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  1. Back in Yorkshire now. Miss my Katschberg home! Already counting down for next season.
  2. Here is a picture of Obertauren . Skied here for a couple of weeks in early March. A super snow assured resort with lots of wide runs into the village. This resort is not well know to Brits as tour operators only operate out of a few hotels. Worth booking online many of the good value hotels and get a cheap flight to Salzburg. Many hotels will arrange taxis transfer at a extra cost. I have skied many places in Europe and Canada but this ranks as one of the best. Booked to go again next March. Its a gem. C
  3. The road this morning down into Katschberg village from my old home. C
  4. Cold front now through Skipton during the last hour. A short spell of mod to heavy rain. Clouds soon breaking Air mass feeling much colder even now. C
  5. Seen this many times. Katschberg and Obertauren ski resorts are only 25 km apart and at the same height absl, but look at the difference in snow accumulation this morning! A raging blizzard been going on in Obertauren for 36 hours and hardly a covering in nearby Katschberg. The directional wind shear over the Salzburg Range of Mountains in this present situation produces persistant snow fall in that location. Sometimes the reverse occurs when the Adriatic low forms and produces heavy persist snowfall in Carinthia. Many times I have seen snow clouds producing the goods over Obertauren ,whilst Katschberg a short distance away as the crow flies remained in sunshine. C
  6. I remember playing cricket in North Dalton on the Wolds that week. Never been as cold in my life . Wore 3 jumpers and a scarf ! C
  7. Yes, its the best county. Cold and cloudy this morning in Skipton but clouds fairly high and the wind light so not too bad. Still have log burner on full load ! Thankfully, the rather dry spell continues. C
  8. A large area of Sweden has been put on high risk grass fire alert. The cause is the present very slow rate of snow melt which is exposing last years grass in a very dry state. Latest satellite pictures still show extensive snow cover in parts of all Scandinavian countries, apart from Denmark. C
  9. Seaside 60, sods law for you. Picture below taken this morning from the famous Edelweiss Alm at the nearby resort of Obertauren . Looks like a raging blizzard going on there ,judging by the depth of snow on the outside seating area. Also note a few hardy ski souls out in it. Possibly the heaviest fall of the season. Obertauren ski area is quite vast and above the tree line, so navigating the runs will be difficult. However, Obertauren will continue to operate the lifts for a couple of more weeks and can be skied using the Lungau ski pass that includes the Katschberg area as well. Some great deals if you can get there ! C
  10. 2Ocm of fresh snowfall today in Obertauren. Picture taken at 1900m asl. C
  11. Picture below from Northern Sweden on Easter Sunday where a low of -20c occurred in the far Norrland. In Sodermanland -17c last night, the coldest April night ever in that location. Major cities further south, Malmo , Gotenburg all reporting sub zero night temps and day time temps close to freezing. 10cm of lying snow also reported in parts of Southern Sweden. Most of this week will see temps well below average with a little light relief for the southern parts on Thursday. Shaping up for one of the coldest Aprils in the history of recorded temps in Sweden. C
  12. The snow returns this morning to the Austrian Alps. Here is a picture from Oberlech. I am sure some resorts will still be open for this coming week but the lower ones will have packed up for the season. All a bit late to save a poor end to the ski-ing season. C
  13. Hi Northern Lights, what a difference between the Christmas period weather and to what you have now. Very cold air mass this morning and notice on the Cairngorm web cam snow line fairly low . Southern Scandinavia in the same boat with a record cold April now on the cards for parts of Southern Sweden. My daughter who lives there had a white Easter Sunday with 10cm of snowfall and a low of -8c ! I love the type of weather you have at the moment but in February. A prolonged late cold spring is no good now for anyone. Weird how a very mild , almost snowless winter can turn on its heel and provide a shock to nature and humans.
  14. Many parts of Southern Sweden woke up to snow cover on Easter Sunday. Up 10 cm in parts. Orebra recorded a low of -14c making it the coldest April night since 1944, locally -17c reported in Central/ Northern Parts. In Karlstad further south -9c coldest night since 1988. Stockholm has only seen temps just above freezing for much of last week with intermittent snow. Of course not too unusual for low temps at this time of year over there but such low temps occur in the first half of the month rarther than the second half. The continuation of very low temps day and night likely to continue well into next week with 24 hour below freezing temps expected further north, looks like Sweden is on course for one of its coldest Aprils ever. C