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  1. Super nice day for a bike ride around the see.
  2. After a slow start, summer eventually arrives in the mountains. Pictures taken in the village and on the local mountain yesterday. The summer lifts open for business on Saturday. C
  3. Maybe the Italian Air force Officer weather guys stick is a magic wand ! C
  4. @Northernlights At long last some much need warmth. Good to see the cattle out grazing in the Pollatal Valley , just over the border from Salzburgerland in Carinthia State. Note the snow line still fairly low down this morning but warmth and growth now in the valley. C
  5. One of the Italian channels shown in Austria has a weather presenter dressed in military air force uniform ( wearing medals, stripes and big cap ). He presents his forecast which shows graphics with the aid of a big stick. So , pay attention ! Not having understood a word he said, he seemed to be talking about the big heat developing over North Africa and was indicating the transfer NW into much of Europe and the UK by day 10. Read what you may into that but his modeling was showing that ! C
  6. The coldest May for a long time comes to an end. Indeed hot sunshine as this week progresses should melt a fair bit of the snow away. The first picture taken this morning is the top restaurant station at around 200Om and the other on approach to the village at 1430m absl. The summer season and chair lifts open on 19th June . Glad to feel a bit of warmth ! C
  7. Yes, I remember you taking your family there a couple of years back or so.. Nice easy resort ski-ing wise and very attractive, especially in the summer with all the hanging baskets. Its about 30 mins or so drive away so can get there for a days ski-ing. I like the Apre at The Hotel Happy Filzmoos right next to the village lift station. I have never seen so much snow last as long in the upper valleys in these parts. My farmer friend has some Highland breed cattle that can roam about in the mud and snow but rely on last summers hay for feed. Its not a good position at the moment. A hotelier out
  8. This picture was taken earlier this morning in the neighbour resort of Filzmoos in The Pongau Region at about 1400m absl. C
  9. Waking up yet again to more snow. A full cover of wet heavy snow and temp of 0.8c in the village. This late cold spell is becoming increasingly difficult in these parts. Cattle still locked up with no sign of any pasture growth , thats if you can see it ! Still lots of deep snow covered mountainside higher up. C
  10. My son sent me this picture of a big thunderstorm rolling in from The Pacific about to hit Vancouver last night. One heck of a lightning display for several hours as a big convergence zone got going. C
  11. Just like in the British Isles another dire May day brings more cloud rain/ showers and unseasonably cold conditions. The North Atlantic jet pilling into the Alps. Still plenty of survived snow patches in the village at 1400m , current temp 6c. More fresh overnight snow on the berg at 2000m and above. Hate this month so far. C
  12. Just about managed 21 c on Monday. Now gone downhill with lashings of cold rain. Current temp 6c. A soggy mess of melting snow. Some of the prepared piste runs into the village remain well intact (about 45cm depth of compressed snow ) but green patches becoming more dominate . Snow is currently falling at 2000m level and above. A lot of precipitation in the forecast for the rest of the week. C
  13. At long last some Spring warmth arrives. Strong sunshine over the weekend starting to melt away the long lasting snow cover in the village ( which has lasted almost 6 month ) Current temp this morning is 17c .
  14. @Northernlights Picture taken a bit earlier in the year on farm a bit lower down the valley near Altenmarkt, Salburgerland. Highland cattle a popular breed around these parts .
  15. What a lovely sight. The grass growth looks not too bad considering the low temps for most of the past 5 months or so . We had a bit of spring like conditions today and felt some warmth at long last. A gradual drip going on but still 90% snow cover. C
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