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  1. carinthian


    One of the best locations in Katchberg is the Pritz Hutt in the nearby pristine Gontal Valley. No cars , horses and walkers only about 45 min brisk hike from the village centre. Simple mountain fodder and good ale. Andi the horseman plays all sorts of tradition music there and elsewhere in the village. Great spot this. C
  2. Well the summer has really caught up over here now. A fantastic spell of weather, day after day of sunshine and warmth without really being as hot as the previous two summers past. No wind presently so pollution levels starting to increase in some parts of Central Europe but at altitude hardly noticeable. Sad to see the UK summer deteriorate in some places with constant low cloud cover but have noticed some large differences in temps over there. Maybe the East doing better than earlier this summer, I think. C
  3. Reached 30c in the valley. Lovely end to the day in the mountains, currently 19c at 20.00 hrs local ( 1670m asl ) Forecast for more of the same this week.
  4. Glad to hear @Northernlights,1976 takes me back, worked at Gatwick that summer, very hot. Also the year I got married and it poured down. Thought you might like this picture of a mighty fine beast on the local nearby pastures. Plenty of grass this summer after a wet start but getting dry now in the baking sunshine over the past few weeks
  5. Hi Northern Light, I have followed your great reports from the North and your take on nature on the farm. Think you may well have had it quite good summer, locally in your part of the Kingdom, certainly further west has seen a worsening of the summer weather as it progressed. C
  6. GFS longer term chart, truly puts NW Europe in to early Autumnal mode but keeps the heat and drought full on over Western Northern American States and British Columbia. Another amazing hot summer again over there, 3 on the bounce. C
  7. Cricky, never seen so many fronts like this one on a chart. All heading for Blighty it seems. Crap August again for our Northern folk. Super nice spell of weather over here and temps just bearable. C
  8. That's one heck of a frontal wave at 72t forecast time stretching from the deepest Tropics to the Arctic Circle. Try forecasting where the rain will be from that set up. Staying hot over continental Europe this weekend and possibly SE England tapping into some of that heat for a while. Obviously the main frontal activity looks to be further North and West across the British Isles, but where precisely will this mainly occur ( ie ) Will the rain affect Trent Bridge for the start of the next test match or not? Based on the raw output to produce that chart, I would say difficult to forecast right now. C
  9. Thoughts from over here regarding the UK. Looks like ex hurricane Debbie coming into the equation now and throwing a spanner into the various model evolutions. Sure increase in energy to be had out in the Atlantic. The question is how will the jet stream align into the British Isles from Sunday into early next week and advance the frontal activity ? There is a certain amount of doubt in this mornings prognosis with a thought some heat could advect towards the British Isles during the latter part of the weekend with the main Atlantic attack pushed a bit further north and west. Could change again as the models come to grip with the extra energy produced by ex Debbie. Looks easier to produce a forecast over here in Central Europe but could I think now be causing a bit of a problem for the UKMO forecasters. C
  10. Perfect summers morning in Katschberg. This is the back of the local Kareck Mountain in the pristine Gontal Valley at 1850m absl about 1 hours hike from the village. Looks like some snow patches remain on the way to the summit. Great weather presently and getting hot. C
  11. Guess its another cloudy day. What a hole, and the rest of England baking yet again. C
  12. Looking at this mornings data, looks like the NW of England, apart from Cheshire getting the bad end of the stick again. Brilliant hot sunshine again down in Sussex. Glad I moved from the gloom over 10 years ago but do miss the humour of Northern Folk, the pubs and the pies ! Nice place but crap weather for the most part. C
  13. Looks like the previous dormant front across the near continent coming alive again with some thunderstorms breaking out along the front with pulses of very warm surface air mixing with the cooler uppers. Will be interesting to see if it expands . C
  14. carinthian


    Last evenings sunset over Katschberg. Now summer has really arrived here with a hot spell starting today. C
  15. That so called cold front really struggling to make headway into the continent. Last nights min 21c and above in the low countries and Germany last night.. Looks like heat to build back again into France and Southern Britain as this week progresses as shown on the UKMO projections. C