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    A WORLD OF WIND These are some (hopefully most) of the worlds winds: Abroholos - A violent squall, paticularly prevalent in summer, that occurs off the south-eastern coast of Brazil. Andhi - A violent squall or dust storm occuring in late spring in north-western India. Barat - A squally west or north-west wind that occurs between December and February on the northern coast of the Phioippine island of Celebes. Berg Wind - A hot, dry fohn wind originating over the South African Plateau. It is particularly common during the winter season, and especially affects the wester
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    What makes a Thunderstorm? Heat and moisture are key to the formation of thunderstorms. In order to produce the thunder and lightning, you need a cloud tall enough to pull moisture up into the sub-freezing level over 5km/3miles high. These clouds are called cumulus they have a cauliflower like appearance. Cumulus clouds can form any time of the year as long as there is warmth below and coolness above. The process is called convection. Once cumulus clouds reach a height where ice crystals form they become cumulonimbus clouds. The upward motion gradually slows. The stronger upper level wind
  3. Wild squall went through here about 30 minutes ago here in Rugby. Bins were hurled down the street. My dad just called to say he hadn’t seen anything like it before in Northampton as parts of the roof in the building he was in were blown off.
  4. I had completely written off today's snow potential yesterday evening but i'm following a bit more closely now. We will see.
  5. Had a high of -2.6C here today. Can't remember the last time it stayed that low. Maybe Dec 2010. Very impressed with the snow showers penetrating well inland and giving us a decent covering. All eyes on the low to the SW.
  6. 2.8C here and raining but hoping that over the next hour the transition will be complete to some settling snow
  7. Frequent lightning to my east. I even saw an anvil crawler. It's been a while since I saw one of those
  8. Heavy rain but none of it is electrified in this region.
  9. Yeah quite a few near misses. I miss the pre-2006 active period.
  10. Certainly more active than a standard thundery shower. Four or five booms now
  11. The amazing thing about this winter is that there just hasn't been any potential marginal events that have even come close to showing consistently on various charts. Most of us are well accustomed to being let down many times throughout a typical winter, but to have so little on offer this time around is remarkable. I don't think I could even consider myself as being let down as such, just disappointed with the general pattern.
  12. Seeing that spectacular pic from Hereford, I would have thought that (even with a little light pollution) I should be able to see something..hm. It is wonderfully clear. Perfect conditions too. Such a shame.
  13. I seem to have been a little more sheltered than those further west and east thus far. Topped out at 48 and it has died down a little again. Having said that, the squalls do seem to have a habit of picking up again after a lull.
  14. Highest gust so far today is 45mph. I had a 49mph gust on Wednesday. Wonder if I can hit 50. The 10 minute wind speed picked up to 26mph which is fairly strong for here and higher than Wednesday.
  15. An astonishing 862 mb on the noaa link http://www.ssd.noaa.gov/PS/TROP/DATA/2013/adt/text/HAIYAN_Y-list.txt . Hard to get an accurate figure without the physical observations that take place in hurricanes.
  16. Ah, I see. That's ok then. I'll worry about the 2nd year when it comes around. I don't even know what PDEs are lol. I think i'll be ok on the differentiation/integration, may need to brush up on my algebra a bit. Thanks. Looking forward to it now. Got my results today and I have met my offer. I have emailed the admissions team. Just waiting for them to make my offer unconditional. Have a great time. It'll be amazing. Get on the storms (and snow) !
  17. That's got me worried. Access Maths is no where near as intensive as A-level (let alone the further maths you did !). I think the first year is going to be a bit of a battle for me.
  18. I am still waiting for a few dents to appear in my tin hat. Got the nine iron ready too. http://cdn.nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.png
  19. I am not sure how rare these instances of mid-late morning outbreaks are (maybe Mr. Sherman can shed some light), but there are occasions when the conditions are right. On a much less impressive scale, I had my first severe morning storm about 5 years ago. It was bizarre. The lightning strike rates were scary and the rainfall really intense. This was all happening at around 8 am.
  20. Storm Chase 2011 Tour 1. Here we go !!!

  21. Hmmm...not overly optimistic that an agreement will be reached soon then, reflecting on them comments.
  22. Thanks for clearing that up, FFO. Hopefully things will return to normal soon. I do miss reading through the excellent threads on various missions. Particularly the Cassini and Keper discussion.
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