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  1. Basically, contrails form when the water vapour content of burnt jet fuel condenses and then freezes in the cold upper atmosphere. These tiny ice crystals then act a seeding for super cooled atmospheric water vapour to give up heat and freeze out. If conditions are right this seeding effect continues and the trail can spread out. Other times the contrails will be intermittent as the jet flies through different layers of atmosphere. Contrails are a real manifestation of anthropomorphic activity unlike so called chemtrails which are the product of an overactive imagination!
  2. We had chicken too, Aldi large, lemon up the bum, mixed herbs on top and slow roasted, new spuds, green veg and stuffing seen off with a bottle of Chilean Casillero del Diablo. Now getting mellow with a can of Bellhaven. Life is good!
  3. If you got pyles on your head would they be pylons?
  4. Maybe we could have a poll. Should lassie stick his head in a bucket of horse poo?
  5. A bucket of horse poo works wonders for my roses.
  6. Will be 70 later this year. Age very quickly bites you in the bum but it's also about quality of life. No point living until you are 150 if you spend 70 years dribbling in a corner with only the Daily Mail and a bottle of pills for company. There is aso the small problem of increasing population, how do we feed, employ and care for everyone on the planet? The best recipe for keeping fit and active? Try a 1 year old cross Lab/Springer! Absolute bonkers but fun every minute and the best babe magnet ever, everyone talks to us. Now, what was the question and why am I wearing odd socks?
  7. Quite a bit more spawn now but the cold snap has slowed the frogs down. Much scrambling about in the bottom of the pond. Only a few brave souls on the surface. Snowing at the moment.
  8. Currently snowing, some slushy stuff on car windscreen but otherwise not laying.
  9. We have our first frogspawn! Wet and misty all day yesterday, mild night and today is bright and sunny. Frogs are going at it full on like a Next New Year sale. More spawn showing all the time and at this rate I'll be able to walk across the pond.
  10. Had to look up what a fitbit was, in my younger days it meant something completely different lol Wouldn't be interested in calorie stuff but an accurate (nearest meter) 3D GPS with time, fully waterproof and bash resistant would be useful while gold panning.
  11. Thanks guys! Still no frog spawn here but pond very active. Regarding pumps and filters, I have my pump in a bucket with tight fitting holes for the lead and hose. On top of the bucket is a neat fitting plastic garden sieve with some fine mesh in the bottom. This is covered with scotcbrite and the filled with fine gravel. The bucket sits totally submerged in the pond with a flat rock on top with some bigger pebbles to support it and allow free circulation through the filter down to the pump.This rock helps keep leaves, rubbish and blanket weed from blocking the setup. Effectively its an under gravel bed filter, the only maintenanance in ten years has been to hose the top of the filter to remove any debris that does manage to get on top of the gravel. To my knowlege, no taddies or fish embryos have ever gone through the pump. One pump recently gave up the ghost but you only get a 3 year warranty!
  12. That explains the hum then
  13. Air cooled trousers?
  14. Herself is watching one of these relocation programs, from Spain this time. Yet another property being viewed and the lady, looking at the kitchen, goes all gooey and orgasmic. "Oh! It looks so Spanish!" Duh! Its in Spain, what did she expect, an igloo?!
  15. After a mild night, fog early morning and a bright day we now have too many frogs to count but looks like we have at least 10 pairs as well as all the hopefuls.