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  1. probably either the navy or the RAF on exercises there is increased activity at the moment with the military not sure whats going on though.
  2. nothing wrong with good old cold atlantic weather, hate this humid thundery weather.
  3. It's a Barrel Jellyfish, harmless. but size of dustbin lids though.
  4. our vehicles are not restricted just tracked. last comment
  5. lol, I'm not bothered about that, in work our vehicles are tracked and they go nuts if we go even 71mph so I stick to 70mph 3.5ton luton, and I sail past people just doing constant 70mph until I get to sarn hill (jct 36 m4) where it's shift down from 6th to 5th/4th to maintain speed, but van is underpowered though, in my Passat (2.0tdi 170hp estate 57 plate) I tend to go 75-80,
  6. People who sit on the motorway doing 40-50mph left hand lane and doing the same in the middle lane, if you are not confident on the motorway and do 70 don't drive on it.
  7. looks like a thunderstorm over maesteg according to blitzortung, can anyone confirm this?
  8. blitzortung reporting a strike in the midlands, anyone up there confirm? looks like Nottingham/derby way
  9. definitely, and it was nice to have bit of thunder as well and its extremely rare for me to say that.
  10. Thunder lightning and downpour in Cardiff at the moment, bring it on, continuous thunder at the moment, got a PB2 course running at cbyc this weekend, glad I'm not out working in it today
  11. blizortung is going nuts, some strikes in south west approaches I think they will die off soon.
  12. yes as I was wondering that myself, blizortung and netweather radar showing nothing,
  13. it is quite funny at the moment, however france are having a whale of a time with their storms though. any chance they will come up here?
  14. the one near maesteg is probably caused by the bwlch, large mountain with a lovely drive across it as use it in work
  15. that's the heavy thundery showers coming in from Weymouth way, should clear this area by 10pm
  16. there are some thundery showers by Exeter which should reach us by 20:30 ish and move off around 9 :30- 10pm anyone down Exeter way can confirm strikes please?
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