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  1. The two charts for Christmas Day from the latest GFS run do really now start to show the trend to colder returning with 528 dam covering a fair bit of the north of Britain and precipitation of snow possible for Scotland , Northern England and North Wales, especially higher parts but not necessary restricted to height. Second chart continues to show a digging southwards of the jet. Lets hope this trend continues. C
  2. Looks like GFS is also picking up the trend for lowering of the jet with each run today, similar to NAVGEM output earlier with big pressure rises over N America also starting to show. Will trend continue for the later run ? I think yes. The ECM latest run is far to extreme with its widespread Sub Tropical air mass into Europe by day 10. C
  3. Some more pictures from Katschberg this morning First one is heading in to the Gontal Valley. Second is the Silver Jet 2 ski lift that links the Lungau Resorts to Katschberg. C
  4. Its really quite respected over here anyway. It has recently been upgraded so is showing improved results in the medium term forecasts. Whatever, I see post 180t from the other big models is hardly bullet proof accuracy . C
  5. Not sure I have ever seen such a huge high from what looks like covering the whole of North America ! C
  6. Make what you want from the latest NAVGEM run. Christmas Savoury or Just a dream ? Anyway this chart gives some hope with signs of the zonal jet pushing further SE on each run. Wonder if UKMO thoughts are moving this way for Christmas Day ? C
  7. Well there we have it from ECM at day10. A sub tropical maritime flow into much of Europe. Not want we want to see in the Alps for the holiday period. Think the snow making machines will be redundant under a big drip feed. However, I think this is the extreme outcome of this morning models at this stage but overall not looking good for festive cold cheer even in Stockholm where I will be for my festive break . Still time hopefully for adjustments to a colder outcome in the models as this week progresses. C
  8. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    Its a lot to ask but he is a young man with lots of energy and fight. Not sure how we can sort out the openers problem, tried all sorts of players, may be at least worth a try with JB. However, seems Australia have a problem as well in that department as well.
  9. Some people don't laugh much even if there is something to laugh about...British variant of humour-or is it lack of it..! C
  10. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    Looks like Cooks Test days are over. Still think Jonny Bairstow should open for last two matches. Worth a try as opening pair just not working now for a couple of years. C
  11. Shotski, in a strange twist of nature,we in the Eastern Alps are fairly happy with that chart as we are on the periphery of cold and get a moisture feed on the Eastern Flank of the Brittany High that still produces snowfall at our elevation. Its Euro static high sat over Austria that I fear most. Hopefully, we will see some fluidity in the charts soon f with a much quicker evolution for more widespread cold. C
  12. !You may be right for deepest Surrey but looks like a mild fest further North . Trace those isobars back to deepest Africa! No wonder they ( Met Office ) are talking about possible temps in the teens this week ! C
  13. Start to a super Sunday on the slopes. Expecting quite a few visitors today to enjoy the wonderful start to the season. C
  14. Welcome to drab Friday. A miserable gut wrenching chart for the start of the festive holidays for you lot in Blighty and probably for most in lowland Europe as well. That high as welcome as a Brexiteer, no friends, no joy and a lot of hot air ! Things can only get better ? Rant over. C