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  1. Good covering now. Easing up a little it’s like it’s followed the M56
  2. The good m62 streamer got a bit from the last easterly
  3. Be good if the current Scottish front could drop and pivot over us later
  4. Nice covering again in Hale from a more traditional wind and front quadrant three times now last few days
  5. Nice flakes falling Hale covering up tracks. Not as heavy yet but main band looks 45 mins away. lucky track again.
  6. Been snowing on and off in Hale S Manc with a good covering We got lucky with the pivot area and being cold enough.
  7. Very short but heavy burst in Timperley but 5 mins away it’s sunny in Alty
  8. Cracking storm that. Everything thrown at us in Hale Sw Manc
  9. How far North will Thursdays feature get, ICON has it better 06z north midlands Heavy sleet in Hale now
  10. Dusting here too, streamer lance and north Manchester this time
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