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  1. Its not only the huge + positive temp anomaly that is significant but also how widespread it is across the whole of Europe to the Russian borders. C
  2. Just look at that latest run from GFS for day 9 at 850mb height. Warm Tropical Continent flow wafting out of deepest Africa for much of mainland Europe. Think we will see October records off the scale at this rate in quite a number of countries right across from Portugal to Hungary. C

    A stunning sunny morning again. This shot from the Silverjet Ski Lift station at 2200m absl looking down towards the Lungau valley. Temp down there in the fog currently close to freezing but expected high later of 21c, that's some rate of rise in the next 6 hours ! Mild and sunny here at 1650m in the village. The storm to affect Western British Isles making news here this morning on all the channels. We might as well be a million miles away over here sat under high. C

    Certainly is Malcolm. Auffach now linked to Alpbach with a new high speed gondola to open this season. My wife still has a home over there which is still good to visit. Hope alls well in Costa Del Suffolk ! C
  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    Looking at the last 3 hourly surface obs, seems lateral movement has ground to a halt. Should start its course Northwards this afternoon. How far east of North will determine the expected regional forecasts. Most models seem to be holding the same track at this stage. Some amazing warmth wrapped up in the flow out of NW Africa and Portugal heading towards Blighty. C

    Stunning day yesterday in the Austrian Alps. This picture taken in the Wildschonau. Looks the same again today. Expect lots of walkers out in the mountains today to enjoy the sunshine and warmth while they can. Some fantastic colours this season.

    A couple of shots from our local mountain taken during this lovely warm October weather. The first this morning over looking the village at 1800m absl. The second one taken on Thursday evening at 1900m. Wonderful Autumn colours in the mountains at the moment and temps around 21c this weekend. C
  8. Autumn thoughts

    That's amazing warmth for NE England. The warmest places in Europe, apart from Iberia. c
  9. Autumn thoughts

    Following the above post, this picture taken yesterday evening on the local mountain at 1900m asl is typical of conditions under Euro High.. Warm Autumn sunshine at altitude and cool dull weather in the valley. Expecting a super warm weeked over here. No hurricane in sight! C
  10. Autumn thoughts

    Hi Karyo, that Mid Latitude High Pressure Block has been there all summer and continues to hold some amazing heat over SW Iberia and NW Africa . The continued theme produces endless days of warm sunshine here at altitude in Central Euroland and cold misty days in the valleys. NW Britain , Scandinavia / Baltic Sea regions continues with unsettled flow. I have lost count of how many times , I have be stuck under Euro High at this time of year and looks like the latest models show no real incursion to change the stubborn pattern of recent times. Of course great to be out and about and enjoy the Autumn colours here in the mountains but I will not be happy until our first blizzard arrives. By the look of things , might have a bit of a wait !
  11. Looks a familiar pattern as we head into deepest Autumn. Above average temps for most of Europe . Nothing weather over Central Euroland, a familiar pattern, with continued bursts of unsettled weather for NW Europe. Already fear of a poor start to the coming ski season ! C
  12. Has any one else seen the World Weather Presentation from the Japanese HNK Newsline TV channel ? I think its a marvellous presentation with nice graphics and detailed information. Worth a look. Makes the World BBC presentation look drab in comparison. C
  13. Amazing how far you can see in a Swly in your part of the world. Air must dry out coming over the Welsh mountains. I remember my short time at Manchester Airport ( Met Office ) the vis points to the SW included the Clwyd Mountains and the Long Myndd in Shropshire, which could easily be picked out in a dry SWly even with full cloud cover. C

    Piste team connecting new snow making blowers to our local mountain in preparation for the new season. They will not be needed just yet as 20c is forecast this weekend! C

    Nice shot of the entrance to Katschberg tunnel from the Carinthian side. The village is Rennweg with St Georgen at the head of the Pollatal Valley. The Kareick mountain dominates at 2400m plus. The tunnel passes under Katschberg and links Carinthia state to Salzburgerland. Hopefully , everything with be covered white in a few months time. Strange fact, Carinthia nearly has twice as much sunshine than Salzburgerland in the winter months! C