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  1. oh the memories I think this summer will be alot later in getting going comared with last summer, however it looks to start next week getting warmer from wednesday onwards.
  2. Cloudburst

    Sunset 26th April 2006

    The best selection of my images
  3. This wouldnt be it by any chance would it? http://www.isleofwightweather.com/
  4. How come the station IWW on IOW doesnt have a link but is on the map?
  5. My interent Explorer has also been crashing, even worse sometimes rebooting my computer without the shutting down phase. I think it may well be a new strain of virus sweeping the web, but i dont think its on this website.
  6. Carnt seem to change text colour in signature, it just says error and it doestn work when using the standard mode editor either.
  7. Well here i am, about to go out. ¤CloudBurst¤ AKA Andy
  8. Hi Paul, i just had an idea about a possible addition to the website. Theres quite a few people with weather stations now, why not have a U.K map, showing the conditions at the different weather stations. When you hover over the station it gives a few more in depth readings such as Wind speed etc. Just a thought though, i know people with W/D can upload a METAR from which you can show the data by using a symbol or something similar. Heres an example of what it could look like (when you hover over certian dot, for different location):
  9. I think that may just be cloud, that has been time lapsed.
  10. Cloudburst

    A burning sky...

    Good image - Vibrant Colours, Well done!
  11. Cloudburst

    Possible tornado??

    Great Picture, does look like a tornado
  12. Cloudburst


    Taken on 19th june 2005 at 5:30pm, thunderstorms were present just north of Worcester (Were the picture was taken) and an avil is just of the picture the the north. Taken using Canon EOS REBEL XT with a 75-300mm zoom lense
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