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  1. Just back from sainsburys, nipped out to do the shopping while it is quiet. Came out and the windscreen was covered. Did the lazy thing of using the windscreen wipers which smeared the snow and froze it. Doubled down on my stupid by using the washer thinking I had loads of anti freeze wash. Windscreen fully frozen so it's definitely cold enough. Not much wind either so I think if a shower does come this way, it might deliver more than a millimetre or two. Not banking on it though.
  2. I was down on the beach with the dog an hour ago, the wind has shifted to a more north easterly direction, I don't know if that will make any difference through the night. You could see showers way out to sea but they didn't look to be getting any closer, rather like they were petering out.
  3. Still almost nothing here, temperature rising by a degree or so too. Looks like it will be tomorrow before anything remotely significant happens. BBC weather app overstating the cold and precipitation, met office app seems to be bang on. Has been that way all winter to be fair.
  4. It will be a centimeter of slush all the way up Monkseaton Drive, you'll have to walk across to Shiremoor for it to settle as usual 😞
  5. Whitley Bay. Wasn't expecting that. When I walked the dog at about 9pm it felt reasonably mild, certainly not cold enough for snow. 20210120_225140.mp4
  6. Moderate snowfall in Whitley Bay, 500m from the sea. Not going to settle but it was a surprise when I walked out of the supermarket.
  7. Thanks but that is all UK specific. I should have said it needs to be global, ships move quite a bit!
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to put this, if not, feel free to move it. I work for a satellite communications company, we are building a customer facing portal which tracks ship locations amongst other metrics. One significant issue that affects their communication is cloud cover and rain. I'm looking for a solution which will allow us over lay the maps with current and historical weather information. Is there any solution anyone can suggest? We're using Mapbox for the base layer mapping. Equally, if anyone from Netweather wants to discuss this on a commercial basis, I'd be
  9. Hardly anything overnight at the coast, a bit drifting due to the wind. Main roads are all completely clear today though. Suspect there won't be much further disruption here.
  10. Thanks. Could be the weekend then at this rate. I'd rather they stayed there and were safe. They'll be happy enough, homesickness notwithstanding.
  11. My 9 year old daughter and her class are stuck up at High Borrans near you, supposed to be coming home today but the bus couldn't get out of Newcastle. What are the roads like up there? There is talk of them coming back tomorrow but I think that seems unlikely if this continues over night.
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