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  1. I hate to say it but I think everything points to a mild, wet and windy winter
  2. A 2-0 defeat for Hereford at Stourport last night has certainly brought things down to earth with a bump. Still Stourport had a record crowd of over 1,000 thanks to the 900 travelling Hereford fans!
  3. Good start for Hereford FC. A 4-1 win in front of a crowd of 4060. The next biggest crowd in the league was 130!!
  4. It's quiet in here today. I though quite a few people would have posted about the dire conditions across South Wales at the moment. It's like the middle of November in Cardiff at the moment. Cold, wet and windy
  5. Here goes then 1. Arsenal 2. Chelsea 3. Man City 4. Liverpool 18. West Ham 19. Bournemouth 20. Watford Top 4 Party Pooper = Manure Squeaky Bum Time = Swansea
  6. I have seen pink lightning, but was sheet lightning not fork. I thought at the time it may have been something to do with the light bending around the hills where the strikes were occurring at the time.
  7. And what a day at Edgar Street it was. A 1-0 win for Hereford against a side that will be playing 3 divisions higher than us this coming season. A crowd of over 4000 for a non league Pre season friendly shows that both sides have big things coming. FC United brought around 500 fans. The general feeling around the place is one of pure optimism and something I hadn't felt in the previous 30 years of supporting Hereford United. Can't wait for next Saturdays game against Merthyr Town
  8. Hi Dave, I only moved to Merthyr 5 years ago, but I did watch their 9-0 victory against Bishops Cleeve to win the title last season. I don't get to watch the Bulls much these days, I used to live in Abergavenny which was much closer and used to go to most home games for about 25 years. I am looking forward to next weekend when Hereford play Merthyr Town in Merthyr. Split loyalties? Nope, I'm a Bull through and through
  9. Phoenix club v Protest club this Saturday as Hereford play FC United. Nearly 5000 tickets sold. It'll be an emotional afternoon at Edgar Street
  10. Well which model do I choose for this area? GFS has storms here at midnight Met Office have storms at 3am ECM have storms at 6am Definitely will be watching the radar closely this evening
  11. My point is that it is a huge achievement for Wales to qualify with the limited resources and pool of players that we have. We have always had some very good players (we probably had the deadliest strike force in Europe in the late 80s and early 90s (Hughes, Rush, Saunders) but a shoddy midfield and defence. Now we have a very strong midfield and defence but lack firepower. Luckily Bale does score some goals, but we lack a predator up front to make us a genuine dangerous team. It's always going to be difficult for Wales to qualify. Due to our previous results we were always put in pot 3 or 4 for draws so were always going to end up playing much tougher teams thus making it harder to qualify. Thankfully for the World Cup draw we will be in Pot 1 so will avoid the big boys of Europe so should make qualifying easier for the World Cup as well.
  12. Really don't know what Cheeky Monkey is on about but you can't please everyone I've only just recovered from Friday night. To beat the 2nd ranked team in the world (even if the ranking system is rubbish) is quite unbelievable. Bale and Ramsey are world class but I think we have to mention the defence. Williams is a rock and Gunter always seems to raise his game for Wales. Not booking next years summer holiday just yet but a flick through the brochures might just be worth my while (if Mrs Trickster lets me)
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