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  1. frogesque

    Did you know.

    Goaty McGoatface
  2. frogesque

    Did you know.

    Spheroids, are they just a pain in the bum?
  3. frogesque

    Eurovision Song Contest

    Someone, please tell me this farce is over
  4. frogesque

    Did you know.

  5. Try again! Spring has officially arrived following a few days of sunshine.
  6. Update: last year we were desperately worried about our newly born great grandson. He had a brain hemorrhage, his heart stopped twice and there were accurate problems with his bowel.

    He had a stoma fitted and has now been reversed, he needs special milk as he is lactose intolerant, hernia has been sorted and he is a very lively, determined one year old today. Not quite walking yet but he can go round the chairs and pull himself up. He has a loving smile, a yell that can break glass and he knows exactly what he wants. As we left he was busy crawling up the stairs after climbing in the washing machine and getting stuck.

    He still has a hole in the heart which will be another big hurdle for him ( next week) but the heart team are quite confident he is strong enough to sail through it. Still a worry for us all but we trust their judgement.

    To have come though everything is a tribute to his determination and the exceptional care he has received from docs, nurses and health care professionals in our magnificent SNHS.

    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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    2. Daniel*


      Already been a year wow! Happy to hear the little one is in good shape. :) 

    3. lassie23


      all the best to you

    4. frogesque


      Thanks for all your good wishes. The wee man had a blast yesterday!!

  7. frogesque

    Did you know.

    I want an alpaca moji!
  8. frogesque

    Show us your pet

    Word of warning, bloody ticks are everywhere at the minute. Just taken another huge bugger off the the tick magnet.
  9. frogesque

    I am a primary school teacher

    I like bots, especially nice squidgy lady bots.
  10. Not the best camera for this pic but heyho, it was the one on the table! Some heavy, typical April showers today and this evening's produced a nice rainbow underneath the moon.
  11. frogesque

    What beer are you drinking?

    Nothing atm but I'm open to offers!
  12. frogesque

    Show us your pet

    Not nice lass, hope something can be done.
  13. Let us know what you really think
  14. No bad morning with reasonable sun if a bit chilly in the wind. Dog in his element with some wild surf at the beach. Sadly, more dead birds being washed up. This afternoon clouded over and has gone from bad, through worse to downright hideous. Biting wind, overcast and now drizzle with a haar coming off the sea.
  15. Haar, the real beast from the East. Walked dog in Ravenscraig Park last night and that auful grey wind would cut you on half. 4.5 Deg C. Not been out yet but this morning looks no better. Also got a dose of tummy bug so feel thoroughly miserable.