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  1. Had a nice period of heavy snow here as I arrived home at 5ish and it's been snowing on and off, we have a light covering. I'm so happy to have moved up the hill a bit, seem to pretty much always be above the snow line.
  2. Freezing rain here in Greystones, the pavements are lethal.
  3. I measured 7.5cm in our garden.. had some fun making snowmen before it turned to rain.
  4. Plenty of snow settled overnight in greystones.. not been out to measure yet but it looks great what an amazing winter!
  5. Argh wondering how this is going to impact our week in La Plagne the first week of March.. pleased it’s going to be cold but worried we won’t even make it to the airport if there’s heavy snow forecast for next week.. we’ve got a whole day on Friday 2nd to make it to gatwick before the flight at 7am Saturday. Really hoping travel isn’t completely chaotic Friday. I guess we won’t know that til much nearer the time, it’ll be a week of stressing over the forecasts for me!
  6. For once I'm not doing a snow dance... we need to get to gatwick friday 2nd to head off on our ski holiday so hoping for dry and cold until then!
  7. Moderately heavy snow starting to settle in greystones sheffield.
  8. Amazing photos from all the resorts I follow on Facebook etc ... I wonder how the rest of the season will pan out. We’ve just booked to go to La Plagne 3rd March, 4th time I’ve been to that resort but first time with our two boys. I wonder if the epic snowfalls will continue!
  9. A good 4cms here, enough to sledge down our road and then lots more sledging in the park.. was starting to sleet then rain as we came home though. Happy we got some proper sledging in for the first time with our 1 and 3 year old boys
  10. Started getting heavier again in greystones sheffield.
  11. Snowing heavily in greystones sheffield, settling straight away and looking lovely! What a nice surprise!
  12. Still fairly big flakes and moderate amounts coming down in Sheffield.
  13. Greystones Sheffield about 205 asl and it’s slowly intensifying..
  14. Just started really light flakes here.