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  1. Storm out Lincoln way, viewed from Newark @20:45 tonight https://www.instagram.com/p/B1rgs5CnrzU5UHEQSIXL5ocgdVyuUY3kNVmm7s0/?igshid=1ecn34zo121u2 Taken from the pub door you have to be safe!
  2. That storm to the east of Newark is now producing constant almost disco flashing lightening. Never seen anything like this for years. Thunder not to loud though, so storm probably 15 miles away from here?
  3. In Newark and watching storms pass by on radar to both sides of town. Not had anything though, not even a distant rumble from the new cell popping up to the east. Loads of time left yet though.
  4. Potential funnel cloud from the new cell between Lincoln and Newark. Definitely rotating cloud as it passed within a mile or so from Balderton.
  5. Possibly the top of the shower over the Leicester area? Still building too.
  6. Cap too strong around here for now. Patchy cloud, hot and humid 26.6c
  7. 0Under the storm right now. Torrential rain loads of intra cloud lightening and some to the ground. Constantly thundering. VIDEO0050.mp4
  8. The band of showers that passed through an hour or so ago delivered nothing to the ground, despite the radar returns. 29.4c currently. Overcast and very muggy like everybody else is reporting. Edit: big spots of rain now.
  9. Hazy now, and has been for around an hour or so. Nothing much happening out Nottingham way (wind from that direction currently) but skies clearing to the north of me. Blooming hot though, 30.8c on the thermometer.
  10. A bit of mackerel skies visible through the haze. 21.3c currently.
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