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  1. Our flight out of Leeds Bradford tomorrow at 2pm has already been cancelled. Booked on the train now so fingers crossed we have better luck there!
  2. Thanks all. It's going to be tricky to go Friday as I'm working all day and have a 3 year old and huge amounts of luggage (twin sis lives in Malaysia and one suitcase is just her stuff). I'm going to plan to get a train mid morning and hope for the best. Flight from Heathrow at 7. I only live 10 mins from LBA so was looking forwards to an easy journey!
  3. Can anyone indicate how this is likely to compare with 1 March for snowfall levels, particularly at Leeds Bradford airport which I'm due to fly out from Saturday lunchtime. Eek!
  4. I'm flying from LBA on Saturday (via Heathrow to Singapore) and this is making me worried. I know predicting snowfall is tricky even at close range but what are people's views about the likelihood of it being disruptive? Should I be planning on getting the train to Heathrow?
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