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    Lymington Hants
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    weather particularly thunderstorms, tornados, hurricanes and SNOW!!!!<br />other interests - bodyboarding, jewellery making, theatre, films especially phsycological horror, nature, native spirituality, music, singing, dance.

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  1. Why are you going from southampton? I only ask cos I live in Lymington and the ferrys go from here and take 20 minutes to get to Yarmouth...dunno if they are cheaper but Lymington is only 17 miles from southampton - admittedly through the new forest which can be crowded in the hols but its still beautiful! I guess you have booked now but it's worth thinking about in the future? We love the island too and hate the fact that it is so expensive to get there..we can see it from the hill behind our house!!
  2. Hi folks. Well this is my first entry - I havent got a lot to say, other than the fact that it snowed the day before yesterday! Didnt settle, but was fun to walk out in. We are having a lazy weekend at the moment - my fiance and his son are on their respective computers playing shoot em up games, and im on this, so we are the epitome of a modern family! I am about to go and make jewellery ready for a jewellry party my sis has set up for me next week. Unfortunately my uncle died yesterday so we are not sure whether the funeral will be on that day. He was 92 but it was still upsetting - a lovely spiritual man, I hope he is with his god now. <_< Flipping windy out there - hoping for more snow next week, but everyone seems to have different ideas as to who will get any - the model don't seem to be very reliable in anything other than the immediate time frame. Well im off now in case you are all bored sick - til next time.... :unsure:
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