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  1. My brother, who lives in southwest France wrote to me the other day about a strange experience. So here’s his words and your thoughts will be appreciated. “It was getting on for 7pm (on 30th March) when I drove home from town (Riberac) and still nicely light with some weak sun shining from the west (where else!) As I drove out of town I was heading west for five minutes and then turned 90° in a southerly direction directly towards home. (As I've often mentioned) I live literally on top of a hill which is surrounded by valleys and a very large flat agricultural area which spreads away towards the north and the west. Well, it was through this flat area that I was now travelling. At the moment there's very little growing in the fields but they have all been ploughed so it appears to be quite an immense area and you can see for miles. At first I didn't notice but soon realised that, although the sky all around and down to the horizons was light with the sunlight reflecting on distant white clouds, overhead was the most enormous black cloud, miles bigger even than a Vogon Constructor Fleet ship, that seemed to be almost stationary. The sort of black that could not even reflect light back. I was so amazed by this sight that I actually stopped my van and just sat there marvelling at this 'object'. It had also started to rain, great big blobs of the stuff not at all like raindrops and that reminded me that Meteo France had very recently mentioned the possibility of 'orage' which is thunderstorm and possibly hail. When I returned home I checked on the weather radar to see if there was any rain due. There wasn't and there was only one area of rain on the map which was more or less round and corresponded exactly with the cloud I had watched. So I pulled out on the radar and there wasn't another area of rain in France apart from along the North coast and a couple of small patches towards Paris.” So what caused that small ‘blob’ of cloud and rain? It was divorced from all other things such as fronts, depressions or even hills. I guess that the low sun added to the depth and darkness of the cloud, by the way. Personally I suggest that it was a small eddy in the pressure that created a mini-depression but I’d be pleased to hear someone else’s thought – especially someone who knows about weather. PS Sorry his screenshots come from another weather site!
  2. Still only moderately windy - gusts to 20.6 mph recently, but it seems to be easing. 1.8mm of rain so far, in the half hour after midnight. Temperature steady at 16.6C. Pressure STILL falling - down to 978.3 mb now. Been falling ever since 5.30 pm yesterday..... The worst must be over by now - time for bed.
  3. The rain cleared around midnight - 14mm for the day, most of it after about 9 pm. Wind picked up not long ago and it's getting a bit noisy out there now but not as windy as yesterday afternoon yet. Things rattling and bouncing around in other people's gardens..... Max gust tonight - 28.2 mph - sounds like more.... Pressure falling rapidly - down to 980.7 mb. Temperature risen to 16.6C
  4. I lived in Townsville in North Queensland from 1967 to 1976. Our summers were just six months of day-after-day sunshine and temperatures around 30C or more. I used to long to be able to draw in a lung-chilling breath of fresh cold air. Thats why 1976 in the UK felt so excessive - I think we recorded (in Chichester, W. Sussex) ten consecutive days of temperatures over 80F (27C) and many more were close to that figure. Oh - and winters in Townsville (daily temperatures around 23C) were almost as bad - rain most days around 4 pm - like clockwork. Variety is the spice of life - don't tell my missus! I also know when the drought ended - it was the day my honeymoon in Devon started! We came home the next day having been flooded out of our tent!!!! (Well - we thought that a bit of lying around in a hot sunny field with some cider would be quite, hmm - 'interesting' (! ? !) The marriage lasted a year!!!
  5. Hot is one thing - heat is another!!! That was just one particularly HOT day in 1989. The summer of 1976 just went on and on - non-stop HEAT. That's what made it so memorable.
  6. A simple question - I hope! Where do we post monthly weather summaries? Found it!! Wasn't open when I asked. My monthly summary duly posted.
  7. Please read my signature. Then THINK!!! How many others feel the same way - you're getting worse than BBC - repeat after repeat. Bye bye for now
  8. Silly boy aren't I? No comments please!! I never get round to thinking of all your other useful skills and facilities! There's always quite enough to keep me busy on the forum alone. Many thanks http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif
  9. Please help with 12Z charts. I can get onto the www.wetterzentrale.com/pics/ site easily enough and I can find the 12Z forecast charts. However they show a 9 chart page which, when I click on it, enlarges – but still 9 charts. How can I get just one 12Z chart? Is there a seperate page for each day? Bear in mind that I can't read/speak German! For example, should I wish to attach one to a post, where can I find a single image to download? I know I'm stupid but.........
  10. Makes sense, Snowman and Paul. Ta. Just wanted to make sure that I don't get moaned at!!
  11. Ta Paul Gotcha! I asked because I thought that the timing of the posting (i.e. Midnight) indicates that you should post info either for the day before (or should that have been posted ON the day before) or info at the time of the entry. It's obviously for AT THE TIME info. Thanks. So when should you post records for the whole day, i.e. a summary? Any time, I guess?
  12. Please can someone explain about Current Conditions and Reports: Weather Reports. The first post at about midnight usually says “Please post your weather reports here.” Does that mean reports of weather conditions – at the time of the report? - or for the day before up to midnight?
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