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  1. Currently reading Rougue Lawyer by John Grisham. Interesting!
  2. At least it's not made from whalebone.
  3. Few rumbles, some rain and a couple of visible flashes. Nothing too dramatic yet.
  4. Odd day. Brilliant warm sunshine down on the beach at Leven this morning, went to Coupar this afternoon and on the way back caught the edge of what must have been torrential rain over Falkland way. More or less dry as we got home but the roads were literally steaming where they had been wet. Got home, wee bit work in the garden and quite a few rumbles but basically dry. Currently sunny spells with some looming black clouds. Warm and humid. Don't think the day has finished with us yet.
  5. I blame all those cherubs, bunch of Luddites.
  6. A few heavy showers this afternoon, but only a handful of flashes and rumbles. hopefully a bit more interesting this evening.
  7. Tie a knot in it. Not not init but a knotinit.
  8. Update on G. Grandson.

    Doing brilliant! Two weeks old now and Mum is getting one on one cuddles and feeds. Off morphine and ventilator and stoma looking good and will hopefully be removed in due course.

    Been for a wee op myself today ( local anasthetic, no probs) so having a chilled relaxing night with a couple of beers.

    Life is good!

    1. Dami


      That is great news xx:)

    2. Beverley Lass

      Beverley Lass

      Excellent news.  Onwards and upwards !

  9. No sign of NLCs tonight but a beautiful sky clear to the horizon with yellow/orange glow. Getting near midgie time but free so far. 21billion of the little devils expected in Scotland due to the mild winter.
  10. What happened to Oon?
  11. Bog off!
  12. Moki's Royal flush Cheeky's legless
  13. You're potty!
  14. Super pic Knocks!
  15. G. Grandson, update.

    The wee fella has made it through his first week despite some bad frights.

    Heart stopped twice, bad infection, two lumber punctures and an operation for a perforated bowel. He also managed to fit in a temper tantrum! What a bonny wee fighter!

    So, another heartfelt thanks to everyone at the Royal Ed. Simpsons Memorial, the Sick Kids and the Ambulance Service who transferred a very ill little boy backwards and forwards across Edinburgh for an emergency op.

    Still a very long haul ahead especially after his op but every day is a bonus. 




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    2. Nouska


      That's an awful lot of trauma for a wee mite to go through ... he's obviously a bonnie fechter :)

    3. Beverley Lass

      Beverley Lass

      Aww, bless him. Wishing him well. X

    4. frogesque


      Thanks to all, been over to End. today and saw mum and dad again. Wee man is still doing ok and fighting on.

      Unless there are major changes I'll do an update at the weekend again. All your messages and good wishes etc. are really appreciated.

      Froggy and The Boss.