserable outside, GF in bed with flu so there's only one thing for it - chocolate!

  22. Still August but fed up with this winter weather already - where's me thermals?!

    1. Dorsetbred


      "2nd draw down on the left hand side"

  23. In the very best scientific terminology : its chuckin' it down!

  24. Heads up! Early display of noctliluscent cloud starting to show now

  25. Weak display of noctilucent cloud tonight visible from Fife, anyone else got clear sky?

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