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  1. Maybe its time to try Firefox. If you switch you'll never go back.
  2. This page is interesting. Its an all-horizon hemispherical view from somewhere in Sweden. http://www.abisko.nu/vinter06/aurorawebcam/index.html This video is also interesting http://titan.irf.se/misato/abisko/sky_abis...ora20061213.mpg Are those flashes from the meteor shower?
  3. Plenty of snow in Tromso. A great view from this cam http://www.fjellheisen.no/webcam.asp?3;28;0;0;
  4. The UK wind speed/direction charts here don't seem to have been working for the last few runs.
  5. Any plans as to when the snow features will be back? Snow risk maps Snow forecast percentages in 16-day-outlook Precip type radar etc. Thanks http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif
  6. Here's the latest: Valid for Sat 14th Oct to Mon 23rd Oct 2006 With high pressure expected to be established to the north and east of the UK, plenty of dry weather can be expected during this forecast period. Easterly winds will bring variable cloud and some sunshine by day, but thicker patches of cloud are likely to bring some patchy rain or drizzle in places, especailly in the south and west with any risk of heavier rain confined to the far southwest at first, However, the risk of heavier rain does extend further northwards and eastwards across central and southern England along with Wales into next week. Temperatures should remain close to the seasonal average well into the period. Later, there is a chance that colder conditions may spread southwestwards across the UK with some showers developing in the north and east, these perhaps wintry over hills. Clearing skies at night will allow temperatures to fall smartly with a steadily increasing risk of frost, particularly for more sheltered central and western areas. This seems to go against the recent GFS runs by saying easterly winds when GFS has been showing southerly winds. Mark.
  7. Just wondering about the charts that Nick F and BF etc post in the technical discussion. Eg Lapse Rates, Vorticity. Are these premium items? I cannot see them anywhere.
  8. Sunderland's new manager looks like being ROY KEANE! Just seen this on teletext. I don't support Sunderland BTW Newcastle actually Happy to see Chelsea beaten tonight
  9. Newcastle's looking close to signing Martins for £10m which seems a good deal. The age thing has confused me no end but it's been confirmed that he's only 21 and not 28 so a great prospect for the future too. I hear Portsmouth are also in the race for him though, they'd better no steel him, had enough of that with Liverpool getting Kuyt. Anyway I think Martins will be much better than Kuyt. If this goes through I will be very please, no more will we miss Bellamy's pace http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blush.gif
  10. Sorry I know this is being picky but the description under the Storms and Extreme weather section is out of date! It says: "Into mid winter now, usually at least once during January a period of atlantic type weather affects the UK, will this year see any intense atlantic storms heading toward the UK?"
  11. Just come across a different address for this site www.dontclickhere.co.uk , whats all that about?
  12. Just noticed a problem on the homepage Temperature 0°c 0°c 0°c 0°c Windspeed 0 mph 0 mph 0 mph 0 mph Windchill 0°c 0°c 0°c 0°c Everything is 0 in the latest UK weather section Just thought I would let you know
  13. Or you could press F11 when viewing the charts, that should allow enough room for the whole chart and the hours to be on screen without keep scrolling
  14. Hello, A few weeks back to total number of posts on the forum got over 100,000! Now it's back to 94,780 How's that? Mark.
  15. Perfect, this place gets better and better http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif
  16. Hello, I was just wondering if there were any plans for different skins. I loved the Xmas one, obviously no good now but the red was very nice. Even just the current style with options of red, green etc. would be good. Just a thought Mark.
  17. Thanks Nabraxas, The link in my favourites was .com, works OK on .co.uk Thanks very much for pointing that out, it's been bugging me for ages. Many Thanks Mark.
  18. Not sure if this is my computer or the site, If i'm on a topic and press refresh it takes me to the home page, very annoying when I just want to see new replies. Doesn't happen on other websites. Can anyone help. Thanks, Mark.
  19. That's a great camera,Keep an eye on the forecast for snow here http://weather.yahoo.com/forecast/NOXX0050.html Mark.
  20. The above webcam has been turned upwards so you can see the mountains with snow on already. Lovely view. Hope it stays like that for the winter
  21. Hi, Hope it's OK to post this webcam link, it's not Norway but it has a lot of snow in Winter. Has a very fast refresh rate too. At the moment there is no snow and for some reason it's pointing towards the ground but usually it points to the cabins with the mountains in the background. http://www.duntonhotsprings.com/webcam.html You can also keep an eye on the weather for the area and watch out for snow at http://weather.yahoo.com/forecast/USCO0379.html Hope you find this interesting (when they move the camera) Best Regards, Mark. http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.gif
  22. Not sure if this has been mentioned but i am confused about where to post storm reports, there seems to be two different places people use. Some use the Storm Reports section and some use the Storms and Extreme Weather section which seems to be more popular. Should this not be looked at and made into one storm area? Mark.
  23. Taken in Stanley, County Durham a couple of weeks ago on one of those sunshine and heavy showers days.
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