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  1. Rain turned back to snow again this morning. Now on the colder side of the frontal boundary. Awaiting the next pulse. C
  2. Morning all, the latest ECM run has the Atlantic Low hitting the buffers again and backs the flow over the British Isles at the end of next week. The next big low out of Newfoundland will no doubt have an other go to break the dead lock. Still no real consensus in the models in the shorter range. (ie) will the Atlantic trough, stall , slide or get a push through your neck of the woods? C
  3. Snow building up again this evening. Measure is 1.25m. C
  4. Hi, the snow turned to rain in the morning. Heavy conditions with some thaw but now turning back to snow. Still a deep covering. Weird weather along the frontal boundary that ebbs and flows between cold and milder air. C
  5. Looking at the latest ARPEGE overview picture, this appears to dig the trough more acutely than the other main models by Mid-week and would allow much of England and Wales to dry out. Yesterday, the lesser known Indian Model showed this scenario that would in the later time span lead to another low formation over SW Europe which could again move north towards the British Isles bringing more wind and rain especially to the South East next weekend with a surface flow still from the continent or North Sea , albeit with uppers not that cold , surface temps will still be chilly. Maybe one to watch. C
  6. Back in Fohn conditions with heavy rain now. Freezing level above 1900m. Presently just in the warm side of the frontal boundary. Reports of min of as high as 13c towards Klagenfurt. Crazy set up. C
  7. Also ,ECM slides the low at 144t. So the Atlantic put back again. That trend continues. No good really looking past 144t at the moment.
  8. Morning all, quite a change in the latest UKMO run. Gone is the full Atlantic flow as the low hits the buffers and looks to slide. Maybe the next attempt will break the deadlock but the trend seems to be putting back in the medium term time scale. GFS run looks to progressive post 144t and GEM goes for Greenland height rises with an eventual Northerly .
  9. Its arrived. Another 30 cm expected overnight. This is crazy weather. Just locked. Gets some pictures in the morning. C
  10. Yes, the piste to are out working on a foundation. Very heavy and warm snowmass not the best but better than none. Hopefully, temps will start to stay below freezing day and night so binding and compression of the snowfall will be much better for longevity . That Med sourced airmass never too far away at the moment, so slush conditions could be rapid if Fohn develops. Fingers crossed. C
  11. All seems unreal , especially as temps are very mild not far to the east of the boundary front. We are really right in the mix and watching the cloud formations and the almost rain to snow formation is all encompassing . Another pulse expected tonight in this never ending battle. C
  12. The correct response to reply to you Mr H is via PM , which I will of course address. Cheers, P
  13. More pictures from today and more snow to come tonight. C
  14. Following on from the above post, you can see from the latest runs below that the models continue to struggle to find a unified outcome at 144T to dislodge that monster block. I must say , looking at the first model shown below from UKMO, the pressure pattern looks rather odd around the British Isles. Thats , also to say , they may not be wrong. Lets see how ECM looks at 144t. Meanwhile, that frontal boundary producing some tremendous snowfall in our village and more to come. Pictures in All things Austria thread,
  15. More overnight snow in the village. Crazy forecasting at the moment as we are on the frontal boundary between very warm upper air flow just a few miles to the east and colder values to the West. Rain turns to snow and visa versa. The boundary layers looks ebbing and flowing for some days yet. A forecasters nightmare. C
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