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  1. Falkland Palace have so many windfall apples and pears they have a stall at the gates with a "help yourself and any donation would be appreciated". We have a freezer stuffed with blackberrys from before the storm and it looks like we'll be making enough apple and blackberry jam for the year.
  2. Been looking online for jam jars, hersel' has been at the brambles and has also been given a load of cooking apples. Cheapest online works out over £1.00 per jar + postage. ASDA selling value jam at £0.28 per 454g jar. Anyone care to explain?
  3. Totally nuts sky tonight! Best display of noctilucent clouds I've seen in a good while. Still haven't sussed how to up load pics ( I know - sadsack!)
  4. New liner is now in the pond and I've increased the water depth by approx 6". Frogs are begining to recolonise the pond after just a few days. It's also great to have the sound of the small waterfall back again. Still replacing the rocks and cobbles at the pond edges so quite a bit of work to do. Essential to stop liner rotting and helps wayward animals such as hedgehogs to scramble out again. Also lots of nooks, crannies and hidyholes for the frogs etc. I'm not sure but herself is hoping for a couple of submersible lights. Personally I prefer a natural, nature friendly look to the pond. Anyone got lights in? For simplicity and safety all electrics are run off a very solid old fashioned 18v AC transformer. 24v AC low voltage pumps both work fine and although I've had to replace one, the larger pump for the waterfall has been going strong for over 10 years.
  5. Marketing: more junk plastic wrappinng declaring: Luxury Dishcloths! It's a chuffin' dishcloth you bozos!
  6. Ok, old method works fine again. Does happy dance!
  7. As stated previously, tablet (android) running kitkat. No option to get into editor, only insert other media. Post editor, after posting works but still no way to upload images. All very well blaming the browser but short of downloading some sort of Linux (ain't going to happen!) program I am stuck with it. I understand the 'live' issue of posting links to constantly updating charts etc. ( Take a screenshot!) But what on earth was wrong with the old (ancient?) way of posting image tags without the need for fancy posting input forms? Test Failed Edit, yet direct link, without image tags works. Very confused Well initially it showed on tablet but has now gone AWOL Enough frustration for one night.
  8. No, this is exactly the problem. I am faced with. Maybe try it on a grown up PC later but fast getting to the point where I can't be bothered. I appreciate folk are trying to be helpful but this is very frustrating especially given the other changes and having to wait while pages jump all over the place as other images and background stuff load.
  9. There are two galleries, one seems to belong to Netweather, the other exists independently on my tablet. Unable to get the two to talk to eachother. Image I posted of the panoramic winter scene of Bishop Hill taken while standing on a frozen Loch Leven is somewhere in my stuff on Netweather uploaded some time ago. Have downloaded an aurora pic from Facebook of an aurora at St. Andrews to my tablet ( btw, Facebook degrades images somewhat) but can see no way to upload to this or any other thread. Just feel I'm wasting my time doing something that in essence is perfectly simple anywhere else.
  10. Taking a break from Netweather. Unable to post images in a sensible fashion and gagged at the most important time in Scot Pol. Doesn't seem much point. Maybe return when aurora season kicks off or if there's a good display of NC
  11. I feel a bap moment coming on.
  12. Ok looks as if I can upload from gallery. How to get pics into gallery? Hmmmm.
  13. Test Ok, all I get is a little box that says "Insert other media" and a drop down arrow Click box and I get "Insert existing attachment" No other options, no editor, nothing. Also, since upgrade some posters names on some post, not all, are appearing double and overlaid. Weird! Tablet running KitKat.
  14. Self inflicted, no sympathy!
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