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  1. Summer comes to an end in Spitzbergen over the coming few days with snow and sub zero temps in the Northern Parts of the Islands for a time. C

    Hi Malcolm, interesting top 10. Not sure my choice but everyone has a differing view. Yes, I would say Austria meets a lot of todays skiers requirements you have listed. I have noticed prices have even lowered in some Austrian resorts and certainly food and drink offers some of the best value with service included in the whole world. Canada and USA, Nordic resorts can learn a lesson for value for money offered in Austrian ski resorts. The decline in French visitors to their own resorts is a reflection of their increased seasonal costs. Without doubt Austria provides a very happy welcome to its English clientele, who in return remain very loyal. A pint of super nice local lager in my local is probabaly cheaper than some pubs in England and most mountain huts offer good ski fodder at around 10 euros. I say to many get yourself over here and enjoy this fantastic country, summer or winter as the scenery is wonderful in the moutains. C

    Nice day on the local mountain . Warm sunshine and clear blue sky. Plenty of walkers making their way to the top and also bike riders who climb the summit then bike all the way down to the village . Crazy ! C 05505_5992c148-9a1eVid.mp4

    Yes, thats on the Hotel Wiederbergerhorn , my local. Not so many here as the village is old and of heritage status and can be only applied to new extentions or new build and planning is very strict. However, not in Katschberg, as it for the most part a purpose built ski resort and the local state Karten is very progressive in building modernisation (ie ) The hotel you stayed in and the next door Edel and Wiess cone building. I remember the Stampl Bar as all traditional wood feature , but now a ultra modern bar with all the gradgets. The Tirol on the other hand is very conservative and traditional and likes preservation. C

    The sun makes a welcome return after a spell of dull cool weather. Looks like been a lovely warm day in the Tirol. C

    This picture just for you Angela to get your snow fix.Taken two years ago in one of my favourire places located off the back runs from Katschberg Mountain towards the Pollatal Valley and Rot Gulden Mountain in the backround. Would love to build a chalet right in this location but its preserved , pristine and eco . Its fairly easy off piste ski-ing to get there and very walkable from Katschberg or from St Peters village. Its wonderland in thick snow. Looking to get back to this region soon. C
  7. Gently wake up Julians thread . Great Web cam shot this morning from Hotel Eiger- Muerren. Looks rather dramatic, would not like to drop off the edge of that . C

    Not a nice morning, cool, damp and murky. C

    Angela, think you are getting hooked with the snow , mountain thing. Like checking out mountain top web cams in the summer! I love snow and stare skywards for hours on end waiting for it to arrive when the season starts. C

    A big change this week to more cloudy and gradually turning cooler conditions after the intense heat of the previous week. Anyway a picture of one of the villagel hotels. This one has a nice local bars with a great range of draught beers and particularly nice beer garden and patio with B/Q , great spot on warm evenings to relax and drink Gosser Bier with a cheeky cigarette. Think about it all the locals seem to smoke, but all very calm and with peaceful easy feeling . C
  11. I only remembered two good summers when I lived in the North, 1959 and 1976. More luck with the winters, 62/63 and several more in the 1960s, especially 1969 ( snowy Feb ) Several in the late 70s, especially Feb 1979 and the last one when I lived up there , probabaly Dec 1981. Must have been a few more since but more so of a rarity these past few decades I would think. C
  12. Latest map from this morning of location of wild fires breaking out in the interior. The worst for 60 years and no sign of rainfall. The Pacific High pressure block has produced 3 summers in a row of heat and drought to the Provence. Even the normally maritime climate of the west coast and rain forests of the coastal range have been affected. Downtown Vancouver City in a permanent smoke haze for last few days. My cousin who lives in Lake Osooyoos is only 1km from a wild fire and may have to evacuate as its getting very close. So far 7000 people in BC have had to evacuate their homes. C

    Well I am pleased to report one of the Net Weather forum members have booked to stay at this stunning little resort of Filmoos in Salzburgerland. At a height 1000m als it nestles under the magnificent Dachstein Mountains and its glacier. Mostly popular with the British , although not very well known and a bit of a quiet corner away from the ultra modern high level ski resorts. A bit of a old school Austrain Resort with lots of charm. Stayed there once some years back at The Alpenkrone Hotel. The family should really enjoy the mountains of Austria in winter on what I think is their first trip there . C
  14. Goodness me, looks like now you have a changing hut at the cricket ground Thixendale CC moving with the times ! I remember visiting there when the only changing room was in the back of the car ! Great place and a hidden gem to the world. Bet its a deep cold frost hollow when in thick snow cover and no wind. C
  15. Knew you'd like the Thixendale pics this morning :)

    Very chilly over the cricket pitch. Brrr