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  1. I have seen pink lightning, but was sheet lightning not fork. I thought at the time it may have been something to do with the light bending around the hills where the strikes were occurring at the time.
  2. Disappointing storm last night. Only distant flashes and rumbles. Worked out the closest it got was about 4 miles away. Yet my friends in Abergavenny reported a big storm there overnight.
  3. Looks like something interesting will approach here around midnight. It's gonna be a late one!!
  4. No competition, it's Thatcher. Dispicable woman who destroyed the Welsh economy
  5. Very pleased with Wales' draw. OK Belgium should walk the group but 2nd place is very gettable
  6. Merthyr Town have had an artificial pitch installed and lately their games have been the only ones on in their League, although I think Guildford Town may complain seeing they lost 12-0 on it on Saturday
  7. Trees down on the roads around Morfa, but at least the sun has come out
  8. Looking at the latest GFS and longer term CFS charts today, I'm starting to get really worried that we maybe looking at a late 1990's style winter. High pressure staying over France and South/South Westerly winds constantly over the UK.
  9. This thread is surprisingly quiet seeing there has been a deluge for the last couple of hours. Our works car park looks like a moat
  10. We are all made up of energy and it scientifically proven that energy does not disappear. It has to go somewhere. So when we die that energy has to be released somewhere
  11. Ok, here's my top 3 and bottom 3 for this season 1) Chelsea 2) Man Utd 3) Man City 18) Crystal Palace 19) Stoke 20) Hull
  12. After a very sunny morning, some big towers have grown to the east of here in Swansea and are drifting this way. Could go bang this afternoon
  13. Some pretty high towers going up to the east of Swansea. Think the forecast maybe spot on in regards to thing possibly going BANG later
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