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  1. Howdy ? Thank you J10 this is super helpful. Always wanted to know what I should be looking for ? Aw shucks. Thank you. I'm pretty happy with it.
  2. Thanks J10. If you'll stand a noob question (and please excuse my total ignorance) but what are the key changes you're looking for from one NOAA chart to the next? My 'understanding' is limited to: closer isobars means windier, and; lower pressures on those isobars means less fine/settled weather. Or is this not an at a glance thing and you have to look at bags of other data?
  3. Thanks J10! I know this is silly early and I don't really expect anything halfway reliable for a couple of weeks... but I can't help myself. I should read that Met Office outlook as an object lesson in ambiguity but I reckon I'll probably re-read it until I convince myself of something or another. Looking forward to any predictions once there's the data. Thanks again.
  4. Ugh. Yeah, thankfully I don't have to go through the ticket day scrum any more. I volunteer on the welfare tent – handing out suncream or ponchos during the day (sometimes both on the same day) and cups of tea and sympathy during the night. Haven't been to Boom but I know a lot of people that really like it. Have fun!
  5. It's May, the sun is (mostly) shining, and the festival is a little over 6 weeks out. Naturally my thoughts turn to obsessively poring over anything @J10 and the rest of you good netweather people have to say about it. Last year it was a scorcher in Pilton... but there wasn't a festival. I'm not saying that the weather gods owe us one or anything but... you know... make it shine please. So, what do you think?
  6. Naturally! Although last year was scorching in the week leading up to the festival. We handed out litres of sun cream to crew from the welfare tent. It would be tough to cope with a whole festival at today's temperatures. (Basically I'm trying to talk myself out of being utterly gutted.)
  7. Thanks J10. I'm got onsite about 5pm and it's lovely. Very sunny evening with a lovely sunset. The tracks are dry and dusty, the grass is lush and the ground is a bit firm but not at all hard. Looking forward to a great week whatever the weekend after brings.
  8. Wooo! It's my 40th birthday and so far Tresemme has lost her majority and the Glastonbury weather is looking great Just one more week... this time next Friday I'll be onsite.... please let it be a sunny dry festival....
  9. Thanks J10. This is much more hopeful than the view from my London window right now. Keeping them crossed the models continue in this vein
  10. Hurray! Thanks as always J10. Looking forward to your predictions.
  11. Seconded, I'm in. Seems only fair given how much we've all been hanging on your reports for the last few years. You could even do an exclusive net-weather onsite weather forecast... I'd suggest you just drink too much cider and angel delight about like the rest of us though. Wow. The prurience filter is pretty sharp. I didn't type "angel delight" but I didn't think I was especially naughty...
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