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  1. Very short but heavy burst in Timperley but 5 mins away it’s sunny in Alty
  2. Cracking storm that. Everything thrown at us in Hale Sw Manc
  3. How far North will Thursdays feature get, ICON has it better 06z north midlands Heavy sleet in Hale now
  4. Dusting here too, streamer lance and north Manchester this time
  5. I assume its going to pivot at some point and move east then south east, most radar have it still edging NE?
  6. Front deff further North, we're the last suburb of South Manchester so maybe a little later - Euro4 to watch Yesterday was great, a few pics, save for the driving to work Further afield ECM has us in Easterly - but post 144 so we'll see
  7. made it in, treacherous to get to the along Hale Road M56, the irony of the main gritting depot being ice bound by the sheet ice on the slip roads at the four season But kids and missus happy as school closed (shes a teacher) they'll have an ace day sledging Big shower incoming along the right trajectory for South Mcr, I've learnt from this - wind direction is as important as dew points No model had it fully nailed as it was such a dynamic atmosphere
  8. That was a heavy trough, 3 inches here on top of black ice. Good road salting Trafford. Not. Very dangerous
  9. Heavy here. Good covering. Pleasant surprise this. Travel problems now
  10. Front nearly clear. Now the showers / front are at the Isle of Man and heading our way can they keep their intensity
  11. Heavier and now sleet with odd flake mixed in - Alty Heading out to Macc this aft !
  12. Deff pushing NE, about Chester now so it should reach us (Altrincham) before pivoting away SE, Metoradar good for this http://meteoradar.co.uk/expected-rainfall
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