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  1. Would you have a problem with this?

    Back in the 50s our toilets were open cesspits at school with absolutely no privacy. One day I ended up with poo running down my legs rather than go during playtime. Another time at secondary during a triple period I had backflow to the kidneys because I couldn't get a wee. Still get bother 50 or more years on. No, absolutely kids must be allowed access to toilets if they are genuine. How can anyone concentrate on a lesson if they are sitting in fear with legs clenched?
  2. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Bit of a non event overnight (Kp4) and I was clouded out anyway. Solar wind speed now up to 500km/ s and Bz bouncing about with spells of -10 deg. Looks as if the US is getting a good show atm.
  3. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Currently Bz about -10 deg (southward) and KP at 4. Solar wind speed is still fairly low at around 340km/s but should pick up. Hopefully 600km/s or above. Forecast (Solarham) is still for Kp6 tonight and tomorrow so looking good for later. Warm thermals, it's Baltic out there!...
  4. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Ok, Don't get too excited, it's just a forecast but Solarham has Kp6 slotted for December 4th.
  5. Cafe chill out - aka Banter - The 2nd Edition

    Do they do a blowup version?
  6. Cafe chill out - aka Banter - The 2nd Edition

    Playing with ' things you might find in your kitchen ' can be pretty exciting. Allegedly. Or, if you want to live dangerously, try bathing a cat.
  7. Woke up to this today! Not much at sea level and most has melted now, still a good bit on the hills though.
  8. Smattering of wet snow this morning at sea level at Kylerhea, Skye this morning. Went to Portree yesterday and all the high ground fairly well covered. 1C going over the moor. Hills looking beautiful today.
  9. Close but along the beach a couple of hundred yards or so. Mostly grey and wet today so extra logs on the burner and just lazing about in between walking the dog.
  10. taken from the front door of our wee cottage at Kylerhea a few minutes ago looking over the kyle to the mainland. Chilly but beautiful weather and the dog loves the beach!
  11. Off to your part of the world on Saturday for a week. Hoping for clear skies with maybe an outside chance of aurora
  12. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Group 2687 brings the blank run to an end. SpaceWeather has it as stable with minimal chance of flares.
  13. September 23rd The End?.

    Try a few more megatons, nukes just aren't what they used to be.
  14. September 23rd The End?.

    Is that where the megga Earth destroying asteroid landed or a particularly big wormhole?