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  1. Morning, as promised in the above post,I have an update this morning. Our portal service providers have given us a 30% chance of some significant snowfall in resort by 31st October . That in real terms equates to a relative high % prediction for 15 days out but as we all know is subject to change as we approach a more reliable forecast time. Their own model has hinted at a possible significant change in the weather pattern towards the end of October for a few days now as have some of the major global models. A powerful ridge over the North Atlantic to get established by the last week of October resulting in a more meridional flow into Europe ( as highlighted by the GFS upper flow chart below ). Of course the location of any dynamic weather will depend on the actual positioning of the ridge, so forecasting can change on a daily basis but Central and NE Europe looks favourites for a abrupt change from summer to winter type conditions.
  2. Nice lightning display now on the Valletta Skyline webcams in Malta. Maybe someone can upload the live shots over Grand Harbour.? C
  3. As @tight isobar has shown in the above post and quite a few projections ( below chart ) now showing a colder phase by the last days of this month. Of course in forecast terms still a long way off but a interesting update this morning received for resort planners from our portal service have already given a fairly strong signal to expect summer to winter condition by the end of the month. Will keep you updated after tomorrows chat to obtain further thoughts from a foreign field. C
  4. carinthian

    Hurricane Leslie

    After weeks on end of drifting around the Atlantic tropics, the resilient ex hurricane/ tropical cyclone finally made landfall in Portugal yesterday evening. Amazing to watch Leslie over the past few weeks and ending its life in a very rare synoptic circumstances. Some wind gusts of 100km were reported for a time on exposed coastlines. Just another eventful 2018 weather story so far! C
  5. carinthian

    Best and worst winters

    During my time in Blighty : 1. 1962/63...by far the best for prolonged snow cover and days of sub zero temps ( probably once in a lifetime winter experience) 2.1978/79.. especially February for bitter winds and blowing snow. 3.1968/69..especially February for Polar Lows and deep snow cover, especially in the Northwest. To many mild winters to list... C
  6. carinthian


    Hope so. We need to see you lot firing those North Atlantic Lows into the continent ! Seems normal nowadays for warm sunny Octobers over here. Great weather for getting out and about but now getting fed up with the continual warmth ! C
  7. carinthian


    Another lovely sunny morning in Katschberg. Looking to the Gamskogel Restaurant beyond the Chapel. The mountains in the background are in the direction of Obertauern ski resort. C
  8. Glad I will still be under benign Euro high @Polar Maritime although getting bored with this constant sunshine and crazy warmth over here !! Typical Octobers these days. C
  9. Morning all, it was a stunning day in the Austrian Alps yesterday. More of the same this coming week with high upper temps to stay for many. We have a forecast high of 25c for Salzburgerland on Tuesday which is just amazing. C
  10. Further to the above post as @Northernlights has just reminded me, a mild dry October is just great for the farming community. Its just from a meteorological point of view , I find this set a bit of a bore. Having said that, its like summer again this morning in the mountains and the fine weather is helping with the final stages of the construction of our new gondola, well ahead of finishing time. Yes, the cows still grazing on the upper slopes with snow cover back up to over 2500m. C
  11. Morning all. A bit of a frustrated post this one until the new winter moaning thread opens ! Charts seem to be heading for a full usual October Bore Fest for much of Euroland. I hate October, weather wise, usually a month of nothingness, especially in Central Europe. Another 15 days under a warm high will test my patients to the limit. Counting the days for real cold and snow to establish on the mountain. A trip to Canada beckons for some seasonal variety ! C
  12. Great photos. I live at a height higher than Canmore and have never seen snow like that in early October ! C
  13. Certainly no October Bore fest over in Calgary last night. 20 -30cm fresh snowfall. A different climate in the Prairies !
  14. Morning all. Regarding the above post, just this time last week most models were showing retrogression of the European high into October. This chart below from UKMO shows the reverse with a strong build of pressure remaining in situ. Nice weather where you get the sunshine but a bit of a October bore fest for those stuck under cloud and nothingness, if you know what I mean. However, despite all the numerical predictions of Leslies eventual track in 7 days time, wind data as highlighted in the above post remains sparse and the picture could well look completely different in the models this time next week.
  15. Morning all , snow duly arrived overnight on time and snow cover as the computer predicted 5cm ( spot on as above post ) Snow settled at 1800m with a more widespread covering on the mountain range just to the north of Katschberg ( Obertauern) which is not unusual for these parts. Certainly a chill breeze currently with flurries. The weekends cyclonic development looks now to be downgrading with the fall in pressure is being predicted further south across Northern France this coming weekend as our own model indicted yesterday.So may be some rain for a time in Southern Parts of England but quite a temperature differential between Britain and Eastern France, with you lot on the colder side. C