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  1. North west regional discussion

    Few flakes now coming down blowing around, very gusty
  2. North west regional discussion

    thanks for the charts Weather History - gives us all something to look out for as the timescales count down hopefully on the models
  3. North west regional discussion

    From your excellent knowledge of the historic weather, does the later part of next week, (which may not happen) have any similarities to 91? Do you have a link to the archives please?
  4. North west regional discussion

    depends upon a few things really, the pennines do act as a barrier, but the uppers will be cold it's whether there's is any troughs in the easterly flow, a few showers may make it over if the wind is strong enough, our best bet is some form of under cut or if we can get any NE vector winds winds pushing small systems in the flow to us, best would be undercuts Ive lived over here 20 years and it'll be cold but bone dry unless it really is a major event then I'll bow to others for historic info
  5. Not too ar$ed about the warnings or not, but I am interested to see which short term model called it right and thats what I'll use when we're in the 48hrs range, looks to me the precip passed through the NW and the cold uppers caught up with it in Wales if its snowing there.
  6. Another mess/lash up of a forecast by the beeb local euro4 showed nothing did it?
  7. Yep the Ox using upgrade is a shock sunday graphics had plenty streaming in
  8. Big flakes in Alty now after the sleet/rain
  9. Yep, what a flip back by the GFS, that squeeze next week could really hit the spot for some, very interesting from a weather watching point of view to see two air masses collide. Flying to Munch too on Monday
  10. Dark skies and grauple here in Alty, cold uppers must have moved in quicker
  11. Light dusting at home and a few flurries WA15 crystal clear in town (Manchester City centre) can clearly see the showers moving down to the west. Prob west of the m6
  12. Just come in from 5 a side at Timperley Saw that hell of a fork lightening strike over to the west about 10pm been grauple. Sleet and odd flake since 9 awful out now
  13. Good to be back in the season, cant believe its 2005 when I joined Needs to be further north for me, SW Manc in Alty although 10 miles in a SW direction from city centre makes a huge difference for both sliders and gap streamers 6z has moved it slightly north, not knowledgeable enough to know how upstream profile affects the "landing" position, guess we'll see on the day
  14. North West England Regional Weather Discussion

    Heavy now. Finally settling
  15. North West England Regional Weather Discussion

    Orange sky and light snow now Hale S Manc