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  1. Was a spirits name was starring at it 2 long and jus rung a bell lol then remembered loll

  2. Phil taylor destroyed barney 7-1

  3. Wow! Nice pics mate especially the first one. Brilliant scenery: unplowed roads, sunshine shimmering of the snow and deep snow cover. Brilliant! we would do well to get 1.5" nevermind 15".
  4. Heres the chart which bought thundersnow in Jan 2004 http://www.wetterzentrale.de/archive/ra/20...00120040128.gif http://www.wetterzentrale.de/archive/ra/20...00220040128.gif I remmeber this day very well. It started raining heavily at around 1:30 and continued for about half an hour. Then all of a sudden there was lightining and thunder. After this the rain turned immediatly to snow. Snowflakes were so big it settled everywhere straight away. This snowed continued for about 2 hours and left about 4" of snow. Temperatures got down to -7C at night. Next day schools were cancelled . This w
  5. I dont seem to remmber this event well but my parents talk about this one alot. It was probably the best snow event for the midlands in the last 25 years. I remember the snow being very wet and stuck instantly to trees and power lines. We were without power for about 48 hours. We had about 12-13" of snow. I remember the snow lasting for about 1-2 weeks even though there was a thaw.
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